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  1. Minaku

    Writer's Dump: Post and Critique

    You still open to commentary, @JEORDHl?
  2. Minaku

    Assassin's Fate, Robin Hobb

    @Darth Richard II I haven't read liveships but I did read RWC and I don't recall things being precisely that horrifying and detailed. At any rate, the previous complaint still stands: there was, to me, an overabundance of violence in this book, particularly directed at Bee and the multiple times she thought she'd escaped. The journey to Clerres really did drag a lot. I ugly cried at the end though, and that's what we came for yes?
  3. Minaku

    Assassin's Fate, Robin Hobb

    @Darth Richard II The rape happened in book 2, it was Alaria iirc? I remember being horrified at it because while we'd gotten all sorts of other graphic things, that was a line Robin hadn't crossed until then. It's possible that the dream written in the journal was a lie - I just read back, and though the Fool has left Fitz before, he hadn't abandoned him gleefully. Then again the love for a child does exceed other kinds of love by quite a bit.
  4. Minaku

    Assassin's Fate, Robin Hobb

    Jumping back in quickly - I had a hard time with the ramp-up of graphic violence in these last two books. It feels like Robin really went for things in a visceral way, and though we're aware that Fitz and the Fool have suffered greatly it hasn't been so... detailed and raw as it's been in these last two books. Particularly with the rape scene and all of the abuse heaped on Bee. At times I almost put the book down because it was getting to be gratuitous, repetitive, and trauma porn-y, and that's not what I read Robin Hobb for. Dwalia wasn't just bad, she was irredeemably bad, no matter what had happened to her in the past. She was so bad she ceased to be a character and was just a caricature to live with until Bee murdered her. @Gertrude I have always thought of the Fool as Fitz's soulmate and one true love despite his more immediate passion for Molly and his devotion to Bee, so I didn't think she was lying about that (did she say that in her POV when she was in the Skill stream with him, that she was the one he loved the most?)
  5. Minaku

    Assassin's Fate, Robin Hobb

    Okay, the ending of this had me so affected that I had to come back to the board to post about it! What was the lie Bee told at the end? That Fitz loved the Fool more than anyone else? I didn't think it was a lie.
  6. Saw the news on Facebook. Man, Bones, I'm gonna miss you. May you arrive at your next destination shouting cusses.
  7. Saurian, thanks for the comment like... two months ago. *ashamed* Things are going pretty well! We'll have to take it to PM or something. XD

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