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  1. "Your cousins can find you a pig to ride, it would suit you" is definitely rude. When he was holding up the rock threateningly he was also strangling a boy much young then he and saying "you will die screaming just like your father did." Aemond is the one where all the death threats are coming from.
  2. Maegor took 12 wives in an effort to get a trueborn son, I guess his failure is in not trying hard enough either.
  3. Not every harvest goes well, and things can go wrong with food storage. That winter is coming on the other hand is certain.
  4. I should stress, the Valyrians, both houses that these kids allegedly stem from, have been inbreeding for centuries exactly because the world they live in values the visual traits the Strong boys lack. And they've had plenty success accomplishing in doing so. They at least think they have some idea of how it works. And that is not true. Jaehaerys went on tons of processions throughout the realm, so did Viserys and Rhaenyra, the lords of the realm have been called to Harrenhal for great councils in their lifetimes and to KL to swear fealty to Rhaenyra. The nobles know what Valyrian royals looks like, what Rhaenyra the heir looks like, what Laenor, Laena and Rhaenys, Viserys' past rivals for the throne look like and Corlys looks what the Strongs, their hosts at Harrenhal look like. They've met them anyway. When Aegon shrugs and says "Everyone knows, just look at them." there's no indication he is lying.
  5. Because there were witnesses for the birth. Also, she's not claiming they are her immaculate conception. Human generally have two parents and get their genes from those two parents, some more apparant then others. When it's neither of them, nor their grandparents, three times in a row, and those boys are heirs to Driftmark, the richest seat in the realm, Dragonstone the only place where dragons are found beside KL and the Iron Throne of the Seven Kingdoms in King's Landing then there's a pretty tough pill to swallow for those further down the succession, let's be real.
  6. This does not follow with what we hear about the concept of first night. The progeny of those such nights are called bastards and are issued from married women. Alysanne only banned the practice a few decades before these events and not entirely successfully.
  7. I mean it's surely possible. Tywin's family don't look like Baratheons now, despite evidently having several Baratheons in their family tree (in book 1 anyway). It trumps them but evidently doesn't extinquish blonde, green eyed genes forever. Robert obviously thinks he fathered the kids, so clearly he remembers encounters with Cersei that corrospond with her pregnancies well enough. Cersei was at least in bedchambers with Robert at the right time, Jon Arryn can't attest to what didn't happen, even Varys' birds would be hardpressed to prove that stuff. Cersei has Robert's own experience to throw against these accusations. Rhaenyra wasn't sleeping with Laenor but unwilling to bear his children, he just wasn't there sleeping with her, period. There's gotta be a lot more physical evidence against Rhaenyra/Laenor then Cersei.
  8. Cersei and Robert actually did have sex every once in while. And Robert wouldn't have a whole bunch of bastards from whores in the first place if birth control was perfect in this world. Jon Arryn having conclusive proof that Stannis lacks is just blatantly untrue. Ned made sure the only real way this world has means to at severe cost to himself: asking the mother, Varys wasn't gonna do anything, Jon was gonna kill those kids based on his own broad judgement.
  9. Alicent's children look like their father. Why is that a problem?
  10. Rhaenys has hair black as coal, like any Baratheon, yes. the boys do not however have Baratheon traits, nor Valyrian, not their eyes, not their hair, not their nose. Rhaenys is no way a precedent for where they get these traits from. Martin had Laenor live in a different castle from Rhaenyra too, he did that purpose to make a point as well.
  11. There have been a LOT more Velaryon and Targaryan matches then Lannister and Baratheon. Both of them coming from interbred Valyrian lines, they've looked as consistent as anything. In fact, barely any of the examples Ned found actually seem to exist in canon, the Baratheons haven't been in Westeros that long and GRRM has done nothing to integrate the idea that there have been several Baratheon-Lannisters marriages in that time when fleshing out the history. Leana, Daemon and Rhaenyra's other kids all look Valyrian, just the ones whose father is gay don't look like their father but rather their mother's sworn sword. The temperament of the King in question is the only real distinction.
  12. Varys and Jon Arryn didn't have any proof. Ned had a form of proof for himself, in Cersei telling him what the deal is to his face. The others just decided for themselves that the way things looked was enough to be certain about it.
  13. And then he doesn't, and Robert dies and Ned still feels it is his business.
  14. Robert and Cersei definitely have had sex. Stannis cannot give an account of when which act of adultery with Jaime happened. The proof that his claim to the throne over all three kids stems from is in their features and the Baratheon seed being so strong. Ned never tells Robert, who claims Joffrey as his heir. But Ned still feels he as Regent, Hand of King and Protector has authority to declare Joffrey a bastard.
  15. Oh come on. If Alicent doesn't have any proof then neither does Stannis. Joffrey, Tommen en Myrcella just look like the person everyone including Stannis agrees is their mother. The Strong boys don't like their mother, any of their grandparents, nearly none of their greatparents if not none at all and don't even a share ethnicity with their father anymore. You really have to personally want them to be Leanor's to believe it like Viserys. If Alicent doesn't have leg to stand on then it is insane that Jon, Ned and Stannis ever even bothered.
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