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    I also plan on doing some writing in the future.

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  1. Horus Ex Machina

    MMA & Boxing 19: Cody Garbrandt's Dance Party

    I'm back bitches! Happy to see that the MMA/Boxing threads have continued strong after we got the ball rolling so many years ago. Much love to ya!
  2. Plus he's more a field commander than a general as he lacks the necessary experience and training in command level tactics and movements. He can certainly plan a battle and execute an attack, but he cannot devise an entire war strategy. This is where the loss of Barristan and the absence of Jorah looms huge at this point. Jon and Davos could offer advise, but neither are great generals (Jon may be but he didn't prove it when he let his emotions get the better of him against Ramsay; and Davos didn't really do anything at Kings Landing or Winterfell), nor are allied to her at the moment. She really does have a huge hole in military leadership, especially with Grey Worm tied up at Casterly Rock. She certainly could have used Daario and his mercenary company at this point. It would be difficult to trust a jilted former lover with a leadership role though... One point to note is that her military dearth of leadership is owed in part to her own current lack of allies. Even when the Targaryens first invaded they brought a few of their vassal houses with them and Aegon had likely studied military strategy extensively before he began his conquest, despite his dragons. Dany would have come close to solving this issue rather quickly had she arranged at least a temporary alliance with Jon which would enable her to potentially access some of his allies in the Eyrie. Yon Royce could be a very effective commander for her.
  3. What does that have to do with Missandei's fate exactly? They asked her about herself, not them. They have political clout that and knew that they might be held prisoner when they came as they would under any similar circumstance in a nation at war. She is a trusted advisor and friend who has no other contacts or allegiances in Westeros and is absolutely no risk to Dany except as a potential hostage which likely would not happen if she goes to Nath. What part of this is bs exactly? Illogical tirade...
  4. Horus Ex Machina

    Rant and Rave without Repercussions [S7 Leaks Edition]

    I think you for providing that Le Cygne.
  5. Horus Ex Machina

    Youtube Videos.

    Lik dis if u cry evertim. 5ever
  6. Horus Ex Machina

    Another thread about hiphop...

    Pretty much anything before 2005. It's pretty broad but it's been well-received so far.
  7. Horus Ex Machina

    Another thread about hiphop...

    So classic hip hop stations have begun popping up all around the country over the past few months. The same company seems to own most of them. The started their first one in Houston in October. Two started up this week here in Dallas. Apparently they've since gone to quite a few other cities including Philadelphia. It's something that I've mentioned a few times on this thread, rappers tend to go out of style and are never heard of again. Can't even count on their former followings to still turn out for them when they tour. Rap has a long enough history now to start paying some reverence to the legends of the past so I'm happy to see this start to take hold.
  8. Horus Ex Machina

    Youtube Videos.

    Respect Makoto's Vajayjay! Bojack's Theme
  9. Horus Ex Machina

    Youtube Videos.

    Has anyone yet posted the Jameson First Shots yet? Uma Thurman 2014 - The Mundane Goddess Uma Thurman 2014 - The Gift Uma Thurman 2014 - Jump William Defoe 2013 - The Smile Man William Defoe 2013 - Saving Norman William Defoe 2013 - Love's Routine Kevin Spacey 2012 - Spirit of a Denture Kevin Spacey 2012 - Envelope Kevin Spacey 2012 - The Ventriloquist
  10. Horus Ex Machina

    Another thread about hiphop...

    It's sad how little reverence hip hop has for continuity. Unless your name is Jay-Z or you're dead, then you're literally forgotten the year after you release your last hit,... no matter how many hit albums preceded it. It has a lot to do with the fact that rap is mostly marketed like pop music. It's an industry that only cares about the lasted new artist. Here's a good read on this...
  11. Horus Ex Machina

    Another thread about hiphop...

    I always wonder if that's just what he wants people to think about him. Just a part of a gimmick. He really is enigmatic.
  12. Horus Ex Machina

    Youtube Videos.

    I was thinking about how networks might start spending on security when I looked at the first example out of the UK. They certainly handled that idiot... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5JlgpcZlZvE
  13. Horus Ex Machina

    Youtube Videos.

  14. Horus Ex Machina

    Youtube Videos.

    Some powerful atheist humor from a Youtuber called Dark Matter... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A_a6RjR_AHY http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A0EEKfTnfvA http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z1BzP1wr234
  15. Horus Ex Machina

    THE X-FILES returns, in HD and widescreen

    Now that's some forward thinking. Amazing show and great that they figured "hey let's keep the edges clear bc you never know, in twenty years we might wanna release this mofo in widescreenz." So I'm happy to see it. I already own the first 5 seasons on DVD, but never purchased the rest since they came out on Netflix before I completed my collection. Probably give up what I have on EBay or something and go for the newer ones.