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  1. Kingpin

    [Spoilers] EP608

    I haven't found a thread about it so I thought I'd ask here. So nothing specific, ok.
  2. Kingpin

    [Spoilers] EP608

    I don't want to make a thread about it, so if someone can answer? What was Cercei talking about? Tyrion and what he's up to? And how is it related to what that moment was about.
  3. Isn't Bran the most powerful entity cause of his time travel and influence on others through it? He can go back in time and see who Jaqen h'ghar is. Who created the Iron Bank and why. How the world came to be. Every single thing in history, every single conspiracy, every single lost information can be known to him. Add to that his capability to mask his whereabouts unless something happens like how they found the three-eyed raven, add his ability to potentially possess Dragons or at least very powerful personal guardians and there is the most powerful individual in the series.
  4. Who wouldn't believe a young noble crying? It could've been anyone. What if she was a whore? I respect people that are what they are with their own powers. If they both inherited their power AND expanded on it, I respect them. If all they've got is being someone's son/daughter or husband/wife, then they're nothing in my book. That's why I respect Tywin and Jaime, but not Cersei. Yes, they're Lannisters, but one is brilliant and the other is a great fighter. Cersei is someone's wife and someone's daughter, and because of that she has capable people under her command and through them she forces her will. And the king of lying is Varys!
  5. If lying makes you badass, then 99% of the world are badasses. Sansa up to now has done nothing other than being a Stark. I don't know about you, but being born is not an achievement in my book.
  6. When he said everything, does he mean the throne? I don't see why anyone would want that damn throne, the rulers of the seperate kingdoms live much better. All the riches, all the women, all the servants, all the authority, way more peace and quite and way less games. Hell, even Ramsay lives better than everyone in KL He has his castle, his food, servants, women, dungeons...There's no pleasing some people.
  7. So he doesn't care he's covered in dog crap, but he cares about people not knowing what Ramsay did. That's the only part of Theon that is "alive". I don't know what to make of that, it makes no sense to me.
  8. Why would Reek care if it's cut off? So it was Theon speaking, worrying about his reputation. My whole point is, Theon is not replaced by Reek, he's just a coward that would rather be humiliated and live like a rat, than fight and die an honorable death. So just a coward then. How about he fights and dies with his brethren in the keep? But I guess he had that poop bath and trash food and cage, and the constant fear and agony to look forward to if he succeeded!
  9. So at the part where Theon (yes, Theon) said something like "you don't kno---"... What was that about? Like "you don't know what you're talking about"? or "you don't know what I've been through/he's capable of"? or something else? Because I think he was just about to confess he's just a coward before the other guy stopped him.