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  1. So? What relevance does that have to the current human impact on the climate? How many humans lived on the planet during those times? https://phys.org/news/2013-01-deep-ice-cores-greenland-period.html What difference does it make how many humans are on earth regarding the temperatures being hotter 5k to 100k years ago than are projected now? If anything according to the global warning/climate change side, it should be warmer now due to having more humans, but it's not, and not going to be according to the global warning "science" projections. The relevance and difference regarding how many humans lived in 5k to 100k years ago times, and today, is obvious isn't it? There were fewer humans with no technology which is blamed for current climate change due to billions of humans alive today. Shouldn't the temperatures be swapped if the climate change argument is to be accurate and scientific based on it being "mankind's" fault? Funny how scientist from the same places who 40 years ago warned constantly of us entering a new ice age, are now passing off the NEEM results and data on astrophysics, using their typical "though to be", "could", and "perhaps" language.
  2. I never brought up the jetstream, I just responded to it with actual facts. Regarding NEEM - with 14 degrees F higher temps than the highest projections today, I don't understand how anyone can conclude that CO2 emissions/etc/whatever are responsible alone for the earth warming. It did so before, many times in the last 100k years, based on the only scientific test/modelling I've ever seen done using an actual scientific method (NEEM), and not just a bunch of subjective guesswork.
  3. One of the fastest jetstreams ever recorded just happened last month - one airliner caught a 200+knt speed bonus from it in fact. Central/Western Canada just experienced the coldest Jan/Feb winter since 1936 - in an area you can fit 6 United Kingdoms inside, and nearly all of Europe - or more - it averaged -26C, and there wasn't a single second of thawing in February. I know, it's "local weather". The NEEM Greenland ice core samples taken a few years ago, and the analysis done by actual climatologists, one of whom founded Greenpeace, have Ă—used actual scientific measurements that were observable and repeatable, and proven that at 2000, 5000, and 10000 years ago respectively, it got FAR warmer than even the most nightmare predictions we're hearing right now.
  4. SerHaHa


    I too was fortunate enough to begin going bald at an early age. When I was 27 in the year 2000, my then wife told me there was no point in getting hair cuts anymore, and that I should just embrace the horror and take it all off. She bought me a $35 pair of clippers, spent 2 minutes zipping all my hair off, and it's stayed that way ever since. I buy a new pair of cordless clippers every year or so, spend $ on a good unit now, and use a bic or whatever razor is handy every morning shower, so I usually don't even need the clippers unless I was out deployed or whatever and couldn't bic it for various reasons. Simple, cheap, aerodynamic, cool in the summer. About the only downside is the Mr Clean look.
  5. SerHaHa

    More Things Star Wars

    Agreed with others, I felt exactly this way myself, and couldn't have said it so well as you did here. I just don't understand all the hate TLJ received from the so called "defenders of Star Wars". Yes, it had some identity politics weaved into the words, and yes, there was a pretty strong feminist theme as well? So? Why is this oh so terrible? I felt what Daisy did in The Force Awakens was fantastic, wasn't too on the nose, and the combination of 3 superb actors in Ray, Finn, and Poe - none of whom are white males - was great (as a while male). I truly loved every second of that film. I think where Rian's points he was trying to assert in his filming were worthy inclusions, yet unforunately gave no-it-all pinheads ammunition with which to attack him, and others like Kelly Tran for ridiculous reasons. I'm very much looking forward to the next JJ episode, big time, and will be there opening night, twice. To hell with those who want boycotts and other BS. Also, if Ezra Bridger's character shows up, I'll be dancing a jig, for real, right in the aisle.
  6. SerHaHa

    Jack Ryan - Amazon Prime Series

    Cool, I just thought I'd mention it as it's by FAR my fav TC novel, and has a large Russian component, even more so than Bear/Dragon, which was IMO TC's last "good" work (Ok, maybe Red Rabbit, but that's it). The submarine chapters and arcs are fantastic, for sure, especially the chapter where the Capt of the USS Chicago meets the drunk Norwegian Captain he inadvertently saved who blew his perfect approach on a huge Soviet convoy/objective. I collect all kinds of books, and have first edition HC Red Storms from a bunch of different countries, the Australian one with orange flames on the cover flap is my favorite. Have lots of other online/library access to it as well, if you wish to borrow it, PM me and I can sent one of my many copies to you gratus. Just finished Iron Fist 2, had to post phone Jack Ryan, watching it all tonight.
  7. SerHaHa

    Jack Ryan - Amazon Prime Series

    Rhom, you really need to read Red Storm Rising if you haven't - 1/2 the characters are Russians/Soviets, and one Soviet General in particular is the primary sort-of antagonist. The chapter with the Battle of Alfeld ranks up there in the top 5 of any warfare written in fiction or otherwise IMO, think as good as Blackwater Bay in ACOKs except circa 1988 era equipment. That said I do agree with your sentiment.
  8. SerHaHa

