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  1. 4 hours ago, Alyn Oakenfist said:

    You forget the timeline. If news of Riverrun has reached them then news of Dragonstone should have reached already.

    According to https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ZsY3lcDDtTdBWp1Gx6mfkdtZT6-Gk0kdTGeSC_Dj7WM/edit#gid=8

    ...Riverrun falls at almost the same time as Dragonstone, allegedly, does. I don't think it is impossible that word of Riverrun reaches the Vale first. Or that even though great effort has been put into this timeline, it is not 100% perfect.

    However the fall of Dragonstone is an area of the story which GRRM has left us pretty much blind to, this could be deliberate indicating there may be more to it rather than simply being deemed unimportant.

  2. We saw by season 5 how dramatically different the show became. It was a different story with a few of the same events happening. There were plenty of book events and characters that never occurred or existed and plenty of fabricated show events that never occur in the books. Even before season 5 there were significant differences, for example I hated how Jaime arrived back at kings landing before Sansa disappeared. He had made up his mind to make sure Sansa (and Arya) were set free but in the books we will never know just how much he was prepared to fight his father for that. In the show he doesn't care at all. It's annoying because I think the actor nailed the parts where show Jaime was the same as book Jaime and then served up a bs story line where his character was continuously acting in a contrary manner. In the later seasons it was just a complete mess.

    I highly doubt he will change anything at all because of the show. Even if the same event happens it will likely happen in a completely different way.

  3. 5 hours ago, Quaithe from Asshai said:

    Are Tyrion and Ser Barristan back in Westeros?

    GRRM said: 

    He did said "Westeros" not "Westeros and Essos."

    Are we done with Slaver's Bay?

    I don't believe he was making a distinction between Westeros and Essos when he said "In between tapings, I return to Westeros." He just means he is back writing in his asoiaf world. It's entirely possible they have left Essos, but I wouldn't make that leap from what he said there. 

  4. It's tricky to read too much into what he is saying because he doesn't write the entire book chronologically. He has said that he writes multiple chapters for the same character in a row so he is "in character" while he is writing. It is possible that Arya was left until later and the events happen earlier in the book than we believe. I recall the original Mercy chapter was written a long time ago, pushed back into Winds, and then updated after Dance was published. It doesn't sound like we will get a release date in the next couple of months, which is what I was hoping for, but at least it sounds like it is currently going well. I'm happy to hear about any updates no matter how vague. 

  5. 5 hours ago, broken one said:

    catelyn rot for some time and beric was ressurected many times. it is said that with every ressurection one loses part of... personality? I guess as it will be jon's first time and melisandre is far better specialist than thoros, the change should be rather subtle. 

    Has Melisandre ever resurrected anyone? I'm not convinced she is even able to or will be the one to bring Jon back, I think just claiming she had other powers while Thoros did not is not evidence to support this assertion. It is possible she could burn Shireen to do it and that would be quite a different ritual so who knows. Also note that Beric's and Catelyns resurrections were a bit different as Beric actually passed on to bring Catelyn back. I personally think it will be Catelyn who brings Jon back but very few people think that is likely.

  6. 5 hours ago, Ygrain said:

    BTW, what did people hoard in Austria? Here, it was mainly non-perishable foodstuff and yeast - apparently, those of us who remember the toilet paper shortage towards the end of the communist regime know that it's no essential :D

    The hoarding item in New Zealand was flour. I can remember the first time going to the supermarket once the lockdown had started and the shelves were completely bare in two supermarkets. We apparently had plenty of flour but ran out of bags that are used for non-industrial retail and it took about a month before we could reliably get it again.

  7. 55 minutes ago, The Anti-Targ said:

    It's interesting that Sweden claims to be approaching the pandemic in a more sensible manner by not enforcing public movement restrictions. But beware of any claims that this is an effective means for control. Sweden has a higher per capita infection rate than the UK and close to the same infection rate as the USA. It has close to the same number of confirmed cases as Australia but half the population. It has double the population of New Zealand but 7x the number of cases.

