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    How would you rate episode 403?

    I feel the redeeming scenes included how masterfully they depicted Cersei feeling extremely threatened and almost trapped, Daario killing the 'champion' from Meereen and the Hound's rather accurate advice to Arya after stealing the farmer's silver. Jaime and Cersei.. the rape scene.. I mean this woman is the only one mourning the loss of her child, and after listening to her father insult her dead child and display his powers of manipulation using her other son and effectively the ruler, she is raped by the only person she trusts and cares for otherwise.. right next to her dead son's corpse. I mean damn. Daario was just plain awesome.. the way he stood there waiting after winking at Dany.. waiting.. lol thinking of the best way to kiss that knife, look sexy and glance at Dany at the same time.. then in two seconds he finishes off the arrogant 'champion'. Swag. That bit where the Hound blew his nose was a bit gross haha, but he was on point with his later advice to Arya after stealing the silver. Weak people aren't going to survive, let alone through winter. I really began to like and pity the farmer and his little daughter; they were kind and trusting. It was difficult to hear the Hound's reasoning afterward, but it was so (distressingly) true. It felt like a necessary juxtaposition to have someone who has harnessed strength from past suffering and who has a greater likelihood of survival, and others who have good intentions but likely won't make it much further in a world full of strife. The rest of the episode was pretty good, but these scenes stood out to me.