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  1. Someone in the thread mentioned that only Dr. Manhattan has any real super powers? Is that correct? How does Sister Knight beat the crap out of men over 2x her size with absolute ease, and then shove the coffin as easily as she does, without any super powers?
  2. SerHaHa

    The King- Netflix Nov. 1

  3. SerHaHa

    The King- Netflix Nov. 1

    I thought he did a fantastic job in this film, really looking forward to his Batman portrayal now based on his impressive talent here. I agree with others here that Timothy Chalamet was excellent as well. As always, the archers were disappointing compared to their effect based on history - and yes I realize that the typical armor of the day would have stopped most of the English war arrows of the time period, but horses and exposed body parts sure didn't. One thing I found to be very accurate however was the single combat scene(s).
  4. SerHaHa

    Game of Star Wars: The Final Hope

    It was an A Wing fighter, and a Super Star Destroyer, but your point is well taken. Rogue One was always a favorite of mine, but now a few years later it's become my number 2 or 3 after everyone's (including mine) favorite Empire. Rogue One has the best starship battles in the franchise IMO, and it also has a great female lead character whose strength is shown not at the expense of the male supporting characters, but alongside them (I'm only referring to TLJ here). I'm really looking forward to Rise of Skywalker, while I didn't hat TLJ, I did find it disappointing vis a vis the Luke storyline, and I'm hoping Rey's character arc is going the direction I think it is. I've been a huge fan of Ridley's since her Star Wars debut, and she was by far the best part of TLJ, in fact it's the major redeeming factor for me in Rian J's film.
  5. It is low standards, both in recruiting and training, however this idea that you can shoot someone to subdue them is ridiculous. First of all, the leg, arm, shoulder, whatever you think is a "less lethal" alternative target are very hard to hit under stress conditions in a dynamic situation. Secondly there are many places in the leg/arm/whatever you think is a better option as a target, which can cause you to bleed out in a minute or less (brachial, radial, femoral, etc, arteries) if struck my common handgun ammunition. It's difficult enough to get police to hit the center mass (the largest aiming area, as well as the most likely to stop a threat), and now you want them to be shooting weapons out of hands, and only cause light wounds so that the threat/suspect/whatever has a chance to "tell his story" after the fact? Over 85%, some studies say over 90%, of all police and law enforcement rounds fired in engagements miss their intended target (this is FBI data, so it's unlikely to be false since it paints the police as incompetent). This is similar to battlefield statistics, typically under combat/stress conditions less than 10% (some say under 1%) of infantry fired weapons hit their target, and they are typically using rifles, which are a shoulder supported weapon and many times more accurate than any handgun typically used by police. I've spent 18 months in combat zones in 2 different countries, and have also shot competitively with and against the US Army marksmanship unit and other highly skilled civilians, and I'm telling you that trying to get police to just "wound" people is a non starter from an accuracy under stress standpoint. The better idea is to change the mentality of those recruiting and training police, and the law enforcement at large in the USA, so that their weapons leave their holsters and car mounts in a far less frequent manner. Much of this can be attributed to having a mindset of both aggression and fear combined. Some of that is warranted - most is not IMO. I also believe that sometimes the media is wrong about LE shootings. The Michael Brown thing was ridiculous, Brown had just pulled a robbery, then attacked the cop, got a hold of his weapon, and shot rounds through the floor of his vehicle. WTF does anything expect to happen when the cop/suspect are in a life and death struggle for the cops weapon, and it's already been shot (twice) at the cop - someone is going to be lit up, one or the other. That said, the last video I saw of the officer shooting the unarmed African American guy in the back, and then claiming he "went for his taser" (Walter Scott shooting), is absolutely insane. Every time I watch it I become more angry. That cop was convicted, and so should he be. Are you an officer in the UK? You should throw that baton in the river, nothing is more useless in a fight than a collapsing baton. They are used for punishment here in North America mostly, it's VERY difficult to find video evidence of the baton making a combative suspect comply, but tons of them being beaten with it after they've already surrendered. Many YT videos regarding this subject. I do understand your sentiment/statement however, LE in the UK take a much different approach, much of that is mindset and training, but some of it is attributable IMO to the threat level. You have far fewer firearm threats out there compared to the USA, and to some extent here in Canada. Canada is odd, as we have very high firearm ownership levels, here in the West it's at least 2 firearms in every 2nd home according to RCMP firearms stats, and there are between 10-20 million firearms in a country with 35 million people. A lot of firearms, yet comparatively few police shootings compared to the USA per capita. IMO that's down to handguns being restricted use, while in the USA they are easier to both gain access to and keep on ones person or in a vehicle. Also perhaps it's mindset and training - here in Calgary of the 1500 or so CPS officers and support, there are nearly 100 officers from the UK and other European countries who have a similar outlook to law enforcement that the UK does. That seeps into the blood chemistry of a department, and has had a positive effect over time. I've never once had a CPS officer draw a weapon on me when I've been pulled over (we own an LC500 and a Nissan GTR, so I get picked off a lot for driving too fast). Every time I've been pulled over in California at our US home, the hands is on their weapon, and sometimes it's drawn at night.
  6. SerHaHa

    Have people given up all hope?

