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    Videogames : Cyberpunk Samurai edition.

    The only thing I hate about Gwent is that it's a close to complete ripoff of a great card game called Condottieri and CD Projekt Red never gave any credit to them. I even remember reading a Witcher developer claim he had invented Gwent through a Eureka! moment in his bathttub. Pretty scummy, especially since Gwent now makes them a lot of money independently. But it is a fun game in the Witcher 3 (though not as fun as Condotierri, which benefits from being more than a two player game).
  2. I generally agree with this, and I think the "death by a thousand nitpicks" kind of fan criticism has become way overrused and leads to people forgetting how to enjoy entertainment products, as if a movie or TV show or a book is an equation that needs to add up for it to be good, and exact realism is the only aesthetic goal worth striving for. That said... There was just too many "turn my brain off" moments in Rise of Skywalker for me to enjoy it. At a certain point, when the emperor comes back with no explanation, and Rey blows up the only transport ship that we've seen that Finn saw Chewie being boarded onto but he's fine, and a whole planet gets blown up that a character explicitly gave up her only way of getting off of and she's fine, and both good guys and bad guys just have magical giant fleets that appear out of nowhere.. . One of these might have been ok, but when they all happen, the movie feels to me like it has no stakes at all, and that anything can happen for no reason. And this is not about OT vs. ST for me; I didn't feel that the last two movies had this problem.
  3. Caligula_K3

    2019 Year In Review: Entertainment Edition

    What was your favorite live event (concert, sporting event, play, festival, convention, etc.) you attended in 2019? A heavy metal music festival, where I discovered Devin Townsend Favorite musical artist of 2019? Devin Townsend What song did you hit “repeat” on the most in 2019? Hyperdrive by Devin Townsend Favorite book and/or comic you read in 2019? Josiah Bancroft- The Hod King Favorite hour long TV show you binge watched in 2019? Chernobyl Favorite half-hour long TV show you binge watched in 2019? Russian Doll Favorite hour long TV show you watched week to week in 2019? Watchmen Favorite half-hour long TV show you watched week to week in 2019? Veep Favorite animated series of 2019? Favorite animated film of 2019? How to Train Your Dragon 3 - also the only one I watched Favorite documentary (film or series) of 2019? Favorite comedy film of 2019? Jojo Rabbit Favorite action and/or sci-fi film of 2019? I saw a bunch, but can't think of any I really liked or would want to see again. Endgame, maybe? Favorite drama and/or romance film of 2019? Deadwood the Movie Favorite video game of 2019? Super Mario Maker 2 Favorite YouTube channel and/or website in 2019? Girlfriend Reviews What’s your favorite/most used app on your smartphone in 2019? The internet? Google Chrome? Who is the one entertainer that died in 2019 you’d bring back? (There can be only one!) Toni Morrison What was your 2019 like as depicted in emojis or a single .gif? What entertainment experience (concert, film, TV show, game, etc.) are you most looking forward to in 2020? New Joe Abercrombie, Dune move, Better Call Saul season 5, the new Zelda if it comes out this year
  4. Caligula_K3

    Videogames : Cyberpunk Samurai edition.

    https://ca.ign.com/articles/2020/01/07/lord-of-the-rings-gollum-confirmed-for-ps5-xbox-series-x A Lord of the Rings game where you play as Gollum that deemphasizes violence and emphasizes his split personality? It's a bonkers idea but it sounds very cool and I am most definitely interested - not that I'll have a PS5 or Xbox X. Who knows if it'll be good, but it's definitely more interesting than another Shadows of Mordor game, as much as I love the Nemesis system, and has a lot of potential. I treated myself to The Witcher 3 on Switch. I've played it before on PC, though on the lowest graphical setting, so the drop in graphics isn't that noticeable to me, aside from the draw distance. It's still a beautiful game; I love their design for sunsets and sunrises. It's still such a great, and really nice to play in portable mode, doing a quest here or there or a few Gwent games, and then in TV mode when I want to spend a few hours playing. I'm also very excited to try the expansions, which I never got to.
  5. Caligula_K3

    Liu Cixin's Remembrance of Earth's Past trilogy

    I really liked The Three Body Problem, especially for its combination of sci-fi and history. The Dark Forest was slightly more underwhelming, partially due to the translator not being as good, but it does have a very good ending. And then Death's End... what a trip of a novel. I love how out there it gets, how the scale just keeps on increasing and increasing and the ideas get more and more bonkers. I loved and was horrified by the use of weapons to reduce the dimensions of space.. such a terrifying idea. I disagree with you that the books are effective at characterization. Most of the characters, imo, are pretty flat; only Da Shi and Luo Ji are really given any depth. I thought Cheng Xin in Book 3 was a particularly bad character, and found it a bit irritating that the novel kept on finding ways to give her control of the fate of humanity/Trisolaris/the universe. But for me, in a sci-fi novel, if the ideas are cool enough and executed well enough, I can excuse flat characterization; and Death's End completely delivers on that front.
  6. My ranking, with different categories of goodness (and badness): Excellent: 1. Empire Strikes Back 2. Star Wars: A New Hope __________________________________ Great: 3. Return of the Jedi 4. The Last Jedi 5. The Force Awakens ________________________________ Good: 6. Rogue One 7. Solo _______________________________ Mediocre: 8. The Rise of Skywalker 9. Revenge of the Sith ______________________________ Bad: 10. The Phantom Menace ____________________________ Really, really bad: 11. Attack of the Clones I really did like The Force Awakens, and The Last Jedi, despite the terrible Canto Blight part and some pacing issues, really held up for me on a recent rewatch. What it does well, it does really well. I'd kind of like to do a rewatch of all of them, even the prequels.
  7. Caligula_K3

