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  1. I don't think it was full out mutiny at that stage, but it was a deliberate attempt to undermine the new, raw, untested lord commander's authority. Jon really had no choice or others would have been encouraged to do the same. It is true that Jon loathed Slynt. But he managed to push those feelings aside and gave Slynt a chance. That directly contradicts this threads premise.
  2. Makk

    Who will Sansa marry?

    According to what Littlefinger told someone he has a track record of lying to. Not according to his plans. There is obviously a huge difference. Technically they are not properly married because there was no bedding. I don't think Littlefinger has any intention of letting Sansa marry Harry, it is something he is currently doing to distract Sansa. But I believe Sansa will somehow cast him down and take control of the Vale, and that will probably be by marrying Robert or Harry.
  3. Makk

    Poll: Answer 10 mysteries of asoiaf

    1. She is now an ideal for Tyrion to strive to. Her actual location isn't important and she won't be in the books again. 2. Lyanna Stark (I'm sure about this) 3. A bunch of Mereneese Nobles. There is not a single person but the Green Grace is part of them and a good representation of what they are thinking. 4. Lyanna Stark (again I'm sure of this) 5. Illyrio's son, a Blackfyre descendant (again I find the argument very compelling) 6. Big Walder. 7 Ramsay. 8. Not sure, possibly someone Brynden Rivers knew at the wall at some stage. No one recently alive. 9. Theon. (Not the killer though) 10. If it is one person it is Daenerys. But she is not the Prince that was Promised.
  4. Makk

    Duncan saved Rhaegar despite Aegon V?

    This topic is highly speculative, has never been presented as anything else, but I think it is quite intriguing. I definitely don't think it is probable but I don't think it is unlikely either. We don't know details about that period of time, we have the world book and a more detailed set of stories about both Duncan and Aegon a much earlier point in their lives. I think everyone would agree that Dunk is the sort of person who would try and save an unborn infant who was about to be sacrificed in a sorcerous ritual. Most people here seem to not believe Aegon V would initiate such a ritual however. Let's take a look at what we do have. So we know Aegon really wanted dragons. We also have hints that he changed significantly as he grew older, he became almost obsessed with the possibility, ignoring friends and counselors, convinced that Dragons would help him make the world a better place. We know he was willing to explore ancient lore and take risks. Summerhall was almost certainly intended as a ritual to hatch dragons. And we know Dunk saved someones life. As the OP pointed out, there is a striking resemblance to how Daenerys' dragons were hatched and what some differences were at Sumerhall. And this is the sort of thing GRRM likes writing. He builds his characters by testing them and forcing them to make decisions they don't like. Would Egg want to sacrifice an unborn child, one of his own blood to boot? Of course not. But would he do it for the greater good and could he himself believe that the soul of the infant would live on in the Dragons? Such an idea is a lot more dramatic than an accident and we may get more on this in the future if GRRM gets round to it. I wouldn't rule this out.
  5. Makk

    Jon will get wightified, a theory by Lothar Frey

    That is GRRM, virtually nothing is simple or black and white. I hope it doesn't turn out like that either but it is a distinct possibility (probability?)
  6. Makk

    Jon will get wightified, a theory by Lothar Frey

    Seriously? This is the guy who started the story as an aggrieved and moody bastard, the guy who believed getting away to the wall was an escape from his tormented life and then found that his previous life wasn't actually that bad. This was the guy who came to realise that his views on people he thought were beneath him were wrong. This is the boy who heard from afar that his father was named a traitor and then murdered. And when his best friend who was half-brother rode off to avenge their father, he was forbidden to help. And then he was betrayed and murdered, just as his other two half brothers were later betrayed by a close family friend. This was the guy who swore to follow his own vows and was then ordered to break them. This was the guys tormented by temptation when he swore a personal vow he would never father a bastard himself. And then he was tempted by being named the trueborn lord of Winterfell, something he longed for but couldn't take for two different reasons. This was the guy who went from almost being executed to becoming lord commander...and then starting to play the game. This is the guy who brought the wildlings through the wall bringing two people together. The guy who desperately wanted to help Stannis deliver him vengeance but had another vow telling him not to get involved. This is the guy who watched his much loved sister get sold to a depraved maniac. This is the guy faced with evidence and offers of magical aid, but from a source he personally finds abhorrent. This was the guy who finally gave into the temptation of breaking a vow but is then betrayed and murdered by his men, just like his father and brother were before. This was the guy we learn was a lie and not a bastard at all but actually the trueborn heir to the seven kingdoms while being completely oblivious to the fact. I can understand you not liking him. It's kind of edgy to not like heroes, and Jon is the closest thing to a hero that the series has. What I cannot understand is why you don't think he has had any character development. George has been mentally abusing him over four books. Dangling carrots in front of him and whacking his ass with a stick. To be completely honest I didn't particularly like him until Dance or at least right at the end of Storm. While he was OK there were many characters I enjoyed reading more, but after Dance he would be one of my top two. I find him and his views very different from the start of the story and I really appreciate how his character has grown, because doing such a nuanced hero is quite tricky.
  7. I think there have much worse aspects of respecting the passage of time in the past. Years and years of travel time have passed and Gillys baby hasn't grown for instance. And what has Benjen actually been doing since he disappeared and what was, presumably, his (final?) death. We know he helped Bran briefly, but what else?
  8. Makk

