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  1. 10 for me.I really enjoyed this.My only complaint is that i wish we had seen the fight against the giant at the gate.I have complained in the past about changes in the books but i didn't mind today.This was a great adaptation for TV
  2. 8/10 for me.The duel was great as expected.I don't get it why they keep this stupid Missandei- Grey Worm thing.They may be both adorable characters for me but i'm not interested in watching a pointless romance between them. And i definitely don't like some of the changes made in the Stark kids story.There were supposed to be all dead but for Sansa .But every now and than they'll appear and reveal their identity to as many people as possible.I don't see any point in this and how it makes a better plot or why it was necessary for a TV adaptation. edit:Theon's scene was good too.Alfie has been performance is brilliant and it shows us every time how much broken Theon is.As for the complaints concerning E.Clarke i don't think she's the one to blame.She's a professional actor and adding emotion to a scene is not a big deal.So i guess it's the directors or the writers who demand this kind of play on her behalf.
  3. Varys has been using an extended network of spies indeed.But this doesn't mean that he knows everything.How the hell the wretched kids of Flea Bottom that are part of his "little birds" where supposed to recognize Arya for example?Or any other of his spies and informants?It's not as if Arya has some unique features that make her immediately recognizable and they can't exactly google her name,check her facebook or instagram to get some pictures of her.
  4. I don't think that anyone ever found that Sandor had a soft spot for Sansa.It's not as if the Hound would talk for such a matter to anyone.Actually i don't believe that anyone would have thought Sandor having a soft spot for anything except from killing.Therefore drawing conclusions or suspecting that he's escorting Sansa is not very possible.
  5. Nope that's not correct.The proper order is Aegon-Viserys-Dany. Aegon was the son of the mad King's heir and according to the Targaryen customs/laws he comes first. By the way sorry to post it here but the trailer for episode 7 is up http://www.hbo.com/game-of-thrones#/video/video.html/eNrjcmbOYM7XLMtMSc13zEvMqSzJTHbOzytJrShRz89JgQkFJKan+iXmpjIXcjIysoFgellmarltXmlOjlpiaUl+QU5ipW1JUWmqGtAoW0Njc3MLCwu1tMycktQi27TUxJLSotQUAMrtJLY= So i think a prediction thread can be opened for this as well?
  6. Gave a 9 in this one.Should have been a 10 not for the Asha rescue attempt which didn't exactly excite me.Theon having turned completely to Reek was very good,Davos scenes as well and of course the trial was fabulous.
  7. My thoughts too.Except that the writers also had him "warn" Jon to avoid that specific hut and obviously the dead bodies there would have pinpoint him as the killer.So with this "brilliant" trick they justify the fact that Locke had to run away.Now where would he go it's a completely different matter.The whole plan doesn't seem to have been the brightest
  8. That's why i rated with an 8 and said that i enjoyed.It's was like the last part of the Batman trilogy for me.Really loved it but lots of WTF after i start thinking about it.
  9. No need to stay out for two seasons.Season 5 and 6 will probably include parts from bot Feast and Dance so after some episodes he will appear and start his storyline with Tyrion.
  10. I rate with an 8 cause i generally enjoyed it.As others have mentioned it was a somewhat predictable episode.If you look at other posts you'll see that a lot of people predicted Hodor's warging and the almost there reunion of the Starks Now to my complains First of all the whole Jon knows thing and the part of Locke were completely unnecessary.They made that huge change with Sam spitting it all out, they send Locke up the Wall for what reason?So he may grab Bran and start running???What was the point of that?Most reasonable thing would have been to slit the throats of all 4 right there.Since the Starks didn't reunite anyway,Jon could have well been unaware of Bran's presence beyond the wall.And maybe Locke could have been replaced from one mutineer like Rast,for instance.It would make more sense for him or any other of the bad guys to grab Jon's brother and run when things went awfully bad for them,so that he could use him as a bargaining chip in case they find him.Also didn't all this bunch of women there realize that the mutineers had some people captured?The most reasonable thing again would have been to have a line of "Hey sir Crow there are some poor fellows captured" or something like that.This IMO is a proof that the butterfly effect is not a very good thing cause than you need to create plotholes and in order to fix the crap you brought up out of your mind.
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