    D+D must = dumb and dumber. What a way to ruin a show. I mean it was seriously downhill after season 4 IMO, but to take 2 years to write and film this nonsense...it's laugh out loud ridiculous.
  7. SerHaHa

    Going solar, going solar, going solar

    We've had a large array at our lake home/property since 2012. We power 5 other homes plus ours, and could still put energy back into the Provincial grid here if we wanted to. This is a ground based system though, I haven't looked into a roof based system (yet), might do so in the future for our in city properties. https://imgur.com/cqL3Cq1 https://imgur.com/jMYrvtn
  8. SerHaHa

    Electric Cars - Advise?

    OP, I would have NO fear purchasing any of the options you're considering. A friend of my father's is a Tesla "Ranger", one of very few here in Alberta, a roaming/at home technician/mechanic. Despite all the negative media, the Tesla cars I've seen and driven are fantastic, so much so we're getting an S next month. We already have a plug in hybrid van as well, and have put about 20k miles on it, using almost exclusively the electric battery to run it. My SO bought a Lexus LC500 last summer, we just got it out on the road after a long/cold winter here in central/Western Canada. We recently drove a friend's Tesla S/P100D for a week while in Malibu last month. SO has decided the LC500 is going out, and the model S is coming in. I don't disagree either. Fragile Bird - Our grocery getter/non truck winter vehicle is a Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid, 2018. It's a plug in hybrid type, very decent gas motor for long range highway trips if required still, but the vast majority of the driving with this vehicle is city, and we very rarely use up the 55km/35 mile-ish range of the battery, even in cold winter times, with electric seats/heaters going all the time. We just use the basic charger that came with it, but with the new S coming in May sometime, I'll be installing a faster charger for both. Right now the van will charge in about 8 or 9 hours overnight from 5 percent or lower up to 100. It's such a fantastic vehicle, the Pacifica, not using any fuel for most of our daily city driving, 10 year/unlimited warranty on the battery/electric systems. Very happy with it, and while I was very hesitant to get a hybrid or electric vehicle, I'm beyond sold on the technology as well as the usability. It's all massive pluses, and I've been a motor/gas/petrol head since I was 15 and got my first car and bike (1990 Honda VFR and a 1991 TT 300zx), and have had a long line of sports cars and 4x4 trucks in the last 30 years since then. IMO electric/hybrid vehicles are the future. I hope you find a plug in hybrid that suits you. We had that Pacifica Hybrid as a loaner when another vehicle was being repaired, and we both fell in love with hybrids/electric vehicles in that week. So much so we bought an identical van. Us, a hybrid van, it was laughable to our friends, until they ride in it, or borrow it. All have had a similar response as us.
  9. Hah, thanks, after 2 years of posting about NEEM here, you've finally corrected my confusion about a project/site which I've referenced other times here(and was the first to have mentioned NEEM on this forum). A tidbit back for you - I put NEEM in brackets as a reference for the tests done (tests using scientific method - part of my point), ON the NEEM core samples, NOT calling NEEM some method of scientific testing. Don't be obtuse, there is NO way you could have mistaken my meaning. You agree that temperatures were likely higher in the past time periods I used as examples (again, based on NEEM core analysis and results), and you take a stab at higher CO2 levels being the cause for this. Say this was the case - where did that CO2 come from, if there aren't man made technologies and use of fossil fuels to blame it on? This IS my point - modern science has no scientific proof that CO2 put into the atmosphere now as compared to 2k/5k/100k/etc years ago, is the major cause for current temperature changes and trends in the last century. To simplify - if there were no man made CO2 causes to blame thousands of years ago for warming/change with much higher temp ranges, how does this logically compare to blame placed squarely on man made CO2 today, yet with much, much lower temp ranges? How exactly is that supposed to compute? Warming trends now, blame man made CO2, greater warming treads in the past...crickets. Why isn't anyone asking the question that IF the planet warmed at a faster/higher rate in the past without man made causes, why are man made causes being held responsible for current slower/lower temperature increases now, particularly without any scientific method showing why and how? Personally I believe it's getting warmer across the planet. What I won't wholesale buy into without evidence, or a scientific explanation as to the discrepancies above, is that man made CO2/etc are completely, or even as a majority, to blame, not when it's been proven through scientific method that it got hotter at higher/faster rates in the not very distant past, without man made interference. Obviously there aren't ice core samples available to drill in every area of the planet - nor does there need to be. There are other places core samples are taken and analysis made, it isn't just NEEM, NEEM is just the one with the most available data, from a source that is very unlikely to be biased. There are core samples from Greenland that show the lead pollution from the industrial manufacturing of the Roman war machine. Italy is a long way from Greenland, planet models don't necessarily require temps/samples from local samples.
  10. So? What relevance does that have to the current human impact on the climate? How many humans lived on the planet during those times? https://phys.org/news/2013-01-deep-ice-cores-greenland-period.html What difference does it make how many humans are on earth regarding the temperatures being hotter 5k to 100k years ago than are projected now? If anything according to the global warning/climate change side, it should be warmer now due to having more humans, but it's not, and not going to be according to the global warning "science" projections. The relevance and difference regarding how many humans lived in 5k to 100k years ago times, and today, is obvious isn't it? There were fewer humans with no technology which is blamed for current climate change due to billions of humans alive today. Shouldn't the temperatures be swapped if the climate change argument is to be accurate and scientific based on it being "mankind's" fault? Funny how scientist from the same places who 40 years ago warned constantly of us entering a new ice age, are now passing off the NEEM results and data on astrophysics, using their typical "though to be", "could", and "perhaps" language.
  11. I never brought up the jetstream, I just responded to it with actual facts. Regarding NEEM - with 14 degrees F higher temps than the highest projections today, I don't understand how anyone can conclude that CO2 emissions/etc/whatever are responsible alone for the earth warming. It did so before, many times in the last 100k years, based on the only scientific test/modelling I've ever seen done using an actual scientific method (NEEM), and not just a bunch of subjective guesswork.
  12. One of the fastest jetstreams ever recorded just happened last month - one airliner caught a 200+knt speed bonus from it in fact. Central/Western Canada just experienced the coldest Jan/Feb winter since 1936 - in an area you can fit 6 United Kingdoms inside, and nearly all of Europe - or more - it averaged -26C, and there wasn't a single second of thawing in February. I know, it's "local weather". The NEEM Greenland ice core samples taken a few years ago, and the analysis done by actual climatologists, one of whom founded Greenpeace, have Ă—used actual scientific measurements that were observable and repeatable, and proven that at 2000, 5000, and 10000 years ago respectively, it got FAR warmer than even the most nightmare predictions we're hearing right now.
  13. SerHaHa

