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  1. I loved this episode. I don't think Saul was thinking clearly in the moment when he was threatening Carol Burnett with the telephone wire. His worst instincts and character had taken hold and he was prepared to murder her, just as he was prepared to kill the cancer patient if need be. Kim's breakdown was incredible acting. It was almost as sad as seeing that parking at the Albuquerque court is now automated . So long, sticker system. It was really grim and tragic all around, but I did get a big laugh out of Jeffy's getaway and seeing how he got caught. Finally, the one scene that worked less well for me was Jesse's. I know what they were going for, but I didn't really need another Jesse cameo, and I think the same purpose could have been served better through Mike.
  2. Yeah, somehow that must have happened. Too bad - Thane is one of my favourite Mass Effect companions. But I suppose I can just watch Youtube videos of his scenes in ME3 and pretend they happened in my game. I'm getting pretty close to the endgame - I ended the Geth/Quarian war and some confusing stuff happened on Thessia. I'm thinking this is probably a good time to start doing all the DLC. Though from what I remember, Omega is pretty mediocre, so I might skip over that one.
  3. Ahh, you were right about Miranda. She did eventually show up again. As for Kelly, no big loss there. I'm still confused about Thane, because I never got a message from him on my private terminal, which the internet says you should, and he was never in the hospital. He then just never showed up in the Citadel coup. But his name is on the Normandy's monument to the dead. Very strange.
  4. I'd forgotten how great the middle of Mass Effect 3 is. The Tuchanka missions are phenomenal. I'm starting the Quarian vs. Geth stuff now and it's similarly exciting. In these missions, Bioware did a great job making you feel like you really were in the culmination of three games worth of plot, characters, and choices. The attack on the Citadel... Is not so great. I'm still confused why Udina is Council Ambassador in this game, let alone why he suddenly becomes a Cerberus agent. Shockingly, Kai Leng is also not a very compelling villain. But that's just one weird mission. My only real annoyance with Mass Effect 3 right now: I'm not sure why, but The Legendary Edition is cutting out characters and content. All my squad and crew members survived Mass Effect 2, but Thane and Kelly Chambers never showed up on the Citadel for me, Miranda appears to have gone MIA after one chat, etc... Really weird stuff, especially since I can't remember ever having issues like this when I played the trilogy before.
  5. I don't mind if the show ends with Jimmy embracing a part of his personality that's not a monster. But I do agree that he's beyond redemption at this point - he has been, really, since he helped Lalo get out of jail for killing the Travelwire employee - and that the ending should hold him accountable for all he's done since then. Which was basically Walt's ending. I was ok with him going out doing a little bit of good in killing the Nazis and freeing Jesse, because Breaking Bad used Ozymandius to remind you of the consequences of all the terrible things he's done, punished him for them, and the final few episodes blew up all his justifications ("I did it for me. I liked it. I was good at it.") This doesn't mean that Chuck was right and that Jimmy was bad from the beginning and doomed to this ending. Jimmy began as a much better person than Walter White, with a much greater and more genuine desire to do good. But we've seen him make terrible choices with increasing consequences throughout the show. Some of those choices were understandable and tragic. Some of them he atoned for and somewhat made right, like when he initially tried to rush the Sandpiper settlement by manipulating the old ladies. But at a certain point, the bad choices accumulated, the attempts at atonement diminished, and Jimmy developed into the worst version of himself. Edit: I've been reading lots of interviews about the recent episode. One amazing detail: the "Danny" from the laser tag money laundering place is meant to be a reference to everyone's favourite purveyor of squat cobblers:
  6. In general, the show did a really nice job taking flat or one dimensional characters from the books and turning them into interesting and well rounded ones. Ashford is definitely the biggest improvement, and I loved Drummer in the show much more than any of the characters she was based on in the books, but even someone like Errinwright had much more depth in the show than books.
  7. Interesting episode. I liked last week's, but I was kind of bored in much of the first half, at least after Francesca left. After an episode of slowly watching Gene pull off the theft last week, another slow con seemed overkill. And then the first big flashback scene with Walt and Jesse just seemed like fan service to me. But then it all came together in the second half, with that great montage of cons, the Mike and Saul scene, and two versions of Jimmy making truly terrible decisions. After last week I thought there was a possibility this could have a happy ending. Now though... No way. My major questions are about what in that phone call tipped Jimmy over the edge, and how exactly Kim's going to come back into this. I'm guessing that we'll at least get that phone call from her point of view next week, this time with audible dialogue.
  8. That makes sense. I think this also might just be a game that gets better as it goes along (minus the ending). Now that I'm past Palaven, have a few more companions, and am starting to get into some of the sidequests (including the incredible "you big stupid jellyfish" sidequest), I'm having a much better time. I also spent a good fifteen minutes listening to the Blasto movie, which is incredible.
  9. You're right that it doesn't help Jimmy if Jeffy gets caught for a major crime and tries to negotiate. It should stop Jeffy from trying to rat out Jimmy for reward money, though, and possibly intimidates him if he's caught for a small crime.
