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  1. Makk

    Fair Compensation for House Frey

    Oh I'm sure house Frey will get what's coming to them. Not sure whether it will be Arya, Sansa, Jon, Lady Stoneheart, Nymeria or someone else entirely who delivers it. But they will get their just rewards.
  2. Makk

    Quaithe: Sun's son and Mummer's Dragon - thoughts

    Personally I think Quentyn is a dead ringer for the Sun's son. He released 2 of her dragons so I would hardly call that never being an issue for her. Furthermore his death is likely to create an obstacle for her acquiring the Dornish loyalty (although I still think she will manage it). He also fits into the sun rising in the west and setting in the east prophecy, I think it would be very misleading for George to use the Dornish sun/son for two different people like this. I believe "The mummers dragon" is Aegon. I don't think there necessarily has to be a "mummer". He is simply someone pretending to be a Targaryen. The two tie together strongly, because Quentyn's death is a catalyst for Aegon to possibly win the support of Dorne (but I think he will fail on that in the long term.)
  3. Makk

    Poll: 10 actions of asoiaf

    Dany's anti-slavery campaigns in Slaver Bay - Yes Arya murdering people in Riverlands and Braavos - Some of them Sansa scheming with LF against Robert Arryn - No although I don't think she has done anything particularly unethical yet. Theon joining Ironborns' Northern campaign - No although I understand the agonising decision behind it. Stannis declaring himself king after Robert Baratheon's death - Yes but a lot of the additional stuff no. Renly declaring himself king - No, he should have supported Ned. Jon Snow ruling as LC of NW - Yes 100% What Varys and Illyrio plan - Yes, from their moral perspective and pov. Tyrion killing his father - Yes, Tywin deserved it. Red Wedding - No, although again I understand how it reached that point.
  4. You could say lending it to the crown and then making policy that actively leads to your biggest debtor getting killed is a waste, yes. Neither fAegon nor Daenerys will honor the debts.
  5. Makk

    Percentage Poll on various theories

    Exodus theory says the people of Westeros will flee to Essos when winter comes. It doesn't say all of them. The theory as I understand it says the survivors will escape to Essos. 0% (I don't think there will be a mass exodus, sure a few people will likely go) Craster is a Stark says he is descended from a Stark. 25% (I think it's plausible but doubt the story will go into it) Rhaegar was disinherited by King Aerys. 0% (even if it happened I doubt we will get a reveal) Daenerys will go to Asshai 50% (Not sure there is time but it was prophesied) Quaithe is a Farman 0% (lower than 12.5% anyway, I think it more likely she is Shiera, Farman didn't seem to have any magical capability iirc) Lemore is Ashara 0% (don't like the theory at all, description doesn't get close to matching) Daenerys will sail east to get to Westeros 0% (Seems a ridiculous way of moving a large army) Khal Drogo's soul is in Drogon 50% (quite possible, not sure how we will get that revealed though) Jon's soul is in Ghost 75% (I think that it very likely he has warged ghost at the end of Dance, higher than 75%) Rhaego is still alive 0% (not possible unless this is another soul question)
  6. I think that's old enough to watch the show. Try again after season 4. If he watches season 5 he will probably actively avoid reading the books forever.
  7. How old is your son? Not tempted to get him to read the books first?
  8. Makk

    Jon Snow's Real Name

    Just be aware that although I still agree with the first part of what I said, I actually changed my mind on the second part during this thread. I was basing it on a misremembered quote... ...in which I thought Jon claimed he was the young dragon, when in fact that was Robb. I do think that quote has special meaning since there are such strong parallels between Robb and both the young dragon and Florian the fool. Which means there may well be between Jon and both Aemon the Dragonknight (there are some already in terms of his relationship to his cousin and his post of duty) and Ryawn Redwyne. So I don't think Rhaegar nor Lyana named him. They certainly didn't name him Aegon. But if they did I think Aemon is the best option symbolically.
  9. Makk

    Faceless Men

    Another big question mark is what are they doing at the Citadel having replaced Pate. I find it difficult to believe that they killed Pate in order to kill someone else, but rather I think they want the same thing as Euron wants, whatever that is.
  10. Makk

    Aegon VI

    I think she will live and have an important role in the story. She has already been humbled for trying to play the game of thrones. And she has learned from it. Personally I think she will identify Aegon as a fake and get Doran to wait for Daenerys.
  11. Jaime Lannister. Although I'm not sure if the 999th or the 1000th is a more important number.
  12. The letter you are talking about is written on parchment, made from animal skin, rather than paper which is made from plant fiber. All of what you wrote here is completely irrelevant.
  13. I was under the impression that dry parchment will always curl up naturally. Books made with parchment required clasps to keep the pages flat. If wet enough it may remain flat. This seems to be opposite of what you are arguing.
  14. Makk

    Books vs Show: How much difference?

