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    [Spoilers] EP609

    jon wasnt exactly thrilled that Mel brought him back from the dead. while many fans (myself included) were singing HALLELUJAH!!!, jon was very confused and unhappy about it. i think his confidence is still a bit shaken, so it makes sense that he wouldnt go around asking Mel/rhollor to revive all his fallen comrades also... if sansa had told jon about the Vale, rickon mightve been in worse shoes, cuz ramsey would have to abuse him even more to have influence over that larger army
  2. I cheered at the following moments: Jon Snow taking charge like a boss MAMMOTHS Ghost being released to wreak havoc Edd taking charge like a boss that fucking scythe thing they released to "shave" the wildlings off the wall! and #1 for me... Grenn and the others saying their vows valienty in the face of certain death... so brave and EPIC! the ending was anti-climactic, probably because i had my hopes up from reading too much speculation on the forums. Soooooo looking forward to Bran/Bloodraven. Episode 10s final scene will either be Tyrion's revenge (maybe a satyrical version Reins of Castamere for end credits?) or a badass reveal of LS. I picture the Season 5x01 opener to be Cercei looking at Tywin's stinking, smiling corpse...
  3. the "unexpected" person north of the wall from the episode 10 description is Jon Snow, whos going to speak with Mance
  4. ah thanks. also kinda reminiscent of Syrio Forel
  5. pardon my ignorance... but what catchphrase do you mean?
  6. Maybe they will think Arya was an imposter... since why would Lady Arryn's true neice laugh at news of her aunt's death? ;)