    [SPOILERS] Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker

    I didn't like this movie either, but I think we can all calm down about criticizing/hating others for liking/not liking it. It's a movie; people will have different opinions and weigh different elements at different importance. That's fine. I was pretty underwhelmed by the battles in this movie; they didn't seem to me to be imaginative, the editing (especially in the first half) was often frantic in its cuts to the point of distraction, and only the Death Star lightsaber fight felt like it had emotional stakes. Not coincidentally, that's my favourite fight and sequence in the movie. As for the humour, there were a few funny lines, and I agree that C-3P0 got some of them. But, even though I know TLJ is hated for its humour, I found that movie to be much, much funnier, in general.
  8. Caligula_K3

    [SPOILERS] Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker

    Agreed. I enjoyed having a Star Wars villain who was consistently conflicted and not in control of himself. He was a very interesting character. And even in this last movie, the Rey/Kylo Ren stuff was pretty strong.
  9. Caligula_K3

    [SPOILERS] Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker

    That was... Pretty average. This is coming from someone who really enjoyed The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi. There were some great moments and scenes; mostly everything with Ren and Rey was great. But so many interesting story choices were undercut five minutes later, because nobody stays dead; Rey being responsible for Chewie's death, for one. Similarly, I'm unclear why we needed so many new characters added to the storyline; none of them had any time to breath, and it meant that many of the old characters didn't either. The first two-thirds was insanely frantic in its pacing, and the Mcguffin hunt got very tiring, very fast. The last third was a ridiculous amount of fan service thrown at me at once, with scenes alternating between the deepest despair and "look, that person/thing you liked is back, so it's all ok!," giving me whiplash. The Kylo Ren/Rey ending should have landed, but it didn't, because at that point 50 characters had miraculously come back from the dead, and all dramatic tension had been lost. I'm pretty disappointed in Abrams for this one. I know Johnson messed up some of his plans, but I think he could have benefitted from letting his ego go and rolling with some of the interesting things that Johnson did in the Last Jedi, instead of ignoring it all (Rose, having Kylo Ren be the main villain) or using snide dialogue to criticize it (the Luke scene). That Luke scene especially makes me glad that Johnson had his turn with the character, because what he did is infinitely more interesting than "wise Jedi mentor #235" that we got here. I'm also kind of in disbelief that he couldn't let go of the planet destroying weapon idea after all the criticism Starkiller Base got in VII, even from those who liked the movie; 1,000 star destroyer death stars? Really? Is that where we needed to go? All this said, it was fun enough, in a forgettable, cheesy, popcorn way. As someone who didn't mind most of Abrams' retreads in episode VII because it was a reintroduction to Star Wars and the movie/characters were well done enough for it to work, and as someone who really enjoyed Johnson trying new things in VIII, even though not all of it worked, I just wish there had been some creativity and a lot more soul here.
  10. Caligula_K3

    Star Wars: The Circle is Almost Complete

    This.. does not sound good. I hope everyone who sent in death threats and bombarded peoples' twitter accounts because The Last Jedi tried to do new things and add moral complexity to its characters is happy. Now we can avoid creativity in Star Wars forever! I don't hate Abrams as much as many in this thread, but I am severely disappointed that he apparently learned no lessons from The Force Awakens.
  11. Caligula_K3

    Video Games: Gears of Borderlands

    I'm getting back into Imperator: Rome after a few months off. The updates to the game have really improved it in ways that I can't really verbalize. It's not perfect, but it does feel fun to play in a way that it didn't before, and it seems to have developed its own identity a little more, instead of being a hodge-podge of Europa Universalis, Crusader Kings, and Stellaris features. I'm pretty much done with Pokemon Sword. Despite all the outrage on the internet, it delivers exactly what I wanted: a fun game that delivers pretty much exactly what it promised. I've never been a big Pokemon fan, finding most of the games I've tried too grindy and restrictive; this one had a sense of freedom. I wish it had been harder during the main game, and the main storyline is pretty nonsensical even by kids' game standards, but I had a blast just running around the wild area, catching Pokemon, and doing raid battles. Plus I got a puppy with a sword in its mouth.
  12. Caligula_K3

    Star Wars: The Circle is Almost Complete

    Count me among those who is not excited for the return of Palpatine, and I have trouble seeing why anyone would be, given that one of the biggest complaints about The Force Awakens is that it retread old ground. I think his return does rob a lot of power from the ending of Return of the Jedi too. But I guess we'll all see in a few days... hopefully he's just a force ghost. I'm also not too heartened that JJ Abrams seems to have viewed it as his mission in this movie to walk back on developments in The Last Jedi. I know I liked that movie more than most and a lot of what it did, but even for those who didn't... too much narrative whiplash can't be good.
  13. I haven't had time to play around with the new stuff in maker mode yet (plus I'm still playing the new Pokemon game so it may be a while), but I did try out a few levels based around the new Link powerup and they were super fun. It's a very versatile set of moves. If you want to figure out the whole moveset, there's a level at the top of Popular called "intro to being a hero" or something like that which is very well done.
  14. Zelda Maker! I'm so excited to try all this out.
  15. Caligula_K3

    Video Games: Gears of Borderlands

    This is advice from someone who only has a Switch, but if you don't want to wait for the next generation, it seems that the PS4 is the better draw over the XBox. You get all the games you can get on XBox and PC plus some great looking exclusives.