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  2. RT @LeVostreGC: Make a litel tea! Reade a monograph! Staye yn tonighte!

  3. Book to screen changes are inevitable. Some are good, but some can be rotten. And I think everything in the pacing of the North of the Wall stuff in this episode was just sloppy, a lazy way of shoehorning in new points of interest/going out with a bang. In particular, squeezing most of the major culmination of Bran's story - the revelation of Jojen's death, the children of the forest/and the discovery of the three eyed crow into just a few minutes of this episode felt like they really threw away what, for me, was one of the most amazing bits of book. In terms of book to show chronology, I think pretty soon they are going to run out of his material, and may have to start either not showing Bran or inventing stuff. Whichever way, it seems they have diminished Bran, just as they have diminished Sansa. I really think they should have spent more on making the three eyed crow look impressive, and made it the last scene, rather than the rather cheap looking little boat they had Arya sailing off to Bravos in. I also wish that they hadn't squeezed Stannis into this episode -- his arrival would have really improved the rather drab Battle of Castle Black in Ep9. Again, it looked cheap, especially the aerial shots, and that bit when the cheap CGI horse ran down the pointless wildling between Mance and Stannis. For me, it wasn't an awful episode, but it was a bad finale. This episode really encapsulates how S4 has struggled with pacing - there was much too much stuff going on here, and not enough in some of the middle episodes. It's a meh from me.
  4. :agree:. Somebody give that Dinklage an Emmy! - He was electrifying! :bowdown: And wasn't it just brilliant to see the Titan of Bravos at last? (and in the credits, too!). And Dany's throneroom! And (at last) some more dragony goodness! And a fantastic alternative way of cooking goats... I liked this episode about a thousand times more than last week's. I know it's not always possible, but I think the individual episodes are a lot stronger when they limit the number of POVs portrayed to just a few. Giving the trial air time and breathing space really made it for me! I have mixed feelings about the Dreadfort scenes. For no rational reason at all, I didn't loathe it like the Craster's stuff. I think it's a good way of keeping these characters relevant, when they seem to drop off the radar in the books.
  5. Honestly? This was without doubt my least favourite episode of the show so far out of any season. It completely lacked pace or tension. And my main problem was that it just didn't justify some of the book/show deviations- a) All of the Craster's captives stuff, I was sitting there justifying the changes by thinking - "this is going to be a really super-amazing way to introduce Coldhands. Coldhands he will save them yes!" Right down to that bit at the end with the threat of the randomly-night-watchy- Vargo Hoat I was like, "Coldhands!" - but NO. This leads me to doubt whether they will introduce him....in the same way I am beginning to doubt Stoneheart is coming. For me, these two characters are the best thing about the post Red Wedding books, and the distinct lack of even a foreshadowing of either so far this Season makes me kinda bored. Also, Jojen's part in Craster's, especially Jojen's burny hand - I found this a little stupid - my main problem (and this might be a bit daft), is if he really could produce fire from his fingers and this wasn't a trick, then why didn't he burn through some ropes? I also thought Jojen's whole 'don't talk to Jon, Bran' stuff was a bit of very clumsy exposition. b) speaking of very clumsy exposition - Dany's scene - we got no visuals at all of the troubles in Yunkai or Astapor, Just some rather clumsy dialogue that was basically like "so this is why she isn't going to invade Westeros for the next 20 hours minimum of footage" c) The Hound still being on Arya's kill list - Who knows, maybe they will show her taking him out of it next episode, but I feel like his still being on the kill list at this late stage in their relationship sort of undermines how close they have become. I think the lack of the Mountain in the last few seasons of the show also makes his presence on Arya's kill list a bit less justifiable than it plainly is in the books. I am really getting hacked off at how little the Mountain has been portrayed - if the Viper vs the Mountain is the crucial 9th episode, I really think he should have been a bit more present throughout to make the dramatic effect this episode strong. The silver lining: I did, however, like the bits of possible book foreshadowing - Arya's expanded kill list including both Red Priests, Thoros and Melisandre suggests to me, maybe that the followers of the faith of Rh'llor may yet be defeated, for better or for worse.
  6. For me the most exciting thing about this new chapter is that it seemed to possibly hint at the reuniting of two Stark siblings for the first time since ASOS. I think that the real identity of the Black Pearl could be Sansa. I would love to hear if people agree/disagree with me, and if so, what this means for the plot??? My reasoning is as follows: a) The 'Pearl's' appearance. If it is assumed that 'Black' or 'Brown' stands for hair colour and not skin colour (especially as she is Westerosi), then this matches the dark hair dye Sansa assumes at the end of ASOS. She is also very 'beautiful', a lot like Sansa is described in pretty much any chapter ever..... b)The envoy's appearance 'slight....with a funny grey whisp of a beard'. This sounds a lot like LF to me (e.g AGOT ch.29) c)slightly more precarious: the sigil the envoy wears, which Mercy calls a 'chicken' - both of the sigils associated with LF, the mockingbird and the Arryn Falcon, are birds. Coincidence? d)even more precarious: the allusion to 'lemons and limes' in the next paragraph - this seems to suggest Sansa's chapters in AFFC, and her association with lemon cakes Points against: e) the envoy appears to be a lot older than LF, according to Mercy. f)Mercy doesn't recognise the Pearl, but then again she doesn't seem to remember much about Westeros. If this is right, what does it mean for the plot??? Will Mercy and the Black Pearl ever meet, or will Mercy recognise her? What does this imply for the Vale folk?? ***my apologies if I am doing something wrong or if this has already been discussed, -- this is my first ever post, hopefully some kindly mod can point me in the right direction .
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