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  1. 1. That was rubbish. Worst season finale so far. I am truly hoping that we end up with TWOW before the next season.
  2. Less than 12 hours until TWoIaF! <3

  3. Ditto. I am so underwhelmed by this episode. Lowest rating ever from me: 1/10.
  4. "Your sister." Oh, c'mon. They couldn't have given us "Only Cat"?!
  5. In the show, Barristan never sat on the small council. Supposedly, Robert didn't trust him enough (even if he did pardon him).
  6. I adore Isaac, but I mostly find the eyebrows distracting. :) It makes sense that he wouldn't have had much of a haircut, though. It's not like Tommy is around to trim him (recall Robb saying, "Shear him good, Tommy. He's never met a girl he likes better than his own hair," to their barber [who is really one of the show's swordmasters!] in the pilot when Jon needs a haircut).
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