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  1. Solid 6/10. Pretty compelling as an episode of TV-my unsullied friends loved it and if I wasn't a book reader I would have thought it was pretty awesome, a 10/10. Since I am a book reader, from an adaptation-only POV it would have to be a 1/10. I'm not sure if it's just wish fulfillment or what but the Sandor-Brienne-Arya-Pod stuff, Cersei telling Tywin about her and Jaime, Tyrion leaving without hating Jaime, Varys getting on the ship, Jon taking Ygritte out to burn her body...these all work for the purposes of the show. But part of the reason the books are so compelling is that this kind of stuff just doesn't fly-it's just wishful thinking. There were some nonsense moments (Tyrion apologizing to Shae, the whole Pirates of the Caribbean feel before Bran, Meera and Hodor got into the Cave + Jojen dying, Brienne v. Sandor) but for the purposes of the story the show is telling us they all still worked obviously. I did think the Arya sequence to close the episode was well done, although I was disappointed that LS didn't show up. It was a different way to end the season for sure.
  2. Lol if you're getting offended and saying I'm lashing out because we have a difference of opinion and are arguing on the Internet over something I honestly don't know what to tell you except good luck. I'm not being uncivil in any way. I won't argue any further. Cheers.
  3. Have you not read ADwD? That's where "Jon fucking up all the time" comes from......
  4. I'm not saying it wasn't explained well since it's quite obvious that the dumbing-down is paramount to storylines on GoT because of simple realities. Yes, I think Jon going on a suicide mission is stupid when it literally would have taken as much time or less for him to be ordered by Slynt or even Thorne to go treat with Mance instead. That's a realistic complaint. Jon looks amazingly petty and stupid and the dumbing down is so over the top that it's nearly unbearable when after Ygritte dies in the show his resolve is just, "Well fook it if I kill Mance we might have a chance"; all this does is achieve's a full-circle affect to Jon and Mance's first meeting in the show when Mance asks Jon why he wants to join the free folk and after giving the unsatisfactory answer Mance says something along the lines of, "No, I think you want to be a hero.". That's what having suicide-mission Jon accomplishes, one shitty full-circle arc instead of the potential plot advancement that would have been achieved by him being order by Slynt, continuing the disdain for the man who's cowardice was a high note this episode, or even having the order come from Ser Alliser which would have been a nice touch and complimentary piece to his line which was essentially, "After the battle we'll go on hating each other but right now I need you and you need me." Jon meeting with Mance obviously does not make him an idiot. Jon meeting with Mance under the suicide-plan is just the dullest and dumbest you can make his plot and story out to be.
  5. Are we supposed to care about prologue chars, especially knowing that hmm...all of them die? Please don't try to tell me they are one and the same.
  6. My point is that it's exceptionally clear already that Jon makes poor decisions a little too often. HBO is going to blow that up like crazy and now that the unsullied have seen that happen to chars they care about many times, they're not going to be anywhere near as surprised when Jon gets it. You're in for a rude awakening yourself if you don't give the unsullied enough credit to be able to figure out that once Jon starts fucking up all the time he's going to get beetle-smashed. And that's the point; D&D are already hammering home that Jon can be gone that quickly, whereas with Rob or Cat or Oberyn or Ned or anyone else the Unsullied cared about it was so much less blatantly obvious. I just don't think that the fact that D&D are shipping it so hard this early is a good sign. I'll respectfully agree to disagree with you moving forward.
  7. Fantastic analysis, well done. The show has a way of magnifying poor decisions made by characters and making them blatantly obvious if you know where to look when it comes back to bite them later on. Jon's never been a big favorite for plenty of people and is considered the least interesting lead character by most critics, sullied or unsullied. Jon's options for living, other than the fact that the knives were never in overly vulnerable locations were never great. I wouldn't buy the warg-into-Ghost plot for a second; that would just be a major cop-out on GRRM's part. All I'm saying is that D&D are doing a great job of making Jon as forgettable as possible; it's been that way from the get go, it was that way through this season, which was supposed to be his season, so if when the time comes and Jon is stabbed as it's likely we'll see it on the show and learn his fate before we learn it from the books I wouldn't be surprised at all to find out he really is dead.
