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  1. Then you have the Iron Born who, for the most part, are the Dothraki of the sea. Raping, pillaging and enslaving.
  2. Ralphis Baratheon

    Shaera in Aerys´ rule

    You'd think that most young nobles would spend the majority of their time as children and young adults with the maester of the house. The maester is their main teacher and doctor.
  3. Ralphis Baratheon

    Marriage Roulette Round 2

    I don't understand the Willas/Arianne marriage. A marriage between Garland Tyrell or Loras Tyrell with Arianne would make much more sense for the Tyrells politically. Also, why would Arianne give up the future rulership of a Kingdom only to become the consort of Willas and have no true power? As heir to House Martell, the ruling Princess of Dorne. Arianne is one of the few women in Westeros that would not become a glorified broodmare and have actual power and influence no matter who she marries. Anything but being the Queen of Westeros would be a downgrade for her. However for any family marrying their second son( who is set to receive no lands, income ect.) to the ruling Princess of Dorne would be a boon. Also the Martells have been known to wed nobles from Essos. So basically if Doran didn't have the Viserys plan and he really wanted to find a worthy husband for Arianne it would have been very easy. Even if she wasn't beautiful with great big magical nipples.
  4. The Dothraki are not based just on the mongols but also the Huns and others. Obviously the Mongols were way too advanced in weaponry and culture to be compared directly to Dothraki. I feel like the Huns are a closer comparison. GRRM on Dothraki
  5. Ralphis Baratheon

    What if Daenerys was Ugly?

    Perhaps, but we still don't know and can only speculate. Kevan Lannister and Maester Yandel don't seem too impressed with Lyanna's looks compared to the other women of her time. Maybe Lyanna had just as much of a horse face as Arya but Rhaegar was just super attracted to women with long horse faces. Also, Ashara Dayne might have had an thing for horsed face Ned and Ashara was almost as beautiful as Rhaegar.
  6. Ralphis Baratheon

    What if Daenerys was Ugly?

    The long Stark face also helped Lyanna catch Rheagar's eye, and he was the most beautiful Targaryen of them all.
  7. I'd say Willas. If the two richest Kingdoms in the realm united through marriage then the Targaryens would be foolish not to marry the heir to one of their daughters. Then, once Aerys II is gone, I could see Tywin leaning on Rhaegar to let Jaime out of the Kingsguard. On the basis that Jaime was too scared to refuse Aerys II and feared Aerys II would burn him alive if he declined the KG spot. Then Tywin gets Jaime back at the Rock to marry Lysa Tully.
  8. Ralphis Baratheon

    What if Daenerys was Ugly?

    I still think Drogo would have taken her as long as she had her 13 year old body. I'm not sure his type cares that much about looks as long as they are not adults. I'm sure originally he didn't even plan on looking at Daenerys' face as he savagely plants his seed in her from behind. So Dany would still birth her dragon's and things would go as they have.
  9. Ralphis Baratheon

    Blackfyre Heritage Reveal Predictions

    Perhaps. I never said it was likely or unlikely though, just that it would look bad if she killed him IF he became loved by the people and they believed his identity to be true. I wasn't really looking at it through Daenerys POV. I was more or less looking at it through team (f)Aegon's and the people of Westeros POV because team (f)Aegon knows Daenerys exists while she doesn't know about him yet. So we can only speculate on how she will react to it. Tyrion doesn't know whether (f)Aegon is real or an imposter but he did risk his life to protect him on the ship. How Tyrion will use the fAegon information is still up in the air as he has yet to meet Daenerys. He could decide that a marriage and/or alliance between Dany and fAegon would be in his best interest as it would mean they could concentrate on Cersei without fighting and weakening each other if Cersei is still a threat. Also, as I mentioned, Tyrion did save fAegon from the stone men so him becoming Dany's Queen could bode well for him in the future. As opposed to her taking a king who might hate Tyrion. As far as Illyrio is concerned he could claim he was too afraid Viserys would harm Aegon if he knew he existed. If Daenerys calls BS on it (f)Aegon himself could still claim he wanted to meet Daenerys and Viserys but his protectors wouldn't let him as they feared what Viserys would do if they knew of him and his claim existed. Or that his protectors didn't think it was wise to keep all the Targaryens in one place as it would be harder for assassins to end their line if they were separated. There is no proof that fAegon himself was involved in Illryio's deceptions and he could also take that stance. Perhaps (f)Aegon could even claim he did not even know his own identity until recently for his own protection. Illyrio being the Ned Stark to (f)Aegon's Jon Snow. Varys has been doing a lot of PR work for if/when (f)Aegon becomes king. I'm sure he'll do even more in the future now that (f)Aegon has landed and Westeros becomes aware that he is there. From the outside looking in the nobles and lords might think the obvious solution involving (f)AEgon and Dany would be a marriage where they'd be co rulers. I believe if a great council was called that's what they'd suggest if they are both unmarried.
  10. Ralphis Baratheon

