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  1. Yeah... right when Jon has almost drawn peace terms with Mance, then Stannis the Menace comes storming in to save? the day... Tah tah ta Dah! Red Witch and all. Should take about 5 min to cover thoroughly imo.
  2. I love watching with my unsullied brother. Until this episode he hasn't had too many questions about who is which character, and what are the motives behind the things they do. In fact it has always surprised me how much he picked up from the shows without me saying a thing. This episode was different though. He couldn't keep Daario and Oberyn strait... the Hound and the Mountain took explanation, that they are brothers... from ep 5 he didn't get Bran's warging ability... he didn't know Daenerys' name... and he needed me to explain Lysa's history with Littlefinger to understand her line about her father, her husband, and her sister all dead because they came between her and LF. He also complained that so many of the names are the similar or the same, and that some characters are referred to by multiple names. Really, I think the show has done an excellent job overall, but maybe they could figure out a way to help unsullied show fans to remember characters and understand some of their backstories a little better? My brother is no mental slouch, so I figure if he's starting to have trouble following things, probably others are too. When I read the books, I overlooked a lot of detail and became confused with all the characters because it was too much to absorb in one reading. Second time around opened all kinds of rich new detail because I had a basic idea of who the main players are. Maybe the shows will work like that on the unsullied? ETA: Not really criticizing. I certainly couldn't have done better. Just wondering if there might be something the show writers could do, and thought it worth mentioning. :dunno:
  3. Just now came to mind... Rorge and Biter have made their appearance now, so that means there won't be the riveting, gruesome, and bloody Brienne/Rorge/Biter scene later. :frown5: I was really looking forward to that scene. :bawl: Bet the unsullied would've loved it too. Lots of blood and guts and BITING. :ack:
  4. Yes! hated her old blue thing with the pants... These new dresses are da' bomb. Beautiful and that last one was sooo sexy. ooolahlah just in time to seduce Daario. ;)
  5. Yeah! I was stunned and so disappointed at this change. :frown5:
  6. Dinklage/Tyrion performance and Alfie/Theon both had me with goosebumps! what amazing performances. Though the script really has my nerves crawling with tension... yep great performances!!!
  7. Pod is the basically the only comic relief in the show... I love how they've made him so silly. :)
  8. Remember how in last ep04 Jon was training recruits to fight with wildlings who use a weapon in each hand.... Brazen foreshadow there. :P
  9. to stab Jon. Is this going to be a mortal wound? Since Bowen Marsh isn't around.... maybe? Also, on a funny note: On seeing Pod stomping out the rabbit fire, my unsullied brother said, "Gotta tenderize the meat." :laugh:
  10. testing linking to a post in another thread... here. Yay! it works! If it is not ok to link to other peoples posts, please tell me. thx
  11. Since Barristan noted the Second Sons were no where to be seen, think its possible they are going into Meereen through the sewers led by Big Brown Ben Plumm?... *flashback* :eek:
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