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  1. Denam_Pavel

    Robert Baratheon - Not so bad after all

    When was Renly kind? He had no problem with the prospect of killing his brother. He had no problem with the prospect of taking his nephews and niece hostage (and ultimately killing them) to stake his claim. He has no problem killing Daenerys. As Robert said, only Ned tells him what the right to do is. Renly LOOKS like kind king, underneath, he's a soulless politician like Littlefinger. Stannis does abandon Robert fully knowing what happened to Jon Arryn and why. But he did protect Renly while they were under siege at Storm's End. And Davos saved Renly as much as Stannis during the rebellion. Stannis rewards Davos, Renly vocally looks down on him. He's marching with the army that would have killed him, against the two people that saved him from that fate in the Rebellion and by all appearances he could not be happier. Renly was the Master of Laws and he had absolutely no values.
  2. Denam_Pavel

    Jaime "escaped imprisonment and rode south" ??

    Brienne sees her bed as a prison.
  3. Denam_Pavel

    About Jorah....

    Jorah's advice steered her wrong though. An army of Unsullied made absolutely no difference in how ugly her Sack of King's Landing would be compared to Tywin's which Jorah witnessed. She should've been looking for an army of Jon Snows instead.
  4. Denam_Pavel

    Missing things in FaB

    So was there ever a point in history when Warden of the East was not just a utterly meaningless ceremonial hereditary title for House Arryn? House Stark as Warden of North exersizes military autonomy to fight of wildling invasions, the Warden of the West needs it for ironborn primarily. It make sense that the Warden of the South was hereditary to House Tyrell as Dorne came way later and for the first century and then some, the Dornish were the major southern threat, But why did Visenya and Aegon give House Arryn the military command of the east? It basically always fell to House Velaryon or the Prince of Dragonstone or the Hand of the King of the King himself in King's Landing to deal with it. The Lord of the Eyrie already has the title Defender of the Vale. Maybe during Daeron's invasion of Dorne and the first Blackfyre Rebellion there was a Lord Arryn worth his salt but it's starting to look like Jon Arryn alone gave the title any meaning. Ned and Robert's conversation on the subject doesn't hold water for me anymore.
  5. Denam_Pavel

    Prince Nymor's letter (slight crackpot)

    They didn't have Rhaenys' blood before. And dragons died and the magic went away. The moment Pyromancers noticed their own magic worked again, they went "have you seen any dragons?" And all these histories are written by Maesters, those people who hated magic and Marwyn tells us killed the last dragons to get rid of it.
  6. Denam_Pavel

    Missing things in FaB

    I think we are rather running out of history for all those matches between Lannister and Baratheon that Ned read about to happen in.
  7. Denam_Pavel

    Top 10 Fighters, 281 AC Edition

    I agree, but that if far removed from near certain death. Rhaegar is not proven to be a near perfect killing machine on horseback. Nor have any of the other celebrated tourney knight proven to be. If we assume they are both charging each other on horseback and both Robert's hands are still preoccupied wielding his war hammer then yeah, Rhaegar would probably still be around. Robert was at a numerical disadvantage at the Trident and had been for basically the whole war until then. His survival is partly credited to being able to quickly move from place to place. He's no stranger to encountering foes while on horseback. Surely we can afford him that benefit of the doubt? Personally I imagine both Rhaegar and Robert arrived at the Trident on horseback and both survived to fight on dismounted.
  8. Denam_Pavel

    Prince Nymor's letter (slight crackpot)

    I'm honestly partial to the letter being bewitched with some blood magic with Rhaenys' blood answer. Dragons were still in the world at the time, magic was more of an option then it will be for most of history of the Seven Kingdoms.
  9. Denam_Pavel

    Bowen's next decision

    Call back Ser Alliser Thorne is the likely answer. Though I think Thorne might start his command of Castle Black with a fresh slate by some killing of oathbreakers of his own.
  10. Denam_Pavel

    Top 10 Fighters, 281 AC Edition

    Why? If Robert's Kryptonite was mounted combat, he would never have survived long enough to meet Rhaegar on the field. He met three armies at Summerhall, he'd had to deal with plenty of incoming cavalrymen.
  11. Denam_Pavel

    Bowen's next decision

    I doubt Bowen is singularly in charge of the movement to end Jon's command, let alone of the Night's Watch as a whole to begin with.
  12. We got sprawling shots of Jon wading through the Winterfell courtyard, seeing nothing but dead bodies and named character. Arya had a whole stealth section inside Winterfell because a lot of the wights moved into Winterfell and run out of things to kill. You're telling me tens of thousands of fighters were present in the last episode that survived?
  13. Denam_Pavel

    What is stopping Arya from killing Cersei and Euron?

    I quite agree. Cersei doesn't make her own wine, clean her own sheets. She has servants, guards, ectera. If a Faceless Man like Arya wants her dead, it's no big deal to make that happen. Arya knows how to get into the Red Keep.
  14. Denam_Pavel

    Lords Paramount in Small Council

    Jaehaerys I apparantly had a Lord Baratheon, Lord Tyrell, Lord Tully and Lord Arryn on his council which seems a bit much. But I guess this was the time when the Great Councils took place.
  15. Denam_Pavel

    Names for new Targaryens

    Whose they? I'll remind you that the Golden Company aren't just sellswords like they are for Cersei in the show. They are Bittersteel's company and he is bringing them home. They aren't leaving. Neither are their elephants. The public of KL already believe that Rhaegar's kid is dead and are perfectly happy to cheer for the monster that did it at a tourney. Even after the Mountain bragged about it in front of an audience, it didn't really matter. Not to the public, not to the Lords of Westeros. It's been a long time since anyone cared about Rhaegar's legacy. Of the Targaryan loyalists most the people of Dragonstone are with Stannis, most of the men of the Reach are with Tommen and Jon C will die of greyscale soon.