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  1. Lady Lurksalot

    [Book Spoilers] EP408 Discussion

    I just need a quick reminder with next week's episode coming up, but does Pyp die during the attack on the Wall? The general consensus seems to be that Grenn is taking the place of Donal Noye and will bite it in the tunnel, but Pyp has been a little more prominent in the last few NW scenes and has mentioned the lack of faith in his ability to kill a hundred wildlings, but I can't remember if this is foreshadowing his eventual end or not. I know they can't all survive, and there would be a full scale riot at HBO headquarters if Edd doesn't make it, so my theory is Pyp and Grenn will be the ones to go. :-(
  2. Lady Lurksalot

    [Book Spoilers] EP407 Discussion

    Snoop on GoT? This needs to happen. Trying to think of who he'd show up as, since it appears a member of the Unsullied is out....
  3. Lady Lurksalot

    [Book Spoilers] EP405 Discussion

    I was impressed with the lack of rape scenes and random boob and ass shots, though Lysa did her best to make up for that! :-)
  4. Lady Lurksalot

    [Book Spoilers] EP403 Discussion

    His changed this episode, and The Hound sounded like he let some of his Scots accent in at one point, too.
  5. Lady Lurksalot

    [Book Spoilers] EP403 Discussion

    After that, I'm finding myself warming up to this new Daario. He's still no Strong Belwas, but he might do after all.
  6. Lady Lurksalot

    [Book Spoilers] EP403 Discussion

    Love the interplay between Shireen & Davos!
  7. Lady Lurksalot

    [Book Spoilers] EP403 Discussion

    Is it just me, or has LF really upped the creepiness factor this season?