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  1. Dany was no Mad Queen. Sure she went a bit extreme there at King's Landing, but overall she always did more good than bad. She lost a dragon saving Jon and company beyond the wall. She lost most of her army defending Winterfell. Without her everyone from Winterfell to Dorne would've died at the hands of the Night King. What if Tryion had been given a dragon after his trial for the murder of Joffrey? Would he of burned KL to the ground? What about Sansa or Arya, in their weakest moments if they were given a Dragon, what would they have done? She had lost Jorah, Viserion, Rhaegal, and Missandei. Lost so many others in Essos. Constantly betrayed by her advisors. Rejected by her lover. Despised by most of the Northerners she saved. All she had left to her was Drogon and Greyworm, a couple of killing machines. She was driven to her actions by her Westerosi "friends" Jon, Bran, Sansa, Varys, and more than anyone Tyrion. He gave her bad advice after bad advice. Betrayed her multiple times, and then convinced Jon into taking her out. For all that he was of course rewarded with yet another hand position. And how about Bran? The real Mad King. Knows everything but tells everyone nothing... except of course who Jon is so he can help get Dany riled up. Never warns anyone Dany is gonna burn KL down. Doesn't try to warg into Drogon to stop her from doing it. Nope nothing. But this is who should be King? The last episode made me hate almost everyone. Sansa a power hungry bit**... Bran the evil manipulator... Tryion the sabotage master... I realized Arya's character becomes entirely pointless when she runs out of people to kill... Greyworm fails to execute either of the two men responsible for the death of his Queen. Drogon, Ghost, and maybe Pod... that's all who was left as a likable character after that finale. And what about Aegon the Conquerer? How is what Dany was doing any different than what he and his sisters did 300 years ago? They came to Westeros unprovoked and conquered it simply because they could. How many innocents did they kill in doing so? Last time I checked everyone sings the praises of him and his sisters, but Dany's a monster... yea ok. What was even the point of keeping a King after Dany died? Might as well let all seven kingdoms return to being independent kingdoms like the North did. The throne was melted, KL destroyed... did they learn nothing from Robert's Rebellion all the way up to Dany's death? What good comes from having a King?
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    What was Bran doing the whole time?

    I have a similar theory but I believe Bran is actually The Lord of Light. If he was The Great Other, R'hllor would've had no reason to bring back Beric from the dead so he could save Arya so that she could ultimately kill NK before he killed Bran, as that would've all worked in R'hllor's favor. Some other reasons I think Bran is R'hllor: 1. Bran's wolfs name is Summer which is of course the opposite of winter. The wolf names for Jon, Arya, and Sansa are all appropriate. Jon came back from the dead making him a Ghost. Sansa is the Lady of Winterfell. Arya is a great female warrior like Nymeria. 2. Although Bran seemingly did nothing during the battle, it was still very clearly a battle between Bran and NK. NK's army was the dead, Bran's was the living. NK's weapons were cold and ice. Bran's weapons were fire. Dragon fire, flaming swords, fires surrounding Winterfell, etc. 3. Bran likely became R'hllor after his fall from the tower. Maybe not necessarily R'hllor himself, but his human vessel, similar to Christ and God. I think it's possible he even died from the fall but R'hllor brought him back. Not long after Bran's fall were Dany's dragon eggs hatched. This was likely R'hllor beginning to build his army of fire to combat NK. They said it was Dany's dragons that brought magic back into the world, but it was likely Bran's fall and rebirth as R'hllor that brought magic back to the world. 4. The Red Priests see visions, Bran of course is the master of visions. Also the Red Priests seem to be more powerful in Westeros. Both Thoros and Melisandre have brought people back from the dead in Westeros. I don't believe that has been done in Essos. This could be because the Priests have greater powers when they are closer to R'hllor. 5. I simply find it too hard to believe that the last 3 episodes will all be dedicated to war with Cersei and who sits on the throne. Too much time was spent building up the whole Azor Ahai thing, Bran's powers, The Others etc. There has to be more to it. Bran's eyes suddenly turning red and setting everyone on fire or something followed by Jon killing him would at least bring some closure to all the stuff that was built up over the years.