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  1. Yeah different table.... 10 feet away from QoT and in front of a knight....
  2. Because Sansa was a normal girl who thought Joffery was cute when the show started......... Nothing wrong with that.
  3. Sansa is going to Worship Petyr for having Joffery murdered.... lets not fool ourselves.
  4. I don't think Sansa gives a rats a$$ that she is blamed for the murder.... All she cares is that vengeance was served. This is why it was the perfect crime for Olenna... When she had Sansa wisked away by the fool, it made Sansa look guilty and Sansa has all the motive in the world to kill Joffery, while Olenna has none, considering the wedding bill she just paid for.
  5. Sorry but this has been rehashed a million times... Olenna is never close to the wine goblet. She is sitting down at her table and the goblet is on the Kings table. There is a knight right in front of Joffery's wine goblet and Olenna would have been caught if she leaned over and plopped something in there... The only way it happened is if Margaery slipped the stone in Joffery's wine when he gave her his wine goblet so he could cut the pie...
  6. I think Stannis will do a lot of the heavy lifting to defeat the Lannister army with help from the north. He may even take a good chunk out of Dany's army.... but he will ultimately die and clear a path for Jon Snow to take the realm.
  7. Gets on boats with his men in the next few episodes, gets off boats in eastwatch by episode 7 I would assume...
  8. all of that was at the end of season 3. Same episode Stannis's daughter teaches Davos how to read.
  9. Agreed... I do not believe Olenna physically put the dissolving poison stone in Joffery's wine. Olenna had to have given that duty to Margaery. There is a theory that Olenna could have given the stone to a wine server employed by littlefinger to put the stone in the Joffery's wine pitcher on his table, but the wine that Tyrion pored for Joffery was from Tywin and the Mother of Madness's table. The only way Margaery didn't actually physically do it was if Olenna passed it off to a littlefinger wine server and the wine actually poisoned both Margaery and Joffery earlier, but the poison wouldn't activate unless the pigeon pie was eaten.... Olenna could have told Margaery " What ever you do, do not eat the Pigeon Pie. Your life depends on it "
  10. Who had the Pigeon Pie made? The Tyrell's? Joffery could have been poisoned earlier in the episode with the stone in his wine but eating the pie created a chemical reaction with the poisoned wine he already drank. Notice Margaery didn't eat any pie... she just fed it to Joffery.
  11. Um no... Olenna slipped the stone to her granddaughter who then plopped it in Joffery's wine when he gave her his wine goblet so he could cut the pigeon pie... done and done!
  12. It's not your theory as people including myself have been saying this the entire thread.... and Olenna is not her mother. Olenna is her grandmother...
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