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  1. Alex21

    [Spoilers] EP605

    As far as I know the CoTF asked the First Men not to cut down their trees, when talking was not giving off any good results, the war started (correct me if I am wrong), why the COtF did not try to approach the First Men and tell them that they were not respecting the pact?? and also, maesters say that after the pact the relation between the First Men and CoTF improved greatly, those were years of peace. LF knows how to play the game, Sansa didn't tell Jon the thruth behind the news of Riverrun and the Blackfish.
  2. Alex21

    [Spoilers] EP605

    I don't know, I mean, the Wall is the biggest thing men built in Westeros, can a Mark just undo all that? As for the mark... I don't think is a permanent thing.
  3. Alex21

    [Spoilers] EP605

    There was a guy on Twitter saying that the magic the Wall holds might be undone by the power of the NK, what do you think?
  4. Alex21

    [Spoilers] EP605

    There was a guy on Twitter saying that the magic the Wall holds might be undone by the power of the NK, what do you think?
  5. Alex21

    [Spoilers] EP605

    I actually think he went into vision mode by his own and tried to verify if the 3ER was conscious.
  6. Alex21

    [Spoilers] EP605

    It might be.For me this episode reveals lots of info Still there are things unresolved, BR never revealed his identity, and Bran never got to see what really happened at the ToJ
  7. Alex21

    [Spoilers] EP605

    I cried, being honest, we deserved to konow about Hodor in the books, not in the series. Now, there is something that intrigues me. We know now that the COTF created the Others (let`s believe that D and D are telling us the truth), one of the children states that it was because men were killing them. How can be this possible when the Others appeared after The First Men and the COTF made peace? Did I get something wrong, did I miss something? It seems to me the timing is just wrong
  8. Alex21

    How would you rate episode 410?

    I give it a 9.99, I wanted to see Lady Stone Heart. But it was an amazing and emotive episode. I'm really gonna miss the series.
  9. ASOS is a book with a lot of content, and the showrunners neither showed us about what happened at the Iron Islands, nor showed us Balon's death I think they even put some TWOW in this season
  10. A great episode, a great season, an of course a great book ASOS is the best book of ASOIAF. Now I want to watch the last episode and see if the showrunners are gonna show us Lady Stoneheart. This only could be better if Martin releases the date of publication of TWOW.
  11. It was an amazing episode, I liked it, it showed us more of the Night's Watch and Jon that in the previous seasons. 10/10. In the last episode: Stannis.
  12. For sure Robb's men. The Moat was taken by him in his march to Riverrun