    I would conclude that Sweden's approach is not better at controlling the pandemic than anyone else's, but might be better at maintaining the economy and keeping people happy (at least until they get the disease). Depending how the New Zealand response pans out it might prove to be considerably worse than some responses. It's certainly not been as effective as China's, if you believe China's almost down to zero new daily cases. According to official numbers China is only about 7000 people away from eradicating the disease within its borders. That would be very impressive if true.

    The other thing Sweden has going for it is it is coming into summer as the pandemic will be peaking which is very important for peoples immunities to help minimise the effect. I'm in NZ as well and I think we had to do something before winter or it would have been crippling. I suspect there are thousands of other undiagnosed cases out there, which isn't actually a bad thing because it would mean the fatality rate is not as bad as statistically reported. I think Sweden will be OK.

    The economic hit for NZ is going to be nasty though and the taxpayer is going to be paying this off for a long time. At least the starting point was relatively healthy. I'm mainly concerned about what we do after the lock down. Are we going to close off the borders until a vaccine is developed? The self isolating methods we have imposed on overseas travelers have proven to be utterly inadequate and I'm mainly concerned we will be repeating this lock down in another few months.    

  8. A) Who is the "Hodded Man" in Winterfell?

    3 Someone else - Theon is seeing himself as he used to be.

     B ) Who wrote the Pink Letter

    1 Ramsay Bolton

    C) Rickon Stark, Shaggydog and Davos return alive from Skagos and Rickon is presented to Stannis and/or House Manderly

    1 Yes - I think Davos will bring him back, not sure who he will be presented to though, I suspect not Stannis.

    D) Jon Snow after the mutiny at the Night Watch

    3 He is dead but he will be resurrected by Catelyn Stark. 

    E) Arya's killing of Raff the Sweetling (or someone from the entourage of Harys Swyft) was done on the orders of the Faceless Men

    1 Yes.

     F) Arya hears of or meets fArya (Jeyne Poole)

    2 Yes - But I don't think it's important. I think she will hear of Jon Snows death and that will bring her back to Westeros.

    G) Jamie/Brienne Lady Stoneheart

    1 Brienne and Jamie meet Lady Stoneheart and Jamie survives the meeting - LSH will look to force Jaime to take the black as an exchange to release Jon Snow from his vows.

     H) The boy with Jon Connington landing in Westeros in ADWD is Aegon Targaryen, the second child and only son of Prince Rhaegar Targaryen and Princess Elia Martell

    2 False (thus he is a fake = fAegon) - I'm uncertain about most of these but utterly convinced by this.

    I) Jon Snow’s true parentage

    1 Rhaegar+Lyanna = Jon Snow - As above, convinced about this.

    J) Grey Scale will be transmitted by Jon Connington and/or Shireen Baratheon to other people

    2 No

    K) The outcome of the Battle of Ice (at the Crofters Village), the capture of Winterfell is not included

    1 Stannis wins and survives

     L) Who is the Harpy in Mereen?

    2 Galazza Galare - She is part of the Harpy, but the Harpy is not one person. It is a collection of the Merenese nobles.

    M) Robb’s will disinherits Sansa

    1 Yes

    N) If Victarion orders the dragon horn (“dragonbinder”) to be blown, Victarion himself gains control over at least one dragon

    2 False


  9. 1 hour ago, Prince of the North said:

    Also, I think a huge indication of this lies in the ADWD Reek/Theon-related chapter names themselves;)


    This is true. From memory the chapter this occurs in is A ghost in Winterfell, and the next chapter he is finally back to Theon again. If you believe in the player vs pieces chapter naming theory, there was something in this chapter which led to him regaining agency of his own actions. 

  10. Quote

    Farther on, he came upon a man striding in the opposite direction, a hooded cloak flapping behind him.  When they found themselves face-to-face, their eyes met briefly.

