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    [Book Spoilers] EP510 Discussion

    I have a lot of thoughts, both good and bad on the finale and the season in general. Good 1) AFFC & Dragons were both good books, but it's hard to argue that they would have made good TV adaptions. While it wasn't perfect the show compressed a lot of events into one season and kept most of the really core pieces of the storyline intact. I know most people on here don't see it, but that could not have been an easy job. 2) Kings Landing was great, while it didn't play out exactly the same as the books, Cersei's fall was wonderfully portrayed and may have been the best part of the season. The walk of shame should get an emmy for Lena. 3) Mereen sucked less than it did in the books. You can nitpick, and I know a lot of people didn't like Tyrion meeting Dany, and there were still some weak spots. But they fast forwarded to most of the good parts from my perspective. 4) The Wall & beyond were well done. Happy to see Wun Wun, and the battle at Hard Home, while improbable made for great action. Jon dying whether it sticks or not made for a shocking end to the season. 5) Skipping the riverlands... while Dorne had it's issues having Jamie there at least expanded a storyline that needed to be. I love Jamie's arc in the book, but that was mostly his internal growth, it would not have made for good tv. 6) Skipping the Kings Moot etc. I wasn't as big of a fan of the iron islands as many, but even if I had liked it, it would have made for tough TV. How do you explain Victorian & Euron's history in a way that doesn't seem really forced. Too many new characters who go their own way right way would also turn people off. 7) Sam losing his virginity. I didn't like the rape angle, but I was happy to see Sam happy for a minute. 8) Arya, I may be in the minority but I enjoy her storyline a lot and was happy to see it kept mainly intact, probably improved. They went over the top with the Meryn Trant piece at the end, but overall very well done. 9) The entire last 3 episodes. TV is a different medium than books, I don't expect TV to be flawless, I expect it to be entertaining. If you weren't entertained by the last 3 episodes than you are probably overthinking things. The bad 1) Dorne was all messed up. While I am a big fan of the actor who played Doran, they turned him from a character who is weak from the outside but strong and cunning on the inside, to a character who seems tough and powerful from the outside, but seems completely clueless and lost. Jamie was fine, but his character growth was stunted as compared to his arc in the books. 2) Sansa & Ramsey... I understand that it made sense to have Sansa who we actually care about in the storyline rather than fake Arya. And as far as the sexual assaults on the show went, this was one that had to stay imo. But it just doesn't make any sense to me how the real Stansa Stark can just show up and no one in Kings Landing finds out or cares. Yes, I know they are busy at the end of the season, but this seems like a major bit of treason by both the Bolton's and Little finger that someone would address. 3) Shireen. I'll be forever haunted by her screams. The way it all played out it seemed so pointless. 4) Too much sexual assault. The walk of shame was a key part of the season and had to be left in. Whoever Ramsey's wife was had to be assaulted. But those two horrible moments should have been left on their own. Why did they have to throw in Gilley's assault, and Meryn Trant. It's getting to be too much. 5) The first 3 episodes. Really slow start to the season, it wasn't bad but it definitely didn't match the intensity of previous seasons.
  2. She is going on trial for all the death, torture, pain and destruction she caused, that is why she is asking for trial by combat with the Frankenstein-Mountain as her champion. She got paraded through the streets naked for having sex outside of marriage with Lancel & the Kettleblacks. The only sins she admitted to.
  3. I took Tyrion's reference to his beetle crushing cousin as being more about Tywin than about the Mountain. No matter how he tries to reason with his father he is still going to get crushed.