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  1. Can you please post as wanted: "PC" copies of the SubPress editions of STORM OF SWORDS, A FEAST FOR CROWS, and A DANCE WITH DRAGONS. Thanks.
  2. My apologies; was away for awhile and dropped out of the habit of checking in while I was traveling. The "short set" has since been sold.
  3. Hi, sorry: I dropped away for awhile. No, I don't have a bookstore. "We" is my wife and I, we work together both on the collection and on eBay listings.
  4. Becca, Can you post the following: We have a "short" set in matched numbers available: A CLASH OF KINGS, FEAST FOR CROWS, DANCE WITH DRAGONS. Rights up and down are included. Thanks.
  5. As they say down here, might could be. :cool4: Just didn't like the vibe about a seller that I've known awhile, and has always done right by me.
  6. Wanted to come in on this, and the related comments. First, I've bought from this seller for years, and never had any problems at all. His images and descriptions are minimal/very basic every time, that's just the way that he works. The limited (numbered) editions that he offers are always the same number (#10) and the condition is always new & unread. Second, the issue with WINDUP GIRL is not unique; I was aware of it for WINDUP and there have been other cases where a book is released in both limited and deluxe limited states. There are a lot of eBay sellers who carry a lot of SubPress titles, and it's a market that I'm very familiar with. This guy's listings may not be as slick or as detailed as some, but from my experience you can trust him.
  7. Following up on the available copy of ACoK, number 498. Please feel free to contact me if interested. Thanks.
  8. Subterranean Press CLASH OF KINGS arrived today; we'll have one available for direct sale (#498) or trade. We're missing STORM OF SWORDS in the full set; if anyone has a PC available, please let me know.
  9. Hola. First time here. Looking for: A STORM OF SWORDS #214 or a PC. Can buy outright or (will) have numbered copies of A CLASH OF KINGS available for full or partial trade.