    More Things Star Wars

    Agreed with others, I felt exactly this way myself, and couldn't have said it so well as you did here. I just don't understand all the hate TLJ received from the so called "defenders of Star Wars". Yes, it had some identity politics weaved into the words, and yes, there was a pretty strong feminist theme as well? So? Why is this oh so terrible? I felt what Daisy did in The Force Awakens was fantastic, wasn't too on the nose, and the combination of 3 superb actors in Ray, Finn, and Poe - none of whom are white males - was great (as a while male). I truly loved every second of that film. I think where Rian's points he was trying to assert in his filming were worthy inclusions, yet unforunately gave no-it-all pinheads ammunition with which to attack him, and others like Kelly Tran for ridiculous reasons. I'm very much looking forward to the next JJ episode, big time, and will be there opening night, twice. To hell with those who want boycotts and other BS. Also, if Ezra Bridger's character shows up, I'll be dancing a jig, for real, right in the aisle.
  14. SerHaHa

    Jack Ryan - Amazon Prime Series

    Cool, I just thought I'd mention it as it's by FAR my fav TC novel, and has a large Russian component, even more so than Bear/Dragon, which was IMO TC's last "good" work (Ok, maybe Red Rabbit, but that's it). The submarine chapters and arcs are fantastic, for sure, especially the chapter where the Capt of the USS Chicago meets the drunk Norwegian Captain he inadvertently saved who blew his perfect approach on a huge Soviet convoy/objective. I collect all kinds of books, and have first edition HC Red Storms from a bunch of different countries, the Australian one with orange flames on the cover flap is my favorite. Have lots of other online/library access to it as well, if you wish to borrow it, PM me and I can sent one of my many copies to you gratus. Just finished Iron Fist 2, had to post phone Jack Ryan, watching it all tonight.
  15. SerHaHa

    Jack Ryan - Amazon Prime Series

    Rhom, you really need to read Red Storm Rising if you haven't - 1/2 the characters are Russians/Soviets, and one Soviet General in particular is the primary sort-of antagonist. The chapter with the Battle of Alfeld ranks up there in the top 5 of any warfare written in fiction or otherwise IMO, think as good as Blackwater Bay in ACOKs except circa 1988 era equipment. That said I do agree with your sentiment.