    Jack Ryan - Amazon Prime Series

    I'm hitting this up tonight for an all night binge, I too watched Ozark first, and want to get this out of the way for Fist this weekend too. I remember watching an Alec Baldwin interview last year when he spoke about his time doing Hunt for Red October - he mentioned how when you flew in a plane circa 1986 to the mid 90s, every 2nd male in the cabin seemed to be reading a Tom Clancy novel. Struck home with me as I remember my drill band doing a tour of the South Pacific in the summer of 1988, I took 26 different flights that tour, and every single one, guys were reading TC novels that had just been released in paper back (Patriot Games IIRC, but it may have been Cardinal). My life intersected twice with Clancy, I worked in QA for Redstorm prior to it being bought out, back when Redstorm created the first Rainbow 6 game for the PC. I also interviewed John Gresham when I was the editor at Combatsim.com back in 2001, who was Clancy's long time research assistant and co-author of the non fiction series based on the various US military units and services. I still feel the best TC novel was one that didn't feature Jack Ryan, "Red Storm Rising" was and is still my favorite military based techno-thriller. Clancy co wrote it with Larry Bond, who had created the board game "Harpoon". RSR was based on a naval campaign from that board game which theorized that the Soviet Union could defeat NATO, particularly at sea, if they seized Iceland and eliminated the GIUK gap early in a war between Nato and the Warsaw Pact. Without Remorse also was excellent, all without much contribution from the Jack Ryan character.
  9. What a tour de force this episode was, and SO early in this season. I'm even more excited now for the rest of the upcoming episodes. Rhea Seehorn has rapidly become the favorite actress on TV in our household. I agree with others, the Kim/Howard scene was electrifying, no finer performance have me and my S.O. seen this year - or perhaps any year, from a television actress. When BCS is submitting it's Emmy material, that scene better be at the very top of the list, Seehorn deserves at least a nomination, if not the statue itself for her work in EP2 this year. Just wow. The Mike/Lydia dynamic is great too, really gives some great background information regarding Mike's...distaste...for Lydia in Breaking Bad. Heh, I also frequently get Todd's "Lydia" ringtone in my head as well - that was a brilliant piece of writing, including that in the Lydia character shtick. The Gus final scene = heh...that showed the brutal side of Gus' character far more so than even the "Salud (my fav ep in BB) " episode 5 or 6 years ago now. I was totally sold, no suspension of disbelief required. At all. Esposito is such a powerhouse actor as well. Comparing his work in Usual Suspects to this shows just how diverse and talented he is. Such a rare thing for a director/creator to catch lightning in a bottle twice in the same decade, let alone just a couple years after wrapping BB. Gilligan = Genius. Him, James Gunn, Kevin Feige, Patty Jenkins, and Jane Goldman give me hope that directors/producers/writers are becoming increasingly adept and taping into the indescribable things that make tv/film great. Gilligan most of all though.
  10. I hate coffee too, never got into drinking it. I think my mouth is broken, as what is "warm enough" to others who drink coffee always burns my mouth and tongue, and it lasts a couple days. I used to work for companies that hired a lot of former soldiers, particularly Canadian and American ones, and every one was a coffee addict, I spent more time driving through Tim Horton's drive throughs getting stupid "double doubles" than doing actual work some days. The xBrit soldiers still drank tea. Decaf seems a lot like non alcoholic beer - the juice isn't worth the squeeze, at all. Why suffer the taste of coffee without any caffeine benefit?
  11. SerHaHa

