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    Would Robert have been a better Lord than King?

    Imho, there's no doubt Robert's character, although well-suited to winning the IT because of his martial prowess and ability to inspire loyalty, was ill-suited to rule and/or govern...He hated to attend SC meetings, he whored, he drank to excess, he hopped in bed with the Lannisters, he spent the Crown's gold frivolously, without refilling his own coffers, he surrounded himself with those who lyal to others first, etc.
  2. So I am not self-absorbed enough (nor am I conceited to the extent necessary) to think this hasn't been discussed ad nauseum, however I don't recall a topic unto the subject, what's more my take doesn't seem to be a generally accepted "fact" by the aSoIaF fandom...Hitherto and thusly, I digress unto my point: Not terribly complicated, I am simply curious if anyone agrees that following Ramsey's apparent abduction of Lady Hornwood, a forced elopement of sorts, we hear of Lady Hornwood's descent into starvation and madness as Ramsey (can't quite recall if nuptials were said to have taken place) forcibly weds her and pressures her to sign over her lands, which are adjacent to Bolton lands. His cruelty allegedly leads to her eating her fingers... But a year or so ago, during a reread, it occurred to me that given what we know about Theon's time with the Bastard of Bolton, isn't more likely her fingers were simply flayed by the sick fucker? At the time of first read, we readers, as well as the general populace of the North, have not been introduced to Ramsey's depradations, so it is easy to gloss over the initial idea that her fingers were chewed off as she went mad from greiving her late husband and hunger, as well as her isolation. In retrospect, it seems almost obvious though, that her fingers were most likely flayed, one at a time. Uggh. Disturbing. Thoughts?
  3. Lady Stoneheart's Paramour

  4. Russellstiltskin

    A Compendium of Theories v.2

    Awesome...Thanks, this is a great resource for us noobs who are new to the forum! And I did notice some updates. :)
  5. Russellstiltskin

    How would you rate episode 405?

    The Gold Mines comment was interesting, though for some reason, though I was shocked, I thought he was likely lying to Cersei to rein in her extravagance and make her more responsible and forward-thinking regarding House Lannister's future. I didn't remember it from the books, and I thought it would stand out to me if it was in the novels but it made me wonder nonetheless.
  6. Russellstiltskin

    How would you rate episode 405?

    Yeah that was clutch what Cersei said about what Tywin thought Tyrion deserved if he would shun/disown Jaime for not being quite a good enough Team Lannister Player, and Tywin didn't look like he thought Tyrion would avoid punishment; rather the look on his face seemed to imply that he didn't relish what he thought he may likely have to do with Tyrion...It was an interesting moment.
  7. Russellstiltskin

    How would you rate episode 405?

    I thought they could have done a better job with the LF reveal. And what the hell was up with Jojen's hand being on fire?
  8. Russellstiltskin

    How would you rate episode 405?

    I liked that when Arya added some names to her "prayers," she seemed to consider whether to include the Hound. It was pretty clutch the way she let him hear his name. And although the show seems to be taking a different tack with their story (the inn scene from a couple episodes ago) I have to say, I thought she definitely stabbed him, that was unexpected for reader's. I want the series to be respectful of the books, as it seems to be thus far, but I enjoy it when they change things up a little; they even seem to elaborate occasionally on some things.