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  1. direwoofwoof

    Discussing Sansa XXXII: Game of Faces

    Exactly! I think Sansa sent Brianne away so she could not protect Arya, but Sansa does not really know what Arya is capable of, even though she has seen her fight and heard about the stories. Sansa may be politically cunning, but Arya is ruthless. Don't F with Arya!
  2. direwoofwoof

    Best lines of 706

    Not Dany? Then how about my queen?
  3. direwoofwoof

    More holes in the plot than used fishnet stockings

    I actually shouted at the TV "where the hell did they get those chains?" And how did they attach them to the dragon under the ice cap?
  4. direwoofwoof

    [SPOILERS] What did you love about this episode?

    Agreed! Loved when Jon tried to give Jorah the sword and Jorah refused. Also loved it when the Hound saved Tormund. Great seeing these amazing characters together.
  5. direwoofwoof

    [SPOILERS] What did you love about this episode?

    Jon and Dany, finally! Great chemistry.
  6. Which is faster... Gendry running back to the wall, sending a raven to DS and Dany flying from DS to the way north of the wall... or water freezing in sub zero temps way north of the wall?
  7. direwoofwoof

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 706?

    Their scenes seemed like wasted airtime. And I hated Brianne leaving. She seems to be the only voice is reason at WF.
  8. direwoofwoof

    The looks

    I think both Emilia and Kit have been acting better this season. Their emotions in general, and about each other, are greatly enhanced from previous seasons where they both seemed fairly one-dimensional. My sense is that the growing romance is coming from a place of growing respect with each other.
  9. direwoofwoof

    Why would Davos have risked so much to go find Gendry?

    I wondered if Gendry would be able to apply his skills to creating weapons to kill the dead. I'm also holding out for the Gendry-Arya reunion.
  10. Completely unrealistic. Clearly Jamie is still relevant to the story. Not so sure about Bron of House Greedy.
  11. direwoofwoof

    Best lines of 705

    Part of the same discussion when Trion said "you knew I was innocent." Jamie may have known back then that Tyrion probably didn't kill Joffrey, but now he knows it for sure. Wish Jamie had told him so.
  12. My first thought is that the pregnancy is a lie. That is one thing that would keep Jamie loyal to her, especially after losing all the other children. She sensed she was losing her control over him and is fabricating the pregnancy to keep it.
  13. direwoofwoof

    Seven Samurai

    I love all these guys. Please don't die. Please don't die.
  14. direwoofwoof


    Well, it is game of thrones so hoping for any sort of happy ending/reunion is pointless. Hate to think of Samwell spending all that time finding a cure only to have Jorah die en route to his Khaleesi.
  15. direwoofwoof