    I think there will be significant difference. The only similarities as I see it will be a) The threat of others will be resolved before the war for the throne. b) Dany will become darker (in a much more believable way) and the people will become distrustful of her dragons. c) Tyrion will betray Dany by freeing Jaime (the betrayal for love). I believe George will have told them who he has sitting on the throne (if anyone) but that is the kind of detail I can see them changing to whoever they feel like.
  15. I think there was plenty of foreshadowing but the final descent still felt out of place. I think they should have written the show so that she should have just ignored the fleet, burned the scorpions around the city, then burned the troops, then burned the red keep causing masses of civilian deaths who Cersei was using as a shield, but still actually still going after a military target. I could believe her becoming a butcher, but not a mindless butcher the way she just destroyed random parts of the city.
  16. Makk

    What will Jon do?

    I thought there was going to be a split between her and Jon and then a reconciliation once it became apparent she was pregnant. Now I'm not sure they can make that work and feel genuine in a single episode though. I do believe she is pregnant though and that will be a factor.
  17. Makk

    They ruined Jaime once and for all

    Jaime was the first character they ruined and that happened a long time ago imo. As soon as he arrived back in kings landing before the Sansa-Tyrion wedding instead of after it he became a completely different character from the books since he immediately broke his vows again. It was a great pity because I felt the actor really nailed the character up until that point.
  18. Makk

    Who will know about Jon Snow at the end?

    I am convinced he is legitimate. The three kingsguard were guarding the king.
  19. Makk

    Who will know about Jon Snow at the end?

    I have a feeling it will be extensively known, if not believed. I think Jon Connington will be faced with it and jump to the, wrong, conclusion that Rhaeger named Jon after him. I can also see another ironic conversation about his heritage, this time with Aegon Mopartis, about Jon not really looking like Aegon.
  20. Makk

    the honeyed locusts...

    The Shavepate poisoned the locusts. If Dany eats them, Hizdar is implicated. If Hizdar eats them, Dany is implicated. Whatever happens it is a possible path back to power.
  21. We do actually from Tyrions pov. However that is irrelevant, just as Robert Baratheon didn't crush Aegons head, I was not suggesting he does it himself.
  22. I was thinking that Tommen might have his head crushed by one of faegons men to mirror the death of the real Aegon.
  23. Makk

    How are they gonna get outta this one??

    Politically Jaime's birth carries much more value to the nights watch than hundreds of men. Functionally he would actually be better now than when he had two hands because he is a better person, but even without the readers knowledge, he would be fine as a steward or lord commander, just not a ranger or builder. The nightswatch also gain a king of the north who is sympathetic. Regardless I don't really see Catelyn as asking. The trade would be backed up by a large force and largely be made for legitimacy so no vows were broken (although I think Jaime will end up being hugely valuable as lord commander).
  24. Makk

    How are they gonna get outta this one??

    Robb seemed to think they would if he sent 20 men. The kingslayer should be worth more than 20.
  25. Makk

    How are they gonna get outta this one??

    It is supposed to be a decision she doesn't like, something that is very hard for her. That is what GRRM writes about. But there need to be not only compelling reasons why she wouldn't, but compelling reasons why she should. Would it be doing it for Jon or for Robb? Robb's last wish/order was that Jon would succeed him if anything should happen. There was a big deal made about this with a very powerfully written scene. Jon, Robb and Catelyn have always a fully fleshed out and complicated relationship, GRRM has put a lot of words and care into it. And now Robb was murdered. Does she really disrespect his last his last wish? I think not. And it is also logical if she wants to see the north recover as a kingdom as Robb was completely correct, the north needs a son of Eddard Stark to follow and rally around. Now this does rely on Stoneheart still being Catelyn and not a 100% "embodiment of Cat's wrath and fury". Very little is known about Lady Stoneheart as a person because we have only caught glimpses of her from a single chapter of Merret Frey and a single chapter of Brienne. And consider the possibility that the entire Brienne chapter was an act to try and make her do something she wouldn't normally do - betray someone. If she is pure hate and nothing else she would be one of the most one dimensional characters he has ever written. I am sure there is a lot of hate there, but there is definitely cognisant thought as well. Is she close to weeping? Whatever it is there is definitely thought and emotion as she considers Robb's crown. Why did she want the crown and what is she going to do with it? And although there is a great geographical distance between her and the wall, you also need to consider that the last Jaime chapter occurs months (roughly 3) before the most advanced other story lines. Whatever has been happening to Stoneheart, Jaime and co, it hasn't been notable enough to interact with any of these other story lines, travelling to the wall during this time would be perfectly viable. And of course it is a happy coincidence that Jon needs resurrecting and Catelyn can probably resurrect one person by sacrificing her own (un)life. It would be a very powerful way symbolically to give up hate. We will see who is correct when the next book comes out.