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  1. He still has his tenure as Hand of the King for most of war ahead of him.
  2. The Hound was not ordered to kill Micah, nor is he obligated to follow the orders of 13 year old over the King's or the Hand's even if he did. Sandor just decided that's what his patrons wanted, correctly, but he still made the actual decision himself.
  3. Dominance and power sure, but not control of the narrative, it's still a dragonride to Driftmark and dragonstone and a boatride back, longer if they have to assemble enough forces to seal off King's Landing. There's no stopping the story of the whole governing body being incinerated at the coronation from escaping King's Landing before Rhaenyra can do anything, nor the ravens with Otto's messages from making it too their intended destination before anything else arrives. As powerful as the dragons are, they are still a singular unwieldy creatures. They can't seal off cities or stop the spread of information.
  4. Maekar's bitterness is informed by secondhand evidence from people that don't really know him. Maekar is gonna have Bloodraven as a Hand for the rest of his reign. We are able to imagine emnity between him and Bloodraven in Mystery Knight because we don't have much to go on beyond what the hedge knights are saying about them at the campfire. Bloodraven status as a sorcerer is also mostly tall tales made by people that lost everything in a war he was instrumental in winning. We aren't suppose to know much magic he actually used to kill Daemon Blackfyre.
  5. If? Rhaenys would have toasted the king, his siblings, the Queen Dowager, his children, the Hand, the Grandmaester, the high Septon and other septons, half the Kingsguard, hundreds of smallfolk. You think there's doubt that there would be calls for her exile for at least few years? Daemon was exiled for nothing by comparison. There is no way Rhaenyra wouldn't suffer demands to declare Rhaenys a monster and an enemy of the realm for the rest of her reign. Rhaenys would be remembered as the equivalent to Maegor the Cruel and it is only a question if Rhaenyra is likewise remembered as a tyrant by defending her in any way.
  6. Alicent's reaction to Butterwell's death gives the impression Cole is just Superman living in a world of cardboard, constantly accidentally killing people by touching them in only the most slightly forceful way.
  7. I don't know what makes you say this means he is not in a position to challenge Rhaenyra's rule. Vhagar can easily turn the Red Keep into a second, much smaller Harrenhal. It's more then big enough for that now. Aemond is never gonna surrender and could easily end up killing his daughters and his son if Daemon refused to deal with him.
  8. The heir to a house being fostered in the house of their liegelord, in this case Dragonstone, isn't that unusual. Vaemond's assertion that growing up in a place as being important to the succession is kinda silly.
  9. Viserys confused Alicent and Aemma this episode, Daemon comments that how cruel the gods have been to Viserys. He's pretty much dying however slowly. Giving the job to someone newer and younger and seeing if they are good at the job may not be something Viserys sees himself capable of at this point. Going back to a known capable administrator makes sense to me.
  10. The fact that he is an absolute monster in the books maybe informing people's opinions a little.
  11. This is my thinking exactly, this show needs a Titus Pullo/Bronn/Jaqen. Just a really amicable character that can go around and do Daemon's killing him for him. Harwin, Laenor, Rhea, Blood and Cheese, fix these issues with one solution.
  12. "Your cousins can find you a pig to ride, it would suit you" is definitely rude. When he was holding up the rock threateningly he was also strangling a boy much young then he and saying "you will die screaming just like your father did." Aemond is the one where all the death threats are coming from.
  13. Maegor took 12 wives in an effort to get a trueborn son, I guess his failure is in not trying hard enough either.
  14. Not every harvest goes well, and things can go wrong with food storage. That winter is coming on the other hand is certain.
  15. I should stress, the Valyrians, both houses that these kids allegedly stem from, have been inbreeding for centuries exactly because the world they live in values the visual traits the Strong boys lack. And they've had plenty success accomplishing in doing so. They at least think they have some idea of how it works. And that is not true. Jaehaerys went on tons of processions throughout the realm, so did Viserys and Rhaenyra, the lords of the realm have been called to Harrenhal for great councils in their lifetimes and to KL to swear fealty to Rhaenyra. The nobles know what Valyrian royals looks like, what Rhaenyra the heir looks like, what Laenor, Laena and Rhaenys, Viserys' past rivals for the throne look like and Corlys looks what the Strongs, their hosts at Harrenhal look like. They've met them anyway. When Aegon shrugs and says "Everyone knows, just look at them." there's no indication he is lying.
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