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  1. This would hold more weight if the men in the show were as objectified and sexualised as the women - after all, women watch TV, women watch Game of Thrones, I'd be surprised if the audience ratio wasn't around 50/50 male-female. So why are women naked for no good reason, frequently depicted as having sex or being raped in the background of unrelated scenes - when the male characters, when they are focused on in a sex scene, are usually clothed or covered in some way? I can count the instances of full-frontal male nudity on the fingers of one hand. The same cannot be said of the female nudity. I'm no prude. I have no issue with sex, nudity or sex scenes. My problem is how disproportionate it all is. I'm equally interested in hot naked ladies and hot naked men, but on GoT I notice the former is greatly favoured over the latter. So the problem here isn't that sex sells - tell us something we don't know - but that, for GoT, naked women sell. Sexualised women sell. Sex sells, but mostly when we're catering to what men want. I can take or leave the nudity, but if they're going to have so much of it, at least make it equal.
  2. give a philosophy student a glass of limeade and he will say "Is this a glass of limeade? And if so, why is it a glass of limeade?" And after a while, he'll die of thirst.

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    I just realised I never really introduced myself formally, so er, a little bit late but: hello! I'm from London in the UK, I talk a lot - probably too much - and have only been on the ASoIaF/GoT party train since the beginning of the year. Stormed through the books, binge-watched the series and here I am. In my non-GoT spare time I work as both a medical lab assistant and an assistant nurse, and write horror/dark fantasy fiction. I also eat biscuits and drink a lot of tea.
  4. everyone hates the cave people