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  1. 1. That was rubbish. Worst season finale so far. I am truly hoping that we end up with TWOW before the next season.
  2. Less than 12 hours until TWoIaF! <3

  3. Ditto. I am so underwhelmed by this episode. Lowest rating ever from me: 1/10.
  4. "Your sister." Oh, c'mon. They couldn't have given us "Only Cat"?!
  5. In the show, Barristan never sat on the small council. Supposedly, Robert didn't trust him enough (even if he did pardon him).
  6. I adore Isaac, but I mostly find the eyebrows distracting. :) It makes sense that he wouldn't have had much of a haircut, though. It's not like Tommy is around to trim him (recall Robb saying, "Shear him good, Tommy. He's never met a girl he likes better than his own hair," to their barber [who is really one of the show's swordmasters!] in the pilot when Jon needs a haircut).
  7. I wonder if a mauling by Ghost will turn out to be kryptonite for wights (read: the zombies; not the Others/White Walkers) in the same way fire is? Ghost does have red eyes... :D
  8. So glad the show didn't turn him into Bowen! That was a bright spot in that death scene, which really bothered me because of Hodor's reaction when Bran "releases" him. Exactly. It's like violating the trust of a special needs person, and it really makes me uncomfortable with this aspect of Bran's warging. Really? I thought Hodor looked at least bewildered by what Bran had made him do, if not completely upset by it. The look on his face when he saw the blood on his hands broke my heart. If he is, then he's a fucking idiot, because he promised Quaithe that he wouldn't betray Dany ever again. I hope we'll see Dany's vision of Quaithe in Meereen! You just know that she's a badass Shadowbinder from Asshai! Agreed. I seem to recall Rory McCann telling a convention that Kate Dickie was walking around on set showing off her prosthetic to everyone, and that she seemed to really enjoy wearing it. :D Such a fine actress. She does batshit insane so bloody well! It was very, very good to see Ghost in action (take that, you fucking asshat, Rast!), but I would like to know just how injured Summer is! I can see GRRM also making Bran a darker character in the books, so if this is foreshadowing (since we already know he wargs Hodor in the CotF's cave in order to creep on Meera...) based on what D&D know about GRRM's "broad strokes" for ASoIaF, the okay. If not.... then I don't to see any more violation of sweet Hodor's mind! I can see Bran continuing to a very dark place, which may be exciting... what if Bran is Jon's NissaNissa? Not so. He actually wargs Hodor without Jojen or Meera's knowledge in ADWD, in order to be close to Meera. To be fair my one line comment regarding Cersei's treatment of Margaery was made at the outset of the scene (as in, while watching the show), not at its fruition... It jarred with her previous treatment of Margaery. I expected her to much more forcefully cock-block in that scene.
  9. I gotta say I feel bad for Hodor. I wish they could have escaped without Bran warging Hodor. Hodor with Locke's blood on his hand made me very sad for Hodor. That really was a violation of Hodor as a person, and it was so different from Bran accidentally warging him to calm him down at Queenscrown. :(
  10. So is Locke going to be a wight, because his body won't be burned with the others?
  11. Saying his daughter Elia's name makes him sad, and then angry. He describes her as a difficult child to Cersei.
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