    Credit Card Theft

    List from the RCMP's fraud website: Step 1 - Contact your local police force and file a report. Step 2 - Contact your bank/financial institution and credit card company Step 3 - Contact the two national credit bureaus and place a fraud alert on your credit reports. Equifax Canada Toll free: 1-800-465-7166 TransUnion Canada Toll free: 1-877-525-3823 Contact the RCMP and Service Canada about your SIN card. If you can prove your SIN card is lost/stolen, and especially if it's being used in any fraud or ID theft, you CAN get a new SIN number issued, my x-wife did when her purse was stolen at work. Just to give you an idea of how fast things can go, she noticed her purse was missing at the end of her day, and Ethan Allen furniture in Calgary already had a 20 thousand dollar order in her name using her ID and some woman that didn't even remotely resemble her, or her signature. And that was just the start, and was before LifeLock (sucks) and other credit locking services were around. You really, really need to get out in front of this as fast as possible TrueMetis. As stated, for future ref put your SIN and Birth Cert, passport too, somewhere very safe (ours are in a safety deposit box, but you don't need to go that extreme) and not in your every day carry wallet. Also, very important - LifeLock sucks, just Google how useless it is for the $. There are other services which are better, but by FAR the best option for you right now is to contact the "big 3" credit bureaus, and have them put your credit on absolute lock down, which they can rapidly do. Contact them and ask for a "security freeze due to ID theft". Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion, all 3. Get a police report ASAP, as these bureaus will NEED that police report number, which incidentally usually waives the $20 fee to lock your credit down, which IMO do the following in this order: 1: Contact/Recontact RCMP/LE and get a police report file going and record that number, describing the credit theft/charges and the SIN/ID you've lost. edit - Also contact the Canadian Military ID Bureau (yes, they have their own bureau, heh). 2: Once you get a police file #, contact the 3 credit bureaus ASAP, and report as described above, key words being "ID theft, credit freeze," etc. 3. Then talk to Service Canada about getting a new SIN number. That'll suck a bit, especially if you're in the Military in Canada as you've mentioned, IIRC this may screw with your service number as well, talk to your CO ASAP about this as well, especially since you mentioned your Canadian Armed Forces ID card has been jacked as well. 4. Sign up for a free credit monitoring site, I use CreditKarma, you can check you credit file and see in pretty close to real time if anyone is messing with your credit. There is some disagreement online about if the big 3 credit bureaus will place a freeze on non-US credit files. You can still place a "fraud alert" on your file, which will have much the same effect anyway, so this is a step you absolutely should take no matter what you read or hear about credit files IMO.
  12. Agreed. The major character cast members have pretty much all posted things on their social media accounts in support of James Gunn. From what I've read Bautista is a particularly vocal defender of Gunn. Even the very conservative/Christian Chris Pratt has posted things in support of Gunn (in the manner of biblical quotes, but IMO there is nothing at all wrong with this, in fact he should be commended for using the forgiveness aspects of his book and religion instead of throwing that book at Gunn). It wouldn't surprise me in the slightest if there was some form of cast member internal "revolt" going on with Marvel/Disney over this. I wonder how those cards would fall, if they were to pull the "if our director is out, so are we" play, contracts or not. There have been hints of this in what some of the actors have said publicly. I find this idea of ending careers over online speech ridiculous, even when it happens to those I don't particularly like, or say things I care for. This is something now that has crossed lines from what has regularly mostly affected stupid Conservative mouthpieces, to now somebody in the other side (Gunn). IMO this sucks, regardless of what anyone's political beliefs/stances are, that their speech and actions can cost them not only money and sponsors/etc, but now their actual job, as in Gunn's case. I don't like what Gunn tweeted in the past, but he's certainly explained himself more than adequately IMO, and in fact Marvel had vetted him and was fully aware of the past tweets already, as Gunn had been called to the carpet over them in the past already. So, why now fire him, just because some Conservatard with an agenda to defend Trump dug them up (again), and put them on blast? This type of knee jerk reaction by employers and companies over this nonsense needs to end, it's my hope somebody will sue a company over this type of dismissal, and win, giving some legal framework and some case law.
  13. SerHaHa

    Board games!

    Anyone into Europa? I'd played the Western Europe campaign with a group in Calgary back in the 90s, the owner of The Sentry Box, probably the largest board/gaming store in Western Canada used to host it at his home. Good times. My interest in Axis and Allies as a youngster introduced me to that group and scene, I don't remember much about it now, other than it was a pretty great war game series. The only other war board game we played was "A line in the sand", which was a Desert Storm 1 board game, fairly simple but highly entertaining from what I recall.
  14. SerHaHa

    SOLO: A Spoiler Story (contains spoilers)

    Characters, being pansexual, or any-sexual - great, should be encouraged, and celebrated. Cheaping out by creating one of these characters as a robot...that's my issue with it, and it's crap. Should have made that more clear. Kennedy et al are half assing it IMO, if you want to make a statement, make it.
  15. SerHaHa

    SOLO: A Spoiler Story (contains spoilers)

    Solo was a pile of garbage. Pansexual Lando in love with his droid, what a pile of CRAP. Kathleen Kennedy and Pablo Hidalgo and all the rest of those at Lucasfilm who are behind this nonsense need to go. Dave Filoni would be great to take over all operations, if he did a film about Ahsoka (best female character in SW IMO, easily my favorite SW character period) or anything else might bring Star Wars back from the brink of this lunacy. Seeing a film take off from the end of the Rebels story line, with both Ahsoka and Sabine Wren (Sabine being my 2nd favorite SW character) being the protagonists...now THAT would fill seats. Or at the very least, be a successful tv series, live action or animated. I agree with others about Rogue One, I felt it was better than both TFA and TLJ, and by a long ways with the latter. The 3rd act of Rogue One was fantastic, probably the best Star Wars space/land battle scenes ever, and will be hard to top. I only wish we could have gotten more than one film from Felicity Jones, I felt she was fantastic, as was that entire cast. I wish we would get an Obi Wan film with Ewan M starring - that would have the potential to be a great film as well, especially with a youngster Luke Skywalker together with him on Tat.