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    Elia Martell: Yes, another Septa Lemore speculation

    I'm convinced Aegon is Illyrio's son and a Blackfyre descendant from his mothers side. So I obviously don't agree with this thread. The only Septa Lemore theory I have heard that hasn't made my eyes roll is that she could be Wenda the White Fawn. Granted, there is very little evidence for it other than the joint Toyne association and some patchy symbolism around Arya. But if she is somebody famous that has been mentioned in the books, at least nothing contradicts it.
  2. I don't think Jon is the perfumed seneschal (although I do think it quite likely Jon and Daenerys eventually come into conflict) mentioned in that passage. Prophetic riddles are written into this story as a clue to what is likely to happen. They can be tricky to figure out, but once you see the result it is meant to be a good fit. I don't feel the description of perfumed seneschal is a good fit as a description for Jon, rather it is a stretch and fits significantly worse than every other instance in that passage. If it was Jon it could be so much better, alluding to wolf or dragon or king hiding etc. Further I don't think Varys is named by "the mummer's dragon". That is one person, young Griff. And I would say he is more Illyrio's than Varys's.
  3. Makk

    Joffrey Was Justified in Beheading Ned Stark.

    The most unjustified part was threatening Ned with Sansa and Arya's lives. This wasn't Joffery himself, but it was people acting on his behalf. I can see it from Joffery's point of view but in doing so also ushered in a war, it was a decision based on petulance rather than justice.
  4. Makk

    Viserys’ plan makes no sense.

    1 sure but Viserys thinks he is. Having Daenerys killed would mean that Khal Drogo would be leading the invasion. 2 This is a fair point that Viserys has probably overlooked, but it isn't actually insurmountable. If he had enough ships and enough charisma to convince them to follow him, it would be a very dangerous invasion. 3 Again, Viserys believes that many would rise for him. It would more likely be a few, the dothraki would be a great rallying point for the seven kingdoms to join together to fight against. Bare in mind, it was likely Illyrio's original plan to use them as a foreign invasion and have fake Aegon swoop in as a saviour.
  5. Makk

    Is Mace Really an Oaf?

    Is he a lucky oaf or a clever plotter acting an oaf? It can be very hard to tell without a pov (or even a lot of first hand events) since the latter who is very good will appear to be the former. However I suspect he is an oaf. Cersei appeared to be able to outmaneuver him (following Jaime's advice) endangering Margaery by appealing to his ego, I don't see an upside for him in that move. And I suspect Connington is about to crush him but we will have to wait for Winds for any sort of confirmation about that.
  6. Makk

    ASOIAF Book Awards

    Overall Best POV Character: Jon Snow (followed by Jaime, Tyrion, and Daenerys) Most Annoying POV Character: No one really but if I had to pick one Bran (Don't like young kid point of view) Most Nauseating POV Character: Theon, but I'm not really nauseated by POV character. Most Important POV Character: Daenerys or Jon Snow Most Oblivious to Their Own Stupidity POV Character: Early Sansa although she clearly improves Easiest to Read POV Character: Tyrion Most Engaging POV Character: Ned or Arya (she becomes less engaging in Bravos) Funniest POV Character: Jaime (closely followed by his brother) Most Boring POV Character: Brienne (Bran is up there)
  7. Makk

    Does GRRM hate heroism or avoid it? (Jon and Quentyn comparison)

    It's debatable. You could argue he was taking a great personal risk to safeguard Dorne, all of which was depending on him. Or you could argue he was a petty boy who not only risked himself but also his friends lives doing something stupid to make up for his own insecurities. I thought he was an interesting character, I wouldn't call him a hero though.
  8. Makk

    Does GRRM hate heroism or avoid it? (Jon and Quentyn comparison)

    The Jon and Dany love interest aspect is only obvious in the clichéd fairy tale way. Although I admit that the story could go that way I don't think that it will.
  9. Makk

    Appreciation for the Shavepate

    This is my favorite set of theories I have read on asoiaf.
  10. Makk

    Appreciation for the Shavepate

    Why does everyone believe that the Harpy is one person who has absolute control over everyone who follows? In my opinion the Harpy leadership is a collection of Merenese nobles. Yes the Green Grace is one of them. No, killing her will not kill the Harpy or make the attacks stop, it will only make them more resolute.
  11. Makk


    I was wondering whether this is another play on the "pact of ice and fire". Although that was referring to marriage arrangements between Stark and Targaryens, these things can have multiple meanings. Was there some kind of contract where fire and ice would be divided by the wall? Has it been broken somehow?
  12. I don't think Robin is likely to be Littflefinger's. Lysa at least doesn't seem to think he is.
  13. Which all happened after she married Jon. They believed she was fertile because she had become pregnant and forced to have an abortion. It is unclear whether all those miscarriages were problems with Jon, her previous abortion, or continued use of moon-tea or other drugs.
  14. It wasn't done because Hoster wanted Jon to commit to the current regime. It was because Jon Arryn needed an heir and Lysa was seen as a prime choice of wife since she was known to be fertile. From Hoster's side, it was probably the highest possible match he could make for Lysa.
  15. Makk

    Ser Sandor Clegane?

