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  1. I never suggesting spoiling her though? Laboring on a fishing boat for 20 years would probably be a dream job for her after what she has been through.
  2. I was saying she didn't deserve to be in the hands of Ramsay. Also, as a child having experienced the trauma she has & having to find a way to survive she should have some leniency IMO.
  3. Right? That's what I'm saying. It's too much for anyone, let alone a little girl.
  4. @Bullrout why would he be kidding? Do you dispute she has been through her fair share of trauma? She is a little girl. Why would she get 'darker' as she gets closer to other Starks? Whether or not she seeks revenge for Jon, I don't think she deserves Ramsay.
  5. Yeah, me too. Oh yeah! Forgot that one. Maybe a little. Not too much tho. Haha! Agreed! Yeah, I was good with him dying but yuck! I could've done with him dying a different way. Ahh agreed. He brings alot to the series but man he deserves it. Agreed. Definitely. I'm good with Arya taking him out. I'll have anxiety the whole time though, worried he is gonna get his filthy paws on her.
  6. Right! Goodness. Poor little girl. I wouldn't wish Ramsay on anyone tbh, let alone a child.
  7. Indeed but since they aren't real people I think we are ok enjoying their deaths
  8. Haha!! No pun intended! Yep I agree. I was talking about another poster saying it wasn't meant to be satisfying. It was so satisfying. Oh yeah. And she did. Yep, I had to read that passage again like 4 times when Lysa says they are behind Jon Arryn's murder! Haha! Right?! AND of all people to feel sorry for in that moment, I felt bad for Cersei! As a mother I just can't think of anything worse than watching your child die in front of you. Haha! Yeah, not poor Cersei but mom to mom I felt for her in that moment.
  9. Me also & I think saying "it wasn't meant to be satisfying" is an opinion rather than fact.
  10. Here are mine: Lysa, MMD, & Kraznys off the top of my head. Deaths I'm looking forward to - Ramsay!! Walder Frey, & LF.
  11. Yeah, I mean to be fair there isn't anything that suggests they hated each other or anything like that, just not as close as him & Arya or him & Robb probably. They would have had to have many interactions I would think, especially as younger children. At the point we meet them I think it's fairly normal for a brother & sister their age to not have much in common anymore. Arya & Jon bond more because Arya is "into" some of the things Jon is (sword fighting & such) & they both feel excluded at times so they bond over that. I would think it was much the same with Sansa & Robb & Sansa & Jon. Sansa is busy sewing & being a lady, Robb & Jon are busy becoming men. Their interests don't collide as much as they would when they were younger.
  12. Yeah, they do seem to be the least close of the siblings. I would still think they have some sibling relationship though. For sure, nothing wrong with that.
  13. Yeah, I mean he does seem 100% straight & Sansa being a girl is definitely a point in her favor. They haven't had their childhoods completely apart though. Sansa was what? 11? 12? & Jon 14? 15? When they separated. There is quite the foundation built in that amount of time. I honestly just don't buy into either of them lol
  14. To be fair I think there is more to base a Satin/Jon relationship on than a Sansa/Jon relationship. I think both are pretty flimsy & highly unlikely though.
  15. M: Garlan B: Loras K: Willas - I'm sure he is a kind enough fellow but I had to pick someone Greyjoys: Theon, Balon, Victarion
  16. Oh undoubtedly. Many theories will be bogus. Maybe even some we are so sure of. We just never know what may happen. Even if I or someone else considers something bad writing doesn't mean it won't happen. It's not our story & I'm positive George could care less what some fan on some forum thinks is bad writing. What do we know anyway? He's the one that has made a life out of writing & done a very good job of it.
  17. Tbf I don't think it's virtually impossible, just highly unlikely. Like on a scale of Rhaego being alive to R+L=J I would put it somewhere near Jon being dead dead.
  18. Because they were raised as siblings, incest is taboo even in universe, they aren't particularly close as siblings let alone have any romantic feelings for each other, there is no indication they will ever develop romantic feelings for each other & imo it would be very bad writing to bring this up now. If this was going to happen it needed to be started books ago & it wasn't.
  19. I don't disagree with this & I believe 100% Sansa will find her prince charming. I just don't think it will be Jon.
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