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  1. As someone re-playing Skyrim right now this video speaks to me on a deep level. Especially since I spent about an hour last night taking on a vampire squad way above my level try after try, quicksave after quicksave...
  2. It wasn't the best of finales, it wasn't the worst of finales. I liked the quieter moments - Vision vs. Vision (even if that story ended very abruptly), everything between Wanda and Vision, and the great scene where the townspeople get to confront Wanda. I respect the show for allowing its superhero character to do something truly terrible - and for others to acknowledge it. It makes Wanda a much more interesting character. The goodbye scenes between Wanda, Vision, and the kids were moving, and overall I count the show as a success for making me care about two characters that never did anything for me in the movies and for experimenting with the Marvel formula a lot more than usual. On the other hand, a lot of the finale devolved into typical MCU action scene: pow pow zap zap bad guys down. Agatha was a disappointment as a villain. Everything involving Sword all season long has been really dumb and also so boring that I felt even the actors could barely stay awake. I was also disappointed that the moral reckoning at the end got handwaved away; the townspeople stare angrily at Wanda as if she had just accidentally run over someone's dog rather than enslaved and tortured them for a month. And then Monica gets that stupid line: "they'll never know what you gave up for them." Umm, I'm pretty sure they know. They were forced to live out Wanda's fantasy for the last month, apparently in a state of torment. I think the Avengers might want to get on this. I've looked through some of this thread and I see people upset about a lot of red herrings in the show. I don't honestly think there were many; people read a lot into characters like Dottie who were just playing your typical sitcom role, mixed in with some weirdness and existential horror. But I do think the Quicksilver resolution was incredibly weak. That cliffhanger only works because viewers recognize the actor and his significance - to throw that away leaves a bad taste in my mouth. It's also the second time that the MCU has teased a multiverse story recently and then backed away - Mysterio in Spiderman Far From Home comes to mind. If you want to do this story, just do it. So, the show went out with a little bit of a whimper - it was at its best in the middle of the season. But I'm still very glad I watched this, and I hope that the success of the show encourages the MCU to allow for more experimentation. Now to cancel my Disney+ so some data analyst can see that there are perhaps dozens of us (dozens!) out there that want more like Wandavision and less like Captain and the Winter Soldier.
  3. Once the relationship started, I didn't mind it so much. His Way just needed to actually justify Kira wanting to be in a relationship with Odo. Instead it focused on Odo learning pickup artists tricks and playing jazz piano and having creepy practice holosuite dates. As @Mindwalker says, it's Nice Guy romantic storytelling. As for future Odo's actions in the temporal genocide episode, I didn't particularly care. The episode tried to present that the only moral choice was for the Defiant to stay on that planet because if they didn't they would wipe out lives, but it ignored the effects of the Defiant not returning to DS9 right before the Dominion War broke out (many, many, many more lives lost). If they'd presented both sides of the argument it could have been an interesting episode from a moral perspective, and future Odo's actions could have had some weight. But instead the writers wanted to emotionally manipulate you into thinking only one decision was right - and then future Odo is a convenient person to get the blame. At least future Odo wore some great sexy v-necks.
  4. Oh, I definitely agree that Profit and Lace is the worst. I was responding to people above who claimed that it and Move Along Home were the only two really bad episodes. My point was there's a lot more out there... And honestly, I'd prefer to watch Move Along Home over many other bad episodes. Move Along Home at least hits "it's so bad it's entertaining." I feel the same way about His Way as I do about Move Along Home. I do think it's a very bad episode, especially because it completely fails in its job to sell you on the Odo/Kira relationship from Kira's perspective, it gets very creepy, and honestly, Vic Fontaine was a dumb idea - though he does get a couple good episodes in season 7. But watching Odo play jazz piano for no reason falls into "it's so bad it's entertaining," so I'll take it over Molly becoming a cavewoman.
  5. Ha, The Wire (show) is great, but here I was talking about the DS9 episode. As for Ferengi... I like Quark as a character, and I have no problem with many Ferengi episodes that focus on Quark and Rom and Nog and the Inspector. Even the Little Green Men episode was pretty funny. But any time you add the Grand Nagus and that cast of characters (including Quark's mom) you get some truly terrible comedy: lots of over-the-top slapstick and farce, truly grating performances (I know Wally Shawn is Jewish, but there is still something that makes me very uncomfortable about how much the Grand Nagus is just a collection of exaggerated anti-Semitic stereotypes), and the same "jokes" beat into the ground over and over again - "hey guys! Ferengi women are always naked! Isn't that hilarious?" There's a kind of interesting story in the background of Ferenginar going from uber-capitalism to a social democracy, but they don't really explore that. I only watched DS9 for the first time recently and I will say that I think there are a lot more stinkers in there than just two episodes. There's the one where Worf and Dax go to vacation planet... There's the one where a succubus tries to suck up Jake's life energy... There's the one where Troi makes everyone horny. And then there's all the Mirror Universe episodes after the first two. I would also never watch the first season of DS9 again, aside from a few episodes.