    There was a topic here (that I can't find) that suggested the reason he is still alive and in the books is to become a judge in Margaery's trial. I didn't read it properly at the time, largely because I didn't see the books even going ahead with a trial for her, but in retrospect it does make a certain kind of sense. This implies that there would be four other judges to represent the other gods. A father, a warrior, a smith, and... the Stranger. I don't want to get into this too much because it isn't my theory and I'm not even sure I agree with it, but there would be nice symbolism in Sandor representing the Stranger. Someone who is associated with the faith, has had a recent near death experience, digs graves, and has a terrifying visage.
  16. Makk

    Who will be Regent after DwD?

    I think most of the leaders are very much aware of it and it is the leaders, with the exception of the weak Homeless Harry, that count. I think the scene where Aegon convinces the Golden Company to invade Westeros shows that the Golden company see, or at least saw, Daenerys as a means to and end. With the exception of Harry they were very quick, and even happy, to abandon Daenerys and do it themselves. And to me that is a big pointer that many of them know he is really a Blackfyre. And if the Golden company do get some early victories, capturing Storms End, crushing Mace Tyrell, and getting some parts of the Reach to switch allegiance, there is no way the common soldiers who do not know they are really following a Blackfyre would switch allegiance to Cersei.
  17. Makk

    Predictions for Rickon?

    I'm not sure Crasters sacrifices staved off the long night, they were more likely to hasten it. The only human it helped was Craster. Also as an aside I think the North are more likely to follow and rally behind Jon than Rickon. Jon is a grown man and a proven commander while Rickon is a 6(?) year old boy with no education. Jon also had Robb's will likely naming and legitimising him.
  18. Makk

    Why did nobody try to curb Joffrey?

    We heard about Robert curbing Joffery and for all we know it worked, did he ever slice up another cat? We saw Tyrion and Arya trying to curb Joffery as well but neither really had the power. Eventually Oleena curbed him for good.
  19. Makk

    Who will command Dany's fleet?

    Why bravos? Seems really isolated and difficult to get to for a massive land army.
  20. Makk

    Who will command Dany's fleet?

    Vic seems intent on blowing that horn which is going to do something (unless Morroqo sabotages it). I'm not convinced the Ironborn will play a big part in shipping Daenerys to Westeros (which is still likely some time away). I think Daenerys will "liberate" Volantis to get enough ships.
  21. Makk

    Is Littlefinger Getting Bankrolled?

    There is actually nothing to suggest he has done much of this sort of stuff or that it was done so poorly before so he could optimise it to make so much money. He may have done minor things in this regard but the area that has been written into the books is that he would invest the money like a modern day broker. But I return to what I said earlier in the thread. Littlefinger was almost certainly embezzling massive amount of coin. The crown simply couldn't get into so much debt if he was making as much money as he was feted with. The quote above hints at not only the way Littlefinger went amount generating money, but also the overly complicated way of covering his tracks, both to hide money he stole but to also generate an "accounting" profit that does not actually correlate to a real profit.
  22. Makk

    Quentyn is fake, his death is not

    To also add to the absurdity of this theory, apart from what has already been mentioned, we have Quaiths prophecy. And Quentyn is part of that being the sun's son. Aegon is also mentioned but identified as a fake being the mummers dragon.
  23. Makk

    Is Littlefinger Getting Bankrolled?

    I got the impression that Westeros did not have a professional army. The Goldcloaks are paid but for war the king or lord calls their banners and they are paid by plunder. Is there any evidence about Robert forgiving significant debts? I don't doubt he spent a lot and spent excessively. But for the relative shortness of his reign, and the financial position they were in before and at the end, the (relatively) superb economic conditions throughout, something doesn't add up.
  24. You need to see where it is going before you make this sort of proclamation. She wants Jaime for a purpose and I doubt it is just to hang him. I think she will be the one to bring Jon Snow back to life by giving up her own. If it really is just mindless vengeance then yeah I possibly could have done without her, but I don't think it will be like that.
  25. Makk

    Is Littlefinger Getting Bankrolled?

    Pretty much this although I'm completely convinced he was embezzling, and doing so in large amounts. The crown couldn't get into so much debt given so much income even paying Roberts excessive tournament prizes. It went somewhere.