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  1. I agree that this season has been the weakest, but I liked this episode. It did tie up some loose ends. I thought LS should have made an appearance if only just a brief look. My friends and family who have not read the books are constantly forgetting characters and the plots. Next season they'll be asking me "who is that?" In reference to LS. Annoying as hell. Annoying as seven hells actually;-)
  2. Laugh all you like. Not everyone is saying that at all. The battle scene was not epic. It was hyped up and didn't deliver. That is all.
  3. No way I'm ever voting this episode a 10. I gave it a 7 and that's too generous.
  4. People aren't haters. There was a mammoth, a few wildings and two giants. Oh wow. Pfft. Extremely disappointing. I'm not a Stannis fan so his not being in this episode isn't a big deal. But this battle was hyped up and it just did not deliver. Did not deliver. That's not hate. That's a fact.
  5. Well, clearly this post was nonsense. Pfft.
  6. "Burn her for prophecy stuff"? LOL. Anyway, doesn't that seem a blatant misdirection?
  7. I thought it was much more powerful for Tyrion this way. And besides, at this point no one but Tyrion knows therefore the public declaration can still be made.
  8. The show keeps pulling and tugging the relationship between Arya and the Hound. Just when they get close, he does something she doesn't approve of. In this episode they seem to get close again, but it's not going to last. And, she did learn about 'mercy' killing. An ominous foreshadowing, don't you think?
  9. The revenge you seek will be yours in time ;-)
  10. Agreed. Makes me worry for Shireen though.
  11. For all the OP's who thought LF looked at Sansa as a daughter, I tried to tell you. Oh how I tried to tell you. So glad Lysa went out the moon door;-) I thought the Tyrion/Oberyn scene was terrific. Well, the Hound has his wound and Arya will be on her way soon. Hot pie - eh. Nice but eh.
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