  6. The Wire is incredible. And you're right, one of the things that makes DS9 great is its ensemble; it's the rare show with no weak links in its main cast, though any Quark episode with the Grand Nagus was bound to be terrible. I don't expect Discovery to live up to that, but developing more characters so that Burnham doesn't always have to be the main focus would really pay off for them. It does seem like they started to do that this season; it'd just be nice if they allowed the characters to be less mushy with each other all the time. I don't expect Discovery to have the same quality of writing as DS9 at its best,
  7. I finished Discovery Season 3 last night. I enjoyed it; the last episode was pretty silly. I agree with you about the action scenes set in Elevator City, a seemingly endless expanse of elevators traveling the great roads. I'm not someone who cares about suspension of belief during action scenes, but that was a real stretch. The reveal for the Burn was definitely silly, but my low expectations there meant it didn't ruin the season for me. Overall the show seems a lot stronger than it was in Season 1. There are still good episodes and bad episodes, but that was true of DS9 (not that Discovery reaches the heights of DS9 too). I do like that members of the bridge crew got more development and screen time this season, I thought Ossyra was a good villain, and Saru is just a great character. The show's big problem is really Michael Burnham; her becoming captain should have been a huge moment, but it felt very random and one in a series of too many scenes where one character tells Burnham that she's the coolest bestest person ever (and then she whispers back at them). Still, I'm pretty excited for Season 4. I liked it a lot more than the Mandalorian Season 2; it's not as polished, and it stumbles much more, but at least it's trying something a little more ambitious.
  8. I know we still need someone to be Jimmy's witness in Westview, but I think you're all over-reading Dottie. She played her role as the snooty social coordinator of the neighbourhood in the Bewitched episode; the "for the children" was a joke about her social control in suburbia. She played that role, just like Vision's boss played a certain role in episode 1 that veered into weirdness.
  9. If it is that he's just a fake, it does make his casting a huge tease, and retroactively robs that twist of some power. The Agatha scene at the beginning was terrible, and I thought the Witch stuff was way too over the top in general. Otherwise, I thought it was a good episode and it got me surprisingly emotional.
  10. They didn't commit murder or storm the Capitol. They produced two mediocre (Andromeda) to bad (Anthem, though I've never played it) video games, aka luxury entertainment products. I bought Andromeda at launch for full price; I regret spending that much money, but nobody held a gun to my head and forced me to do it. I'll buy Dragon Age 4 if it gets good reviews, just like I'll buy a new book by an author if it gets good reviews despite their last couple of books not being great. I'm not sure why this is worthy of so much anger.
  11. It doesn't look interesting to me. Wandavision sold me because it was weird and different than the usual Marvel fare. Falcon looks like a typical Marvel movie as a TV show. Not that there's anything wrong with that - but normal MCU movie has worn out its welcome for me. For Disney+, If I had kids, I'm sure it'd be different - there's lots for families. But once I'm done Wandavision and finish re-watching the Star Wars movies, only classic Simpsons is really a draw for me, and it's not worth spending 10$ a month to watch a few episodes here and there.
  12. You're probably right, but to me this is really unfortunate. The best MCU products for me have been those that are relatively standalone and have their own tone (Thor: Ragnorak and Black Panther come to mind). If this is all just a prelude to Phase 17 of the MCU and setup for 50 new movies and TV shows rather than standing on its own to a certain extent and having a plot and emotional payoff, the end of the season is going to be a pretty big letdown. Anyway, I'm canceling Disney+ as soon as this show is done, so take that, Mouse!
  13. I'm no Marvel comics aficionado, but at this point in the season, with two episodes left of 30-40 minutes, it seems to me to be a mistake to introduce another antagonist on top of Agnes/Agatha, not to mention Sword Military Dude. Too many balls in the air already. If they want to do that, it's probably best that it's a cliffhanger leading into Season 2. Though I actually don't know if there's going to be a Season 2 of this show.
  14. Getting closer to the end of Discovery Season 3. The Mirror Universe is, as always, lame. It was fun the first time DS9 did it and had serious diminishing returns every time they went back. Learn that lesson, Discovery. And if you're going to do it, at least bring in Vic Fontaine. I also had some serious flashbacks to the recent season of the Mandalorian during this two-parter... Yay, everyone gets a spinoff! The last episode I watched was much cooler. But is this really going to be the answer for the origin of the Burn? Not that I expected a satisfying answer for the Burn (thank you, Lost and BSG, for training me to not expect satisfying answers from TV show mysteries), but this explanation seemed especially... strange. It's sad to hear that Chabon got sidelined for Picard - he's a great writer, and it would have been so cool to explore the aftermath of the Dominion War. Hopefully one of the 200 spinoffs in development can tackle that instead.
  15. Enjoyed the episode and the Modern Family homage. Plotwise it felt a little fillery until the end... but then what an ending! Nice creepy atmosphere in the house, and then that Agatha reveal song is everything I like about the show in 40 seconds.
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