    Jon will get wightified, a theory by Lothar Frey

    I think if she gave up her own life for him, and left him with Robb's will, it would completely convince him. He was set on marching south anyway. I see Jaime as the exchange to get out of his nightswatch vows.
  9. Makk

    Jon will get wightified, a theory by Lothar Frey

    We don't know that Mel can bring anyone to life. I am just basing this on how GRRM likes to write in terms of conflict of the human heart. Catelyn will be torn between knowing Arya is alive and holding out for her or obeying Robb's last edict before he died and crowning Jon Snow the boy she loathed. Note that the last Jaime chapter happens a long time before the last Jon chapter in terms of the timeline, she could effectively be at the wall with crown in hand at any time.
  10. Makk

    Jon will get wightified, a theory by Lothar Frey

    I think his body is dead, his "soul" or whatever in Ghost. No matter how many times I read someones suggestion that he is merely badly injured, and no matter how much I want to believe, I just can't read the last scene that way. I think Lady Stoneheart's purpose is to resurrect him, but these latest comments about no blood flowing through the veins worries me. I can't see how warging into Ghost will help that. And his comments about how to do a Gandalf resurrection worry me as well. He said something similar years ago and I just thought he would come back more aggressive and wolflike from spending time in Ghost. Even if his body was just badly injured, that would be the same kind of writing as Tolkien did to Gandalf. Now I am a lot more worried.
  11. Makk

    Jon will get wightified, a theory by Lothar Frey

    I am quite worried about this. Jon (book Jon at least) is a favorite of mine, I want him living with blood flowing through his veins, and now I am very worried. People may disparage the latest comments as him talking about the show, but I am convinced he was talking about the books. There is no Lady Stoneheart on the show. The only thing Beric is foreshadowing is her and possibly Jon Snow if he is resurrected as a fire Wight. It will sound implausible to me to come out saying all this about Gandalf and then have Jon get straight back up all OK.
  12. Not me, I think it is a very compelling argument and nothing else makes remotely the same amount of sense.
  13. Makk

    Who is Haldon Halfmaester?

    I feel it is irrelevant whether he is well known or not (to the reader) for Varys to have a reason to trust him. If he is essentially a new character GRRM has complete freedom in his backstory. He will have a backstory, but I don't think it is essential that we have ever heard him mentioned before.
  14. Makk

    Least favourite POV character per book

    1 Bran (this is actually tough because he did have one excellent chapter when he was pushed, but overall the most boring) 2 Bran 3 Bran 4 Brienne 5 Quentyn I have rated them as a combination of what happens in their chapters as well as how interesting it is to hear their thoughts and perspectives.
  15. Makk

    [TWoW Spoilers] Aeron I (Balticon)

    It's tricky to know how things will pan out. The dusky woman knows about Moqorro which isn't good for Vic. I would guess Euron is going to come out on top of that conflict.
  16. Makk

    [TWoW Spoilers] Aeron I (Balticon)

    A corpse stood at the prow of a ship, eyes bright in his dead face, grey lips smiling sadly. So is Aeron the best match for the corpse at the prow of the ship? Does it mean anything?
  17. Makk

    [twow Spoilers] Arianne II, Part 2

    I'm not so sure Arriane is going to fall for fAegon. I think it is heavily foreshadowed that Elia gets in the way or causes some sort of trouble here and I also think Arriane will ultimately understand why Daenerys isn't to blame for Quentyns death when she gets the full story. Also Arrianes first thoughts of Lysono ... His eyes were a pale lilac, his hair a waterfall of white and gold. All the same, something about him made her skin crawl. Was this what Viserys looked like? she found herself wondering. If so perhaps it is a good thing he is dead. ...could well be similar to what she thinks of Aegon.
  18. Makk

    [TWOW Spoilers] Alayne I, v. 3

    What if Sweet Robin makes Harry the Heir a Rainbow knight? Is it like the kingsguard meaning he would not be allowed to marry Sansa/Alayne or be allowed to inherit?