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  1. Is the Virtual Console store still open? I wouldn't mind plugging in my Wii just to buy a bunch of old games like Chrono Trigger and Ocarina of Time, since it seems the Switch will never get them.
  2. My impression is that the Hugos are just becoming too insular. I'm sure this has been a problem before, and familiarity bias is always going to be a thing. But when the same authors come up again and again, even when their new books aren't very good, the award stops being worth much. Leckie's Ancillary Justice was a phenomenal book. But Provenance up for a Hugo a couple years ago? Jemisin is another example here: the Broken Earth trilogy was great. Did all three books deserve to win the Hugo? I'm not so sure, but I do see a case for all of them to be nominated and for one or two wins. Does The City We Became deserve a nomination? I'm sorry, I don't see it at all. And then there's all the fan categories. I agree with the poster who says that it's hard to take any of this seriously when important scholarly works are going up against blog rants or five-minute-long speeches about the Hugo Award itself and losing.
  3. The final nine episodes of DS9 are so good in some ways (like the occupation of Cardassia, resolution of the Dominion War) and so bad in others (Pa Wraiths! Dukat in the fire caves!) that it's hard for me to understand how the same writers wrote them at the same time. Edit: speaking of...
  4. I liked the DLCs. The first is pretty simple; it adds a bunch of Master Sword trials which are pretty challenging and require a lot of creativity to beat, since like the island, you have your equipment taken away. I found it fun, but yes, it's just challenges. The second is more interesting. It adds quests based around the four champions. That does mean more shrines, but also cutscenes, overworld puzzles, and it culminates in a final Divine Beast dungeon, by far the best of the game. It also has a terrific boss fight. Then there are a bunch of other goodies, like new armour, a map mode that lets you see where you've explored, a saddle that lets you call your horse wherever you are, and yes, the motorcycle once you've beaten the divine beast. To me, the DLC was more than worth it, but as you can tell, I really like BOTW!
  5. BOTW is so good. I wish I could go back in time and re-experience it fresh again. But it's a game I've been able to replay a few times. Apparently I missed a really good Horizon sale though... Damn, $12? Hopefully it goes on sale again this summer.
  6. I think I might have to revisit this series based on reading some of the posts here. I gave up halfway through book 1 because after the very cool opening in Egypt, it seemed to devolve into a really typical YA story, even though its setting was based on Islamic mythology instead of something more traditionally seen in fantasy. It sounds like it becomes a lot more interesting.
  7. The situation is so frustrating here in Quebec. For once we've had a slower start on this wave than other provinces (third time's a charm!) but meanwhile our government continues to open things up and this week demanded that high school students all be in our overcrowded, poorly ventilated schools full time, even though the variants have been rapidly spreading through schools. Always with the justification of "we have to think of kids' mental health!" (aka, we need their parents at work) and "hospitalizations are relatively low" (aka, we think you're too stupid to have noticed after one year that hospitalizations are always a couple weeks behind rising cases in this pandemic, and deaths a couple weeks behind hospitalizations). I think it's going to be a very shitty April in this province and country. And then... hopefully the vaccines will save us from ourselves and our governments.
  8. Absolutely. This has been a huge problem in pretty much every JRPG I've ever played: grind for three hours to get your party up to level. There are also some games, like Assassin's Creed Odyssey, where you have to do a ton of side content to get up to levels required by the main quest. This is partially, I think, because Ubisoft now sells you the ability to level up faster in the shop, so they want to encourage you to skip the grind by spending money. But I don't think you can apply it to Witcher 3, because I always felt like I was drowning in XP during both my playthroughs.
  9. But is it really filler if you don't have to do them? I quickly decided on my first playthrough to only do points of interests if I ran into them and felt like it; the game never forced me to. I also only did treasure hunts for one of the Witcher schools of armour. In my first playthrough I did all contracts and big sidequests because I wanted to; in my second I only did a few contracts here and there and whatever sidequests particularly interested me, and even fewer points of interests. Even in the second playthrough I was always over-leveled for the main quest. Just because something is there doesn't mean you have to do it, and for those that want to it's an extra bonus. I don't see the problem. The bigger flaw for the Witcher 3 for me is its serious pacing issues in parts of the main quest, especially the Novigrad quests (find this person to find that person to find this person to find that person to find Dandelion to find Ciri). I feel similarly about Dragon Age Inquisition, where most of the sidequests are worse and there are many more. But on my first playthrough, I figured out quickly what kinds of sidequests felt rewarding and what I wanted to do and what I didn't. This greatly increased my enjoyment of the game. If there's someone out there though that wants to help every farmer get 20 elfroots and recover their goats, more power to them.
  10. Yeah, me getting burnt out on Odyssey may also be because I had played already Origins. I think Odyssey is a better game plot and character-wise, but yes, it is more of the same, but during Peloponnesian War Greece instead of Ptolemaic Egypt. I agree with @Liffguard above - Black Flag is the best Assassin's Creed game. I replayed it last summer. Even though many of the main quest missions are pretty annoying, it's so easy to ignore them at a certain point and focus on the real meat of the game: becoming the best pirate the world has ever seen. The world is perfectly sized too. It feels big and there are plenty of different activities, but it's not so huge that it becomes exhausting.
  11. I'm you from the mirror universe, and I will take your place in this world!
  12. This is making me want to get back into Odyssey (mainly to climb dongs, of course). I loved it for about thirty hours and then felt overwhelmed by how huge it was an how repetitive it could be. But I think now it's been about two years since I last played it and I can finally at least finish the main story.
  13. I'm not sure that's true (that the rest aren't like that). The hero worship and centrality of Caesar continues for another two books. I'll be honest, I wish I had stopped at book 3 or 4. The writing was never good and the research was always great, but the later books for me were just too much "Caesar is great! Everyone loves Caesar! Except for Caesar's enemies... Bibulus was just jealous!" Interesting. I'm about 3/4s of the way through and I also find it a mixed bag, but from the opposite perspective. I find all the scenes on the capitol world (god help me, I will never be able to spell out that name) and from the POV of Eight Antidote to be very tedious. I know this is supposed to be a unique child, but... Martine really cannot write a child, and the cast around him isn't particularly interesting. But I've found the interactions with aliens and the warfront to be much more better. All in all, though, the book is paced very strangely. I only really started enjoying it around 40% in. A lot of the early situation dragged on for way too long and felt overwritten.
  14. Watching Batman vs. Superman on a plane, I turned it off a quarter of the way through, because I thought it was truly awful. I turned off Justice League halfway through when watching it on TV, because again, not a good movie (though at least it had some entertainment in it). I'm just really confused about why we're supposed to be excited about a four hour (!) director's cut of a bad movie by a director who hasn't made even a decent movie since 2009.
  15. I really hope the UI for settlement building in Elder Scrolls VI is better than Fallout 4. Based on my reaction to Hearthfire and how much I got into it despite it not being good, I thought I'd spend so much time on Fallout's settlements. But it was such an annoying hassle and just not fun, imo.
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