  10. For sure, and I have no problem with them ultimately being villains in ME3. But you really don't learn too much about Cerberus in those ME1 side missions, and it was a pretty easy shift to go from those side-missions to Cerberus' role in Mass Effect 2. It's less easy to go from the complexities of Cerberus in Mass Effect 2 to the pure antagonism you begin with in Mass Effect 3, especially if you give Illusive Man the Collector Base, as my Shepherd did. It's also pretty ridiculous that when you question unshackled EDI about Cerberus in Mass Effect 2, she claims that Cerberus is only composed of a few hundred people - in the first few hours of Mass Effect 3, I've probably already killed a couple hundred Cerberus troopers. They manage to go from a small organization to a full blown army very quickly...
  11. I've been chugging along slowly in the Mass Effect: Legendary Edition playthrough. I recently finished Mass Effect 2 and all its DLC. What a game. Say what you will about some overall plot decisions, like killing and bringing back Shepherd in the first ten minutes of the game, but this is still an incredible game. It has one of the best cast of characters that Bioware ever developed, if not the best. It gives you fantastic opportunities for role-playing: the renegade/paragon system works perfectly in this game, since the choices become less about "do I save the orphanage or commit genocide?" than smaller scale character choices, including the ever important "do I play by the book or be an 80s action hero?" Having Shepherd work for a sketchy organization and person is a great narrative choice. The game also just does a good job of grounding the world. Mass Effect 1 has lots of interesting setup for the different races and the state of the galaxy, but Mass Effect 2 makes the galaxy feel like a lived-in-place and the conflicts feel reel, especially through its character writing. Also, I know that some people criticize the game for removing the RPG systems of ME1, and I'll agree that they went too far, but it is just so much more fun to play. I've gone as Vanguard on this playthrough and I love charging around the battlefield. Of the DLC, most of it hasn't aged well. Lair of the Shadow Broker is great, even if it makes no sense that Liara becomes an information mobster, and Kasumi is a fun character. But Zaaed is a collection of edgy cliches, Firewalker was so boring I didn't finish it, and Overlord relies on some pretty offensive stereotypes about autistic people. Of all of them, though, I was most disappointed by Arrival - I'd remembered that it was pretty good. But you're railroaded down a pretty implausible story, combat without companions is less fun, and you're given no choices at all. Now I'm a little bit into Mass Effect 3. It's been a long time since I played this one. My initial impressions are pretty good: the combat is definitely the most fun of the three, and I'm getting lots of nostalgia for all the time I put into multiplayer back in the day. The game opens powerfully with the destruction of earth. But there's also something a little hokey about the game? The companions you begin with don't make a great impression (I have to say, I'm surprised by how much I've found Liara to be an inconsistent and boring character on this playthrough), and I really dislike that Cerberus become all out villains from the very beginning, jettisoning a lot of the interesting setup from Mass Effect 2. The missions are fun, and I know I have some good ones coming up, but Admiral Hackett is also such a boring mission giver: it's tough going from post-mission arguments with the Illusive Man to "I hope this helps us fight the Reapers, Shepherd. Hackett out!"
  12. I also really liked it, and kind of loved that it came out of left field, just like the Saul transition last week. In general, now that we've seen Jimmy fully become Saul, I'm a lot more interested in where Gene goes from here than in seeing Saul in the Breaking Bad years (though I'm sure that the writers will do a good job with it when we get there). As an episode, it was also just fun, entertaining, funny, and sad, reminding me a lot of a Season 1 episode. I can't get enough of just watching Jimmy work and pull scams, and I'll always take it over the (imo) tedium of Gus cartel scenes. I also thought the episode did a great job of tying together all the Gene vignettes from the past five seasons: the tedium of the Cinnabon job, the S.G. was here, the security guards and heart attack, and the threatening cabbie. The only weaknesses for me were that the new Jeffy actor was not as good as the last, especially since he was missing some of that menace, and that Jimmy was able to turn the tables a little too easily at the beginning of the episode. But I loved how he legally checkmated them at the end. Of course, that legal checkmating won't stop trouble coming from other directions, like Jeffy's Albuquerque connections..
  13. Huh, I didn't know that Walter and Jesse were going to appear. I'm not sure how I feel about it, to be honest. The overreliance on Breaking Bad cameos has always been one of my least favourite parts of this show, and I'm not sure we really need to see the Breaking Bad years. But it's very possible I'll be eating these words in a few weeks.
  14. I have no trouble believing that Jimmy would still be terrified of Lalo years later. He's already come back from the dead once... Really good episode. I'm surprised they took out Lalo this early, but I'm also glad, because if it was just going to be Lalo vs. Gus, we know which way it ends and don't need it dragged out. I hope that this wraps up most of the cartel half of the show and the rest can be about Jimmy and Kim, with some Mike here and there. I thought it was a nice touch that Mike knew about the Howard scheme and was clearly so disgusted by it. You can see how his respect for Jimmy will simply plummet by the time we get to the Breaking Bad era, since he knows this guy is capable of so much more. Then again, Mike, you're working for a Pinochet affiliated drug lord, so...
  15. Glad to hear that! I was worried by the reviews. Ragnarok is my favourite MCU movie - Thor 4 and Guardians 3 are pretty much the only ones I care about at this point. I can handle some mess as long as it's fun and funny.
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