    They get up close, face to face, and their eyes briefly meet. I believe Theon would have recognised Harwin, but this doesn't necessarily rule him out because I am not convinced Theon doesn't recognise the man. In fact I think it is the opposite. The eyes only meet briefly, which I speculate is because Theon averts his gaze due to shame and that would imply he does recognise the person. His action later, revealing his mutilated hand, is bizarre, who would he be prepared to show this to?

  11. I really liked the Theon Durden theory, but unfortunately I don't believe the full version of it.

    I liked the idea of split personalities where Reek would walk around at day and Theon would stalk at night. But, as has been pointed out, we can be almost certain that the ones killing Ramsay's men and sewing distrust in Winterfell were the Spearwives.

    It is still very possible, and I think likely, that this is all in Theon's mind and he is seeing a vision of what he used to be while he is contemplating killing himself...hence the hand on the dagger. All aspects of the meeting can be explained through the fact he is not real and much of it symbolic. His old self would be and was disgusted with his own actions even while he internally tried to justify them to himself. I still find it interesting, just not full on fight club.

    I don't believe there is any surprise in "meeting" Theon, I think that was jumping to a conclusion which then spawned a bunch misleading theories.

    It's possible it is someone else, but if we are actually meant to have a chance of guessing who and what they are up to, it would be an incredibly subtle clue. The Boltons holding Winterfell plot is already pretty full imo and about to move forward without Theon and Jeyne even there. If it was, I can't really see the point of it.

  12. 25 minutes ago, frenin said:

    Was he having internal conflicts when he threatened Edmure's baby and when he challenged the Blackfiish?? There is no point in decontextualize my words.

    When he is threatening Edmure he is not saying what is in his head, he is desperately trying to get Edmure to surrender the castle so he doesn't have to break a vow.

    27 minutes ago, frenin said:

    But how in the world he decides to keep his vow to Cat, he leads the army to take Riverrun, he challenges the Blackfish, he decies to storm the Castle, he threatens Edmure and then he sends men to capture the Blackfish?? What is reasonable of that?? Killing himself is reasonable as that would atone his sins?? Why?? 

    I don't understand why people tries to turn Jaime as into another Barristan or Dayne, as if that somehow makes him bettter, when that only makes him as shitty as thoser are.

    To keep one vow he has to break the other. He didn't want to lead the army at all, he was forced to. And when he did, he did everything possible to resolve the situation as peacefully as possible. 

    When he challenged the Blackfish he was hoping the Blackfish would kill him.

    We've gone over his decision to storm the castle above, and also his threats to Edmure.

    I'm not sure why you would expect him to simply let the Blackfish escape and not go after him. He is a dangerous rebel and that was against the terms of the surrender.

    I'm not sure what you mean in regards to killing himself. In no way am I arguing killing himself atones for anything he has done, it's an escape and a surrender and an easy way out. The point is he genuinely feels guilty and he is trying to do better.


  13. 1 hour ago, Apoplexy said:

    This is a subjective question. We don't know what he would've done since it didn't happen, edmure caved. I personally believe Jaime wouldn't do it, based on my reading of his character. You are free to disagree.


    1 hour ago, frenin said:

    It's not subjective that Jaime wasn't bluffing, we're in his head  and  nothing betrays his words, it's your believe that Jaime wouldn't kill the baby, that's fine but Jaime don't agree and  he tried to kill Bran and  was ready to kill Arya.

    We are in his head but character thoughts are not black and white, we know how much internal conflict is going on inside Jaime's head at that point. 



    "A siege is deadly dull. I wanted to see this stump of yours and hear whatever excuses you cared to offer up for your latest enormities. They were feebler than I'd hoped. You always disappoint, Kingslayer." The Blackfish wheeled his mare and trotted back toward Riverrun. The portcullis descended with a rush, its iron spikes biting deep into the muddy ground.

    Jaime turned Honor's head about for the long ride back to the Lannister siege lines. He could feel the eyes on him; the Tully men upon their battlements, the Freys across the river. If they are not blind, they'll all know he threw my offer in my teeth. He would need to storm the castle. Well, what's one more broken vow to the Kingslayer? Just more shit in the bucket. Jaime resolved to be the first man on the battlements. And with this golden hand of mine, most like the first to fall.


