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  1. I'm going to go with Sam. Samwell Tarly is full of goodness. Not an evil hair on his head.
  2. So, I didn't read the hidden contents at first & was replying but the whole time I was thinking, I've seen Craving Peaches posts, lots of times, this does not sound like them! haha!
  3. There are many more than the Lannisters who have caused her suffering. Regardless, there is quite a few others who have done way worse, they should get punished worse, no?
  4. haha for sure. I was in a bit of a mood, so my "humor" probably didn't translate well into text but yes we are good
  5. So because the hound kills without a list he isn't as bad? Puh-lease. This is pure ridiculousness.
  6. Oh, I was being sarcastic. I don't really hope this happens to her. I want her to live a healthy, happy, non-murderous life, in all honesty. I just got going at the other poster.
  7. Yeah, I don't think either of them are insane, but the poster I was replying to said "Sandor suffers from a fear of fire but he’s not mad like Arya is" Certainly they both have their issues. I agree her prayer list is a coping mechanism. She has zero control over anything in her life & that list is hope that one day she will.
  8. You did not really say The Hound is saner than Arya did you? You couldn't have.
  9. I hope she rids herself of every single person on her kill list & gets hailed a hero for it. Matter of fact, I hope she adds a couple to her list before it's done, & of course eliminates every single Frey. Suffers zero punishment & zero consequence & lives the rest of her life, happily ever after. Pretty sure neither of us are gonna get what we hope for.
  10. So much of this. You win the internet today
  11. Hello! Nice to see ya around I remember your bet & am looking forward to seeing who the winner is!
  12. Yes! That's who it was. I hope he comes back too, I liked his theories
  13. You had a pretty good theory a couple years ago about who wrote this, didn't you?
  14. I know. The thing is, there is so much gray area in this series & it is fun to discuss & dissect. But when people insist on making things up, it doesn't produce a very fruitful discussion.
  15. Sure, the Frey's & Robb both broke their promise but look at the difference between them. Walder refused to come to the aid of his liege lord to begin with, then demanded compensation for Robb's army to pass through even though, rightfully, according to the rules of a feudal society, he owed alligance to Robb & should have let him pass with out all that. BUT that didn't happen. Robb offered Walder terms that he accepted. Robb, did not adhere to those terms = broke his oath. What did he do though? He went to Walder, like a man, explained what happened & offered a solution that would allow Walder to have one of his kin married off to a Lord, just like the original deal. Walder accepted these terms but wasn't happy with them apparently = broke his oath. But what did he do when he broke his oath? He traded sides & set up a slaughter. Which of the oaths of the NW did Jon break?
  16. Indeed. I remember but thanks for posting it becuase there are some others who must've forgotten Except most of that isn't true. What signs of being crazy did he show? Not a one. I think you are confused about an attack vs a retaliation. Or an attck vs defense. See. Ramsay demanded that Jon & the NW as a whole, secure fArya, Reek, Mel, Selyse, & Shireen for him & very clearly stated what he would do if his demands weren't met. Jon, then, decided to take the strategic advantage, knowing the upcoming battle was inevitable considering he didn't have possession of some of the people Ramsay is demanding & would be the worlds biggest POS if he handed over any of them anyway. WOW. Sounds pretty batshit crazy to me. What is he gonna do next? Probably something completely absurd like try to keep the men of NW's safe & united while punishing the mutineers. Pure lunacy. Also, you cannot speculate with any ounce of certainty that when Jon decided to meet Ramsay in the field (& managed to do this without involving any of his brothers, allowing them to stay behind to go to HH) that it would have destroyed the creditiblity of the watch. Seriously, do you really believe Jon & the NW should have hunted down fArya & Theon, & delivered them on a platter with Selyse, Mel, & Shireen? That sounds the very oppposite of the NW not taking a part. It also sounds the very opposite of credible, honorable, competent, or trustworthy, but to each their own.
  17. Oh, I know you've been around long enough to know better. We've not had the opinion of all the black brothers and there is zero reason to think Marsh stands with the majority. Secondly, if his decision to attack the Boltons looked like madness to some of them, maybe they ought reconsider their priorities because it seems like a pretty sane decision to me.
  18. How did he start the fight with Ramsay? I distinctly remember Ramsay starting a fight with Jon & the whole of the NW's so would be super interested in the quotes you have to back up the nonsense.
  19. You gonna tell us why you think that? Or just going to state it as fact, even though it isn't?
  20. That is a literal lie. There are some who ruled by brute force, Ned wasn't one of them. Did you miss the part where the whole North was rallied to save him? Or where they talked about how respected he was? Or how he would bring a different person to dinner every night to sit & talk to them & get to know them?
  21. Oh I think they definitely used to be. They were the ruling family. But the leading family didn't go insane, just a few of them
  22. Nevermind LOL I was gonna correct you but pretty sure you are a bot anyway. You always say inflammatory, down right false things but never comment when someone calls you out on your nonsense so I guess it's pointless.
  23. Saw you posted & just wanted to say hello! Haven't talked to ya in a while. Hope you are doing well.
  24. I'm telling ya, it's pointless. I get it though, the sheer ridiculousness of it is too much not to respond sometimes LOL
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