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  1. SerHaHa

    Board games!

    Anyone into Europa? I'd played the Western Europe campaign with a group in Calgary back in the 90s, the owner of The Sentry Box, probably the largest board/gaming store in Western Canada used to host it at his home. Good times. My interest in Axis and Allies as a youngster introduced me to that group and scene, I don't remember much about it now, other than it was a pretty great war game series. The only other war board game we played was "A line in the sand", which was a Desert Storm 1 board game, fairly simple but highly entertaining from what I recall.
  2. SerHaHa

    SOLO: A Spoiler Story (contains spoilers)

    Characters, being pansexual, or any-sexual - great, should be encouraged, and celebrated. Cheaping out by creating one of these characters as a robot...that's my issue with it, and it's crap. Should have made that more clear. Kennedy et al are half assing it IMO, if you want to make a statement, make it.
  3. SerHaHa

    SOLO: A Spoiler Story (contains spoilers)

    Solo was a pile of garbage. Pansexual Lando in love with his droid, what a pile of CRAP. Kathleen Kennedy and Pablo Hidalgo and all the rest of those at Lucasfilm who are behind this nonsense need to go. Dave Filoni would be great to take over all operations, if he did a film about Ahsoka (best female character in SW IMO, easily my favorite SW character period) or anything else might bring Star Wars back from the brink of this lunacy. Seeing a film take off from the end of the Rebels story line, with both Ahsoka and Sabine Wren (Sabine being my 2nd favorite SW character) being the protagonists...now THAT would fill seats. Or at the very least, be a successful tv series, live action or animated. I agree with others about Rogue One, I felt it was better than both TFA and TLJ, and by a long ways with the latter. The 3rd act of Rogue One was fantastic, probably the best Star Wars space/land battle scenes ever, and will be hard to top. I only wish we could have gotten more than one film from Felicity Jones, I felt she was fantastic, as was that entire cast. I wish we would get an Obi Wan film with Ewan M starring - that would have the potential to be a great film as well, especially with a youngster Luke Skywalker together with him on Tat.
  4. SerHaHa

    The Americans: The Final Season (Spoilers) pt. 4

    +1 @ Marc Antony, I can't add anything else, all my feelings are pretty much summed up here. Such a brilliant show that I'm truly going to miss, Wednesday night, you just aren't going to be the same going forward. Not only was Paige getting off the train brilliantly conceived and shot, I think what I loved the most was the look Russell had on her face - brilliant actress, I'm so sold on anything she chooses to do in the future. The creator of The Americans is a former CIA intelligence officer, he actually had to send in his scripts a month before shooting each episode for them to be vetted and approved. Oliver North was even given a story credit for all the information he provided for one of the story arcs about South America. There was a lot going on beneath the surface that made this show so great. (Not that North is great or anything). The show was based on the 2010s "illegals" from Russia - one Russian agent/woman from those times who was caught by the FBI and traded for an American agent now hosts a TV show of her own in Russia. Truth is stranger than fiction sometimes.
  5. SerHaHa

    Babylon 5

    Another reason besides Amazon picking up The Expanse to support Prime I guess. Long ago I converted my B5 DVDs to digital. I'd be all over a remastered release, in any form it may take, and count myself fortunate. I wonder if the B5 tv films would be included in a remastered release, hear anything about that Werthead?
  6. Sorry, I should have been more specific, ineffective because the Conservative government removed decades of work by dismantling the registry and so many other parts of C17, C33, and C68.
  7. I'm surprised that one of the first mass shootings in recent memory in Canada hasn't been brought up more, the Ecole Polytecnique shooting where Gamil Gharbi (Marc Lepine) killed 13 women because of his and his father's misogynistic beliefs (and a probable mental disorder). It was these kilings in fact that launched the largely ineffective firearms laws and acts in Canada, and still, I've rarely heard it mentioned in relation to these most recent killer with similar apparent motivations.
  8. SerHaHa

