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  1. Patiently waiting for the oh shit moment about to come!
  2. OMG!!!!! That is insanity. Guess we know a lot more than we did from reading the book. WOW
  3. That was exactly what I said too. Also YAY Canada for being ahead!
  4. I thought Lady Olena in the show fixed both sides of Sansa's hair so perhaps she just grabbed whichever stone came off easily. The other stones looked firmly fixed. In the book Sansa still has the hairnet so maybe the show is wrapping up the speculation that Sansa will poison LF using a stone in tWoW. I LOVED Tywins speech to Tommen and of course the entire Arya/Hound relationship. Honestly I was kind of hoping to see Ser Jorah walk though the sewers to get into Mereen but I guess we wont find out about his betrayal until later (if at all)
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