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  1. It was like a 50min trailer to episode 2 tbh. 5/10 because I really liked Davos and Dany in this episode.
  2. Dorne was weak but it's been weak all season. The Stannis scene was beautifully acted, evryone brought their A game. It's really sad to see Kerry Ingram go, she brought such warmth and cuteness to Shireen I'll miss her. Daznak's left me speechless, I've been waiting to see that scene for years and it delivered.
  3. This was the best episode in years, truly amazing from start to finish I was actually impressed with Dany and Tyrion. We got Arya's first mission, Cersei was spot on and started to break. Reek and Sansa were amazing too. And that Hardhome sequence, absolutely amazing!
  4. 10/10 the best episode since The Rains of Castamere
  5. the duel was the only good scene in the episode tbh. Although I did enjoy the Roose.
  6. not a big fan of the episode overall but it was nice to see Lysa and Sweetrobin again
  7. well at least we kind of know what they do with the babies now
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