    How's Life thread

    Theda - my last name is Cornish, I too have studied the language and history, and will be visiting relatives in the area there in the UK this summer (I live in Western Canada now). I volunteer and sit on the board of a museum here as well, the Western Development Museum, which has many airplanes, trains, cars, motorcycles of all description and more, it's very interesting. I've been on disability for 8 years now, and it's helping pass the time. Anyway, very interesting that you're studying the Cornish language as part of your Masters program. Since I retired/was put on disability/ from contracting and training with private military companies in the early 2010s, my mother went through 2 types of cancer and passed away a few months back. I was her primary caregiver for the final 2 years, as she wasn't ambulatory for that time, and with the help of home care nursing once a day, I was able to see to all her needs, though every day was a struggle in some way. The last 2 months were extremely difficult as her mind began slipping, and she lost nearly all her motor functions. I don't regret keeping her at home though, they just warehouse seniors like her in homes here in Canada, and it would have been awful for her as she had eye issues where bright light was hell for her, and they demanded lights on in the homes, plus being in a room with 2 or 3 other dying women. Since she's passed though, it's been difficult to find purpose in my life, for the first 2 months I literally just stared at the walls as I went from answering my mom's alarm every 5 to 10 minutes, constantly cleaning, feeding, shopping, dealing with doctors and pharmacies, to nothing overnight - it was more than a full time job. Going from that to having no responsibilities other than for myself, it's been a real shock to the system in every respect, physically, emotionally, all of it. I've been writing short stories for the last few months, I submitted one to a friend that works in the KDP Kindle self publishing program, and she circulated it around to some friends and I've been encouraged by the response. I've also been able to focus a bit more on my own health, but fortunately I've been in a holding pattern in that regard with no major changes, the last chemo round I did in 2014 and have been fortunate since then. I've set up a schedule that's been working well for me, I wake up at 6am every day, meditate and read positive material for an hour, thank the universe for all I still have, and get in some cardio. I bought a new bicycle, it has a 1000w electric system as well, so that if I punk out on rides, I can zip home on electric power at 32km/hr, which eliminates the fear of getting out there and having my old and battered body fail on me and being "stuck". No longer. It's made a really big difference, hopefully with the light weight training I've incorporated some day I'll be able to get back at least some of the strength and flexibility I had while power lifting and body building in the 2000s. Lastly, I've made it a goal to be kind and caring to every person I meet and come into contact with, both online and in person. Volunteering has helped with this immeasurably. As I said, I'm going to visit the UK again in the summer, it'll be the first time I've traveled outside of Western Canada since 2010, having traveled so much in the past, I've truly missed that part of my life, and look forward to this summer most of all.
  9. DS9 proves that any show can move beyond a poor first and even second season. Yes, everyone agrees Duet is one of the best DS9, Trek, and even SciFi episodes of all time, however 1/46 episodes isn't a very good ratio. Well, 2/46 as the final episode of season 2 was tolerable. Beyond the first couple of DS9 seasons came so much greatness, Pale Moonlight, so many other episodes and entire arcs were just fantastic, and outside of B5 and BSG have never been repeated so far as what I prefer to see. Hopefully Discovery will keep chugging along as well, and continue to improve. It surprised me how much I began to like it as the season progressed.
  10. SerHaHa

    (Spoilers) FX The Americans v.3

    Best show on TV right now IMO. They are doing a great job of setting this season up. I can just feel a big conflict coming in the final episode or 2. It's so hard to predict what may happen, Paige, Elizabeth, Stan, Phillip - they are all going to end up interacting and knowing everything about one another near the end I thing, it's just difficult to see exactly how right now, which is part of the allure for me.
  11. SerHaHa

    The Stargate franchise

    The season 9 finale "Camelot" is a great episode. My x worked with one of the actresses in that ep on another project, Katherine Isabelle (Valencia in that episode) when we lived in Vancouver before 2010. One thing that always bothered me about that episode though is later the SG battleships get beam weapons from the Asgard, which give them an effective weapon vs the Ori ships, right? There as an Asgard ship IN that battle in season 9, and all it did in the battle scenes was fly around as near as I can tell rewatching it, and shoot some sort of enegry pew pew weapons that weren't a continuous beam weapon. Funny that the Asgard were the key to the humans getting weapons tech to match the Ori, yet the Asgard didn't use it themselves. Boo to continuity problems...
  12. Canada should keep our soldiers out of pointless expansionist/war profiteering conflicts in the first place, and then we won't have future problems taking care of wounded vets. That said having spent several years in mid east countries and conflict zones with many fellow Canadians, I don't blame them for feeling abandoned. And angry. IMO we should forget about buying replacement fighters for the CF18s and just fly them until they time out - in 10 to 15 years unmanned combat air vehicles will largely replace fighters anyway IMO - so why waste that $ - put it straight into health and vets affairs and take care of our guys who were blown apart and now face a life of pain, misery, and hopelessness. Do that or they may take matters into their own hands, and that's something Trudeau won't have a clue how to deal with.
  13. SerHaHa

    The Stargate franchise

    The one thing I did enjoy about the Ori story line was that IMO it was an obvious shot at the Evangelical/Right, within which I was raised and have held a great dislike for ever since. The parallels between the Ori, their edicts, and policies, and the Evangelicals is hard to miss. It made them all spazz out as well, which was worth the price of admission for me. The reason they flipped out was that the Ori struck a bit too close to home.
  14. SerHaHa

    The Stargate franchise

    Agreed x2, wow, is the new series awful. To quote the great film "The Girl Next Door" - "I could make a better film with my MOM". WTH are they thinking, how does garbage such as this get through test audiences/etc? Stargate has such potential for reboot, as much, perhaps even more than Trek in some ways, yet this is what they give us? Very disappointed.
  15. SerHaHa

    Gun Control III: the Hedge Knight Rises.

    1 - Yes, just saying something "mean" can be a violent crime in the UK, so you make a valid point, but based off the 37,000 stabbings and thousands of acid attacks across the UK in 2017, the, I'm not in left field by any means. 2- You're incorrect. There are millions of handguns, and at least 500,000 magazine fed assault type semi autos like the AR15, Sig PE90/Swiss Arms, CZ858 (looks like an AK variant but has a different system, same caliber, effect is the same), and so forth. Yes, there are restrictions on transport, storage, and ranges for the handguns (and not the majority of assault weapons which fall into NON restricted class now), but again, they are STILL IN POSSESSION of pretty much anyone who wished to do a few hours of classroom work and fill out a 4 page form. This is my point - feel good laws with "restrictions" and "rules" make NO difference with a determined or mentally ill attacker. Adding more of these types of restrictions is NOT going to stop the violent use of firearms in the numbers we're seeing. BAN. THEM. ALL. Just like the mad king wanted.