  8. I should rephrase it to anyone skilled. He's essentially demolishing peasants before he fights Styr; the average Wildling is cake-fodder for Jon. As soon as he gets a somewhat skilled opponent (Karl, Styr) he's disarmed with relative ease to build "drama" that we don't really need. I'm not buying that he loses the sword again only so that as soon as he finishes Styr, which still was a decent fight, he can be unarmed when Ygritte has the chance to kill him to again build more "drama". He's laughably bad at fighting in the show compared to how he is in the books and again, that's kind of his only good quality. Plus having him mope around to the extreme and then just decide "My woman's dead so fook it, I'm going on a suicide mission" instead of just having a wounded Ser Alliser, or even Slynt, get one minute to order Jon to treat with Mance was just such a stupid plot. Seriously, they're making it very, very convincing that he is exceptionally daft and that easy to write off when the time comes. Show Jon basically deserves it already.
  9. Cleary Stannis willl star in an episode in Season 6 where he laughs at Theon for having no dick for half an hour.
  10. Is it just me or is HBO making it entirely more convincing by the episode that Jon actually does die as a result of his knife wounds? Seriously, the worst treated character in the show and his stupidity is magnified tenfold in the show, which has also decided to take away his only decent quality (skilled swordsman) and made him into a laughing stock as well. The changes would make a whole heck of a lot more sense if he is indeed dead, despite our prior knowledge that the way Martin wrote that chapter makes it unlikely. But I almost feel it would be more believable now with the way the show has made his character out to be, even more of a dolt (somehow) than he is in the books. And I'm a big Jon fan, for the record.
  11. Also if anyone knows where to find the GIF of Olly's fooking head nod with an "I GOT THIS" on it please let me know. Legendary.
  12. Thought that scene was especially cheesy. I'm just not big on seeing the same thing twice if it didn't work great OR worked just well enough the first time, which it did...back in Season 1. Here it just sort of added to the overall laughable tone of the episode where there shouldn't have been one. Like seriously, give Grenn any other badass speech like the one that Ser Alliser gave. Making me care for Ser Alliser was an impressive feat; I was more worried for his safety in the Tormund fight than I was for Grenn's even though it was extremely obvious Grenn was doomed. I cared more about Ser Alliser surviving than I did Grenn. Aside from the technical aspects (brief Ghost-cam, brilliant aerial shots, scenes on top of the wall), Ser Alliser's talk with Jon on top of the Wall was the best moment of the episode for me. I thought Grenn's speech only rivaled Ygritte's death and the Sam-Gilly stuff in cheesiness tonight.
  13. Too many laugh out loud situations in this episode. That fucking head nod Olly (SP?) gave Jon after shooting Ygritte killed me, it was so funny :rofl: . Just O.K. as an adaptation; I'm realistic and get the budget issues. At least we did get Ygritte saying her cave line since everything else about her death was funny when it shouldn't have been. This one wasn't very faithful to the books and I would have liked to seen Stannis' arrival this week; there was a bunch of unnecessary filler that they could have taken out to make room for it. I'd rate it about a C+. Good try, good effort, some cool scenes and some cringe-worthy as well as LOLWTF moments.
  14. Of course it is, was just providing thought to the previous response. I took the "chamber pot" to be the only one that meant something going forward, just a little easter egg for the book readers. Didn't overly think much of the "in bed" or "at dinner" since we do have examples of those that have already been seen/used.
  15. I mean, we've already seen quite a few people die at a dinner and LF is obviously aware of that fact but yes, dying in the bed should probably be focused on as well. Is there a general Jaime-is-the-valonqar thread anywhere?
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