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  1. If you don't notice it until the 50th watch, I don't think it can qualify as "ridiculous/worst" edits/continuity. Hell, I've seen the LOTR trilogy probably close to 50 times and I haven't noticed some of those things. I think if you watch just about any movie or show this much, things like this will eventually jump out at you. The editing in the Isengard scenes in the cinematic edition of ROTK is definitely very off though, though. I just noticed on rewatch that when they film the surgeon murderer person from the back the person playing him in those shots is not only not wearing a surgical mask, but is wearing glasses. Now that's quality filmmaking and continuity!
  2. Wow, that's pretty big news for Microsoft... COVID must have had a huge effect on development if they're willing to delay their big launch title. I guess it really is the best strategy to just keep quiet about announcing all games these days until you're 99.9% sure that you can release it on time. I wonder if Cyberpunk will be delayed again too. It's kind of reassuring to hear that Horizon Zero Dawn is "only" a 40ish hour game. That sounds pretty reasonable; I'm feeling pretty burnt out on 100+ hour games right now.
  3. This famous scene from the fantastic Catwoman movie comes to mind. I love how many cuts there are to middle schoolers applauding these two adults stealing their basketball and playing by humping each other.
  4. Got the old Wii out of storage. It's time to slowly replay all the 3D Zeldas, starting with Wind Waker. It's such a good game in some ways (the music! the visuals and art design! the personality and immersion!) but it's also a lot more tedious than I remembered. I don't mind the long time spent sailing so much as needing to change wind directions every couple of minutes, and the dungeons are really boring, along with a lot of the overworld exploration. But still, it's such a charming game.
  5. I'll also go with the opposite perspective - while I enjoyed the Judging Eye and thought White Luck Warrior was an improvement on that (until its ending), I found The Great Ordeal and Unholy Consult to be both genuinely bad books that have made me disinterested in ever reading a Bakker book again. Neuropath as well, now that I think of it. Everyone I know IRL who reads Bakker thinks the same, though I know that's anecdotal evidence. Still, the audience for this series has clearly diminished over time, and I don't think those last two books are going to help, on top of all the rumours that Bakker is a huge pain in the ass to work with.
  6. Oh yes, I loved that story too! For some reason I had thought that one was in Stories of Your Life. Yeah, I was referring to the virtual pets one. Like you, I didn't find the idea that compelling, it was pretty predictable and overlong, and I thought it didn't play to Chiang's strengths as a writer.
  7. I loved Exhalation. There were so many mind-blowing and beautiful stories in there. I especially loved The Truth of Fact, the Truth of Feeling; Exhalation; Omphalos; and Anxiety is the Dizziness of Freedom. If it weren't for the longest story also being the weakest, I would say it's even stronger than Stories of Your Life.
  8. I love the concept behind this book, but my one worry about it (after reading a couple reviews) is that it's going to be all military/action scenes, all the time. I know it's based on Alexander, so that's not too surprising, but would you say that the focus of the book is on action, or on the cultural interaction stuff, which is more my thing?
  9. Oh yeah, I'd forgotten about Bloodborne. I'd love to play that too. A 2021 release date for Starfield would be very nice. I can't believe it's already been almost ten years since Skyrim. I liked Fallout 4, but it really just didn't scratch the Bethesda RPG itch.
  10. I'm excited to be able to play Horizon; my laptop should be able to handle it at lower settings. Let's hope this is the beginning of more old Sony games being ported to PC. I'd love to play The Last of Us, finally. As for Pikmin 3... probably not the best PR for Nintendo to charge 60 bucks for it (apparently it was selling for $20 on the Wii U) when they don't have any other new games coming out. I do think they must have some new game that will come out in November or for the holidays, or else they would have saved Paper Mario until the end of the year. I can't say I'm too excited personally, but the Pikmin games have never been my thing.
  11. I did watch an episode and it definitely wasn't for me. It didn't help that I have no attachment to Picard/Data. I am very excited to watch these Garak/Bashir Zoom episodes when I'm done DS9 though...
  12. I saw Season 1 of Discovery, but haven't watched any other Star Trek shows other than DS9 (and a few episodes of TOS and TNG here and there, along with the Abrams movies and the one where they go back in time to save the whales). I took the point of the Klingon line from Trials as being "look Trekkies, we know you all want uber consistency across all of these series, but sometimes we just want to change things up, and that's cool." So I'm not bothered by Klingons looking different in different shows; well, as long as they're cool. In Discovery, the Klingons were just lame, but not because of their design. From what I understand (and I could be wrong), DS9's willingness to mess with canon is one of the things that led to it being considered a better show. I hear that they, for example, completely redid the Ferengi society from what it was in TNG, making them much more fleshed out and less of a caricature. 100% agreed that the Cardassians are the best villains (and then not quite so villains) in Star Trek that I've seen, though the Dominion is also pretty great. It definitely helps that Garak is such a delight from the beginning of the show, and that the Gul Dukat actor is fantastic as well. But even in season 1, when most DS9 episodes were pretty bad, the show always got a shot in the arm when it focused on even minor Cardassian characters. Meanwhile, every time a Romulan appears on screen I want to fall asleep...
  13. Yeah - I mean, again, I'm pretty new to all thinks Trek, but I recently watched The Trials and Tribble-Lations episode of DS9 and learned that Klingons apparently were originally just slightly big and mean humans. The message of that episode seemed to be "don't take this kind of stuff too seriously" and that's probably going to be the best approach to Star Trek as a whole, from what I've seen. Now, please no spoilers for the end of DS9 in case he dies, but out of all the new Trek shows, how is there not a Garak series being floated out there? He's just the best idea I've ever seen in Trek, and he elevates every episode he's in. Screw Picard, give me older Garak as a tailor spy with his buddy Bashir along for the ride!
  14. Cool - thanks for the extended debrief, all (especially @JEORDHl and @Fragile Bird). All that you've said confirms my impressions that this is all barely worth talking about and mainly a way for the Conservatives and NDP to revive their fortunes at a time of government popularity (and I say this as an NDP voter). The Alberta environmental protections issue is scary. As is whatever happened with the Nova Scotia shooter that the RCMP clearly doesn't want us to know about.
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