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  1. Danny's face in that last scene... she is being pushed towards "mad king" status.
  2. 5/10. This episode was so sentimental. It did not feel like GoT. Everytime something "sweet" happened, my first thought was "that person is going to die." I Ioved the Arya/Gendry scenes, Brienne/Jamie scenes, Sansa/Dany, Jorah/Lyanna, Knights Watch reunion... it all seems a set-up for devastating deaths.
  3. He had his endgame tonight - Cersei!
  4. "The rightful heir" When Ned changed Robert's will in Season 1, I thought it was for Stannis or maybe Gendry. Do you think it was for Jon? Had Ned lived and gotten back to Winterfell or the wall before Jon took his vows, he would have been the heir and could have claimed the throne, or tried to. (Y'all probably thought of this ages ago but it just came to me tonight.)
  5. Yes! That was a major theme in the Fire and Blood book. It took many years for rider AND dragon to get comfortable riding together and they grew up together (dragon egg was placed in child's crib). A few people died hopping on adult dragons for first time.
  6. Loved the ending with Bran waiting for an old friend! That was great!
  7. I find it hard to believe that Sam wouldn't know about his dad and brother being gone after all this time.
  8. Their scenes seemed like wasted airtime. And I hated Brianne leaving. She seems to be the only voice is reason at WF.
  9. Agreed! Loved this scene. Arya ia smaller and swifter than Brienne and she knows how to move. Seeing her hold needle behind her back reminded me of her dancing lessons with Syrio Forel back in season 1.
  10. I felt exactly the same! Eager for Bron to get that arrow flying but not wanting it to hit its target.
  11. Me too! First time this season I've been able to get on after the show!
  12. Loved it! Great to see Arya and Brienne reunion/sparring. Cave drawings interesting twist... how lucky Jon found them! Amazing battle scene... Dothraki hoarde in an open field... just like Robert predicted back in season one!
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