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  1. Well said. It also gives enormous power to the abuser, unlike every other act of violence and torture in the series.
  2. Mance Vayder and Jon Stargwarger

  3. See my above post #57. That is my position (in Jon of the Evil Dead's words). In reference to your post #56, just to understand correctly, are you saying that Jeyne Poole volunteered herself to degrading abuse?
  4. Just to clarify, the thread refers to Ramsay Snow as a whole. See Jon of the Evil dead's post:
  5. As mentioned, it is book-based.
  6. Others answered. Not being rude, just clipped writing. Forums always give impression of rudeness. You did initially blame 'fans' for the interpretation. I don't think it's so much subjective however. Trust me, your interpretation is more palatable, and I'd prefer. Unfortunately, it's transparent what actually takes/took place.
  7. It is book-based. Re-read ADWD.
  8. Not necessarily referencing Theon's castration.
  9. I understand your views; they're not mine, but I gotcha. The worst of his scenes carry little plot purpose... of course, we shall see in the next books. If you read the early part of the thread, you'll see how various posts suggested that the conclusion might only be determined in how Ramsay Snow's arc evolves and ends (for certain readers). But, there are levels of depravity, just as there are layers of being to a human. And assaulting those layers in good works should have some valued intention. Is the abuse committed by Ramsay Snow all justified? There will be a thousands of answers to that question. The next books will tell. For me, I've yet to be convinced. And GRRM is an author in whose writing skills I trust, but not an author with whom I trust my sympathies.
  10. Theon was suppose to be awesome with a bow. Sure, he's mentally-damaged... but why Ramsay Snow is still around... it's a bit contrived now that you bring it up. Plot-armor. Then again, can't kill off every character immediately either.
  11. I was gonna let you have it, but then I was reminded that you do have Rick Moranis as an avatar. I'll also give you credit for being mildly amusing. The above snark is not bad at all.
  12. You're missing the intention. Nothing in what you said offended me. It's about keeping the thread relatively clean. You are not being accused of mischief or villainy. Didn't mean to single you out, but I think you'll see the sense of what I'm meaning if you think about it. It's not about you. It's about keeping the forum approachable. No intention to treat you with any lack of respect, so my apologies if anything I wrote came across that way. But yeah, if you care for it, read over the Reek/Theon scenes and you will clearly be able to paint the picture for yourself. It's not pretty and frankly, I think in ADWD, goes too far, hence the thread. As for condescending and prudish - you don't know me. Neither applies. What you are interpreting was my attempt to say things without saying them. To answer the points you brought up. We have Theon's stories of countless men and women that have offended Ramsay Snow. He punishes in a variety of torturous ways. With women, he sics the dogs on them or hunts them down. All of this, deplorable in its own right, remains relatively to the imagination. With Jeyne Poole - an absolutely innocent character - it no longer remains to the imagination. There's your clue for your own research.
  13. Not sure I understood your last sentence.
  14. It's not about being childish. It's about having a bit of taste. We're not living in Westeros. We're living in this world and can avoid some of the villainy that in fictional contexts is more acceptable (no need to elaborate on how evil exits in our world; yes, we know). My main concern is keeping the boards clean in case traffic from immature or under-18s happen to come across (ASOIAF is of course not for children). I think the forum's rules are sensible: http://asoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/forum-20/announcement-66-reminder-on-offensive-content-civility-and-discussing-rape/