    He has made a vow to serve his king and he has been charged with taking the castle. He also made a vow never to take up arms against Stark or Tulley. At this point he is resolved to go through with the assault but kill himself in the process and let someone else take over. It is an entirely reasonable position to take that when he actually had to make the decision he decides to keep his vow to Catelyn. Characters can change their mind, especially when it is something they are so clearly conflicted about. 


  14. 3 hours ago, Platypus Rex said:

    I think the correct answer to your question would be "Yes, really!"  Your negative opinion of Lancel, and your emotive language, does not actually contradict what @Arthur Peres said.  Lancel really is a changed man, even if you think he has changed for the worse.  And he really is repentant, even if, like Jaime, you think he is a damned fool.

    Lancel is not marching anyone anywhere.  

    In theory, Cersei is marching herself through the streets, as a form of sincere and voluntary penance.  In fact, Cersei is only feigning penitence, and is no doubt plotting horrible revenge on those who made her do this.

    Is there some justice to Cersei's idea that she is being forced to do this?  No doubt.  But Lancel is not the one making her do this.

    Lancel has one job and one job only, and that is to protect her from harm during her march.

    Arthur Peres was arguing that Lancel is on a redemption arc, and merely being a changed person does not make that true. The only evidence to suggest that he is, is that he has a guilty conscious. Merely joining the faith doesn't atone for anything imo, spiritual redemption is meaningless. We don't know what he is really thinking but lets see how he affects the lives of other people, so far he has not helped anyone and still seems to care more about himself (his soul) than anyone else.

  15. I suspect he was just a rich, cunning man, with with a master manipulator in his pocket. He possibly blackmailed the Prince's cousin or had some other form of leverage. He could be lying, not only by omission, and secretly be a noble, but in that case you can't really rely on anything he says to form an argument.

  16. I think there was plenty of foreshadowing but the final descent still felt out of place. I think they should have written the show so that she should have just ignored the fleet, burned the scorpions around the city, then burned the troops, then burned the red keep causing masses of civilian deaths who Cersei was using as a shield, but still actually still going after a military target. I could believe her becoming a butcher, but not a mindless butcher the way she just destroyed random parts of the city.

  17. I'm convinced Aegon is Illyrio's son and a Blackfyre descendant from his mothers side. So I obviously don't agree with this thread.


    The only Septa Lemore theory I have heard that hasn't made my eyes roll is that she could be Wenda the White Fawn. Granted, there is very little evidence for it other than the joint Toyne association and some patchy symbolism around Arya. But if she is somebody famous that has been mentioned in the books, at least nothing contradicts it.

  18. On 7/26/2018 at 3:46 PM, Mooncalf said:

    This is something that I'm not sure ever needs to be determined in the series. One thing I get out of this saga is that your blood and where you come from means absolutely nothing. It's all about what these characters choose to do with their destiny and how they go about it. Let's say he is a Targaryen. Who cares? Vicerys and Eggs douche brother were just weak and cruel men. Maybe he's a Dayne. Coward Darkstar tried to kill a little girl, and couldn't even do it right. Fuck origins and prophesies. The sistermen might have the right of Jon's parentage. Jon can achieve greatness through his actions regardless of a not so significant birth story. Unless he's dead now anyway.   

    The reveal isn't actually that important for Jon's character, as you say it doesn't really matter where you come from. But this is vitally important for Ned's character. It says a huge amount about him and his actions. 

  19. 10 minutes ago, ServantOnIce said:

    So the one thing that gives me hope for Captain Vic Greyjoy is that Euron in all his wisdom doesn't know about Moqorro and how Moqorro has deciphered the Dragon Horn.  Euron already had worked a spell so that Vic would blow it and die, while Euron controlled the dragons. Not anymore . ...   Vic is going to change the game. 

    It's tricky to know how things will pan out. The dusky woman knows about Moqorro which isn't good for Vic. I would guess Euron is going to come out on top of that conflict.

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