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  1. Caligula_K3

    Best Sitcom Episodes Ever

    I'm guessing this is nowhere near a real thing, but in the off chance it is... might be time to watch Friends for the first time in 10 years... Great list, @DMC
  2. Caligula_K3

    Rank your 2019 TV shows throughout the year

    Update: Fantastic category: 1. Chernobyl: Phenomenal miniseries that does everything it sets out to do. 2. Les Miserables: a very well done and acted miniseries based heavily on the book. The best version of Les Mis done on film, I'd say. 3. The Deadwood Movie: Not sure if this counts, but I thought it was a beautiful, fitting end to a wonderful television series, and a big improvement on the end of season 3. ________________________ Very good category: 4. Veep: A funny, caustic, and appropriate end to the most cynical show about politics, only let down by some zig-zagging in the plot and characters 5. Game of Thrones: I have my quibbles, and the pacing could have benefitted from an extra episode or two; but it was overall a very satisfying end to a difficult story. 6. The Good Place S3: Still funny and some great episodes, but it's getting a little to saccharine for me, and the constant resets are hitting a point of diminishing returns. 7. Jessica Jones: Again, a pretty good ending to the series, and much better than season 2. The last two episodes were fantastic, and the season as a whole benefitted from great acting. But the middle dragged, with its focus on the uninteresting villain Salinger. ________________________________ Pretty ok category: 8. Stranger Things 3: Like Jessica Jones, the season opens well, finishes brilliantly, and meanders uninterestingly a lot in the middle. The characters felt flattened, and the overall plot wasn't convincing. But it was still fun, thanks especially to the Dustin/Robin/Steve trio. 9. Star Trek Discovery. I wasn't a huge fan after season 1, and season 2, while it has its moments and some great episodes, didn't really convince me. I'm not a Trekkie, but both my Trekkie wife and I agree this is just all around mediocre. 10. Arrested Development: It's still inconsistent, but funnier than the first half of season 5, at least. _______________________________ Did not like category: 11. The Punisher - I have just flat out not enjoyed this show, and season 2 was even weaker than season 1 for me. Did not finish. On the to watch list: Legion and Russian Doll, along with the upcoming seasons of Better Call Saul, Curb Your Enthusiasm, The Expanse, and His Dark Materials. Though some of those might be 2020 shows.
  3. I'm late to the party, but I finally finished this season. I really enjoyed the first two to three episodes, but once the main plot started, I got pretty checked out. The finale at least was very good and had some great emotion, and I always enjoyed the Steve/Robin/Dustin adventures because the actors and characters are so charming (though Erica was a bit much for me), but I found most things surrounding the mind flayer and the hidden Russian-base-that-has-somehow-managed-to-import-hundreds-of-Russians-who-don't-speak-English-into-America-during-the-Cold-War pretty underwhelming. After the first few episodes, the character interactions/beats also just got too repetitive; there's only so many scenes of Hopper and Joyce yelling at each other I can handle, or of Will getting goosebumps, slowly turning, and saying "he's here" as a building shakes and the power flickers on and off, or of Eleven coming in at the last minute to save someone. Anyway, it wasn't a bad season or anything, just not particularly great, aside from the beginning and the end. And it's kind of hard to see where they go from here; the Russians having a demigorgon didn't exactly get me super pumped for Season 4. But hopefully it'll be more of a changeup , hopefully the mind flayer will be gone for good (though didn't they defeat him the exact same way this season as last season, meaning he can just come back again?), and hopefully characters get more than one thing to do for most of the season. Oh, and if we can get more things like that bonkers Never Ending Story singalong, that'd be great.
  4. Caligula_K3

    Video Games: Keanu Re3ves Is Breathtaking

    Oooh, this sounds cool! My last Playstation was the original, and there are so many exclusives I've wanted to play...
  5. Thanks for playing, Inigma and RumHam. I'm glad you two liked it! I'm still hopelessly addicted to Mario Maker, so I'll be here to play your new levels when you all make them!
  6. I just uploaded my new level! I spent a lot of time on this one, trying to focus more on aesthetics and atmosphere. As always, feedback is welcome! The Exorcism of Boo Manor 2M7-RG5-BVF Father Mario is called to Boo Manor to purify it of the unholy spirits that have taken up residence. What horrors await?
  7. Caligula_K3

    Best Sitcom Episodes Ever

    Ahh yeah, the Rye is definitely a classic. So is The Car Pool Lane that you listed in your post. I feel like we may have similar senses of humour. I'll have to check out The Injury again- it's been years since I've seen it, and I can't really remember it well.
  8. Caligula_K3

    Best Sitcom Episodes Ever

    Seinfeld- So many tough choices, but probably The Marine Biologist or The Puffy Shirt or The Yada Yada Curb Your Enthusiasm- The Ski Lift or The Palestinian Chicken Community - Paradigms of Human Memory (the fake clip show) or Contemporary American Poultry for pure funniness. 30 Rock - The Succession South Park- Scott Tenorman Must Die The Simpsons- You Only Move Twice (Scorpio!) or Last Exit to Springfield (so long, dental plan!) The Office (US) - The Dinner Party It's Always Sunny - The Nightman Cometh And... I can't believe nobody's mentioned Arrested Development in this thread. Pier Pressure or Key Decisions or Motherboy XXX or SOBs or Good Grief... or too many to mention.
  9. My current level is going to be exorcism/haunted house themed, so hopefully that's close enough
  10. Ugh, it's so obnoxious when that happens. No matter how easy you make a level, someone will die and (I assume) because it messes up their endless run, boo it. @RumHam you may have the wrong thread, unless you're planning to make a Shining Mario Maker course, ha.
  11. Caligula_K3

    Pokémon Go: It’s a Shiny World Out There!

    There's three legendaries that came out recently, but each one is unique to a region of the world (Americas, Europe, Asia). So the Americas got Azelf, for example. It's impossible to have all three unless you traveled in that month or traded for them.
  12. Another fun and well designed level! I do think it probably veered too easy for me. But it's hard for me to judge how beginners handle courses, even though I'm by no means a great Mario player. Building another Ghost House level. This one I'm really trying to focus on atmosphere and am trying to pay more attention to aesthetics than I usually do.
  13. I tried to make this level, but I couldn't get it to work, so I turned it into a Koopa shell surfing level instead. I think your vision is too unique for anyone else to fulfill! I hope you give it a try when you come back to Mario Maker. New level (Koopa Don't Surf) ID: 9PJ-NWY-CRG
  14. I don't think there's evidence that the perpetual outrage increases sales, and these three examples are three of the most successful authors in the field, and in Rothfuss' and Lynch's case, have been since their first book. And not to mention that Martin has been greatly helped and kept in the public eye by an incredibly successful TV show. Their situation (and Lynch's) are also different than Abercrombie's, who is releasing a whole new trilogy, not the next book in a series that will resolve cliffhangers and plot threads from the last book. Abercrombie could have stopped with this world after publishing The Last Argument of Kings, or Best Served Cold, or Heroes, or Red Country. They all have endings, unlike ADWD and Wise Man's Fear and Republic of Thieves. Anyway, I've always been very grateful to Abercrombie for his detailed blog posts and his openness with his fans about what he's working on and how it's going.
  15. Caligula_K3

    Video Games: Keanu Re3ves Is Breathtaking

    On the other hand, count me in among those who were pretty whelmed by Nier, and I played to ending E. I liked it, and loved the music and atmosphere, and some parts of the game really clicked. But I also found the gameplay to be a chore, especially in the leadup to ending B. I thought the plot was pretty incoherent, all in all, but this was the first Nier game I ever played