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  1. The last set, if you are referring to the one on Ebay last year, was sold for $16K or less. The BUY IT NOW price was $20K, but it went for $16K. I say maybe less because the books were sold outside of Ebay. Another lettered set was sold for $15K on Ebay a few years ago, before a Knight of Seven Kingdoms was published.
  2. Tried long ago. The guy with the MM GOT won't respond.
  3. Meisha merlin GOT on sale on Ebay for $2200
  4. another limited edition announced by Subterranean Press: Another book that will be required for a Full Collection. A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms. The lettered edition will be $750! It is leather bound though.
  5. I agree with Happy Times that the debate is between those who have the full SP sets and those who don't, but I feel for me it is with those who have the full MM+SP set. I don't think the value of the SP only set is as much. If you get $6000 for the SP set, then you should sell, since it's a bargain (for the seller). Again, it's the MM+SP - that's the cream but would be interested to see how much they go for. I haven't seen them go for over $5500 yet, but that was over a year ago; and one that was sold less than 6 months ago, but they were sold as SP sets separately and MM (2 books) separately. When the holders who have start saying the SP sets are worth so much, I'll probably continue to say they aren't. We'll have to see how much they go for when we see a set go for sale. Like I said, I thought it wasn't good advice for the guy who tried to sell for $8000 based on advice from here.
  6. Yes, I do generally respond when I see the topic mentioning Sub Press set only go for $6000 and over. The only set I have seen go for that much is yours, Evogeler. If there are others, I would like to know and maybe get the reference if available. I generally tend to agree with what some others have said that usually its with the Meisha Merlin that goes for slightly over that amount. Though I haven't seen a full set including the MMs go for sale recently, slightly over a year ago, there were sets going for $5000 - $5500. Maybe higher now with the SP GOT. As indicated by a few others, including yourself, the sets are worth what someone is willing to pay. I just don't think that saying the SP set are worth more than $6000 because it sold for that amount, once. I did see a set with MMs go for less than that amount on Ebay less than a year ago, but they sold it separately (MMs separately with the SP set separately - eventually won by the same bidder). Again as someone mentioned a couple of months ago, there is a full numbered set on sale for $12,000 on Abebooks. But just because someone purchases it for that amount, it doesn't make sense to say that that is what the sets are worth. Someone in this forum asked for what the SP sets are worth a couple of months ago, and put that price on Ebay, and it didn't sell. It was put up for sale at $8000 based on advice here.
  7. Yes, Subpress only set for $6000 is way too high. There may have been one set sold at that price. Would say with MM would go for around that. Agree completely with GypsyDRB.
  8. BoldAsYouPlease - PMed you.
  9. midnightrider, sent you a PM
  10. 6K is too high for sub press set. It sold, yes. But once. Lucky seller. Sure one could get lucky. You can wait and wait to sell at that price. If the seller is unlucky, he'll be waiting. If he's lucky, sure it will sell at that price. $5K may be reasonable. Like I said, about that guy with the incomplete set with $7K. Never going to sell at this time.
  11. That's never going to sell at that price. Regardless of what those with only SP sets say. You need to have the GOT MM to sell at that price.