    Blackfyre Heritage Reveal Predictions

    Its one thing for Daenerys to know (f)Aegon is false, its another to prove it in the eyes of the nobles and the rest of Westeros. IF somehow (f)Aegon can take the Iron Throne and become loved by the people and is seen as a savoir of the realm and Dany comes in and kills him it will look bad. Especially if (f)Aegon offers Dany a marriage and/or to co rule as equals. Daenerys has her own claim to the Throne as Aerys II passed over baby Aegon and named Viserys his heir, then once crowned, Viserys named Dany his heir. Also no one can question the legitimacy of Daenerys' identity while they can with (f)Aegon. Its why the plan for (f)Aegon is to stay unmarried until he meets Daenerys ever since team fAegon found out she acquired her dragons and armies. Obviously (f)Aegon's best hope is for a marriage with Daenerys that would solidify his claim and add her strength to his and most importantly avoid a war between them. However Daenerys is married to a Ghiscari noble and is currently missing in the Dothraki sea. Once this news reaches team (f)Aegon plans may change. I actually think (f)Aegon will fall for Elia Sand and not Arianne. Elia Sand is basically a symbol of both of Elia Martell and Lyanna Stark. She has Elia Martell's name and most likely her looks while she has a personalty that appears to be very similar to Lyanna Stark's. Jon Con believes the Martel's should support (f)Aegon without a marriage because he's their kin. However Arianne might not believe (f)Aegon is her cousin and could hold back Dorne's support unless he marries her and makes her Queen. It could go a lot of a different ways. Though I believe the whole "Arianne seduces (f)Aegon and he marries her right away" thing is too predictable. Just my opinion.
  11. Ralphis Baratheon

    The Long Night Gets its own Show!

    Yeah I guess the whole "it's not the story we'd expect" means it can go in another direction. I'd much prefer a Dunk and Egg series if they could do it right and nail the casting for the two leads. Though I could see it ending up being really corny if they don't pull it off.
  12. Ralphis Baratheon

    The Long Night Gets its own Show!

    Sounds expensive. Giants, ice spiders, and whatever else.
  13. Ralphis Baratheon

    Is Maggy the most powerful witch in the series?

    I think Melisandre's POV should be taken into account on the topic of witches. From that we learn a little about her magic, it's strength and limitations. How her powers are stronger in some places then others, how she sometimes will use trickery to help enhance the appearance of her magic. Perhaps it's the same with others witches.
  14. Ralphis Baratheon

    LF, Sansa and the Vale

    Littlefinger's obsession and involvement with Tullys females will be his downfall. Littlefinger will be so distracted by Sansa and his plans for her that he won't see Strong Robin grow from a weak eyass to a fearsome falcon. Then Robert Arryn will avenge his parents and save his lady love Sansa from Baelish's plots.
  15. Ralphis Baratheon

    Marriage Roulette, Part 1

    If I'm Aerys II I'm vetoing all those marriages and putting a law in place that prohibits the children of Lord Paramounts and Wardens from marrying other children of Lord Paramounts and Wardens. In fact I'm putting in a law that says all marriages of future heirs of Great Houses have to be approved by the Crown.
  16. Ralphis Baratheon

    Would it matter if Daenerys and Jon Snow were infertile?

    Garland had already become the Lord of Brightwater Keep before the Willas/Sansa betrothal was being planned by the Tyrells. The plan was for Sansa to marry Willas and become the Lady of Highgarden and one of her children with Willas would be able to lay claim to Winterfell in the future. Willas becoming the lord of Winterfell would be a step down for him, especially since it's been burned down and the North was infested with Iron Born. However my main point was Willas was already over 20 by the time the Sansa betrothal was ever discussed. It's not as if the Tyrell's knew all the male Starks would be presumed dead and Sansa would be unmarried and the possible key to a Kingdom. Still Willas stayed unmarried while all his younger siblings married. I believe the reason is because the Tyrells knew of the Viserys/Arianne betrothal and kept Willas single so Willas could marry Daenerys if they thought backing the Targaryens was a smart move. Like the Martells, they fought for the Targaryens against Robert so maybe they thought their House would suffer under Robert's rule as Robert married his brother and heir to a Florent. Then Viserys married Daenerys to the Dothraki and Margaery starting marrying kings so they aborted that plan and Willas was open for Sansa. However Dany is single again and has armies and dragon and the Tyrell/Lannister alliance appears to be faltering, so the Willas/Daenerys marriage is still a possibility. The only upgrade from lord of Highgarden would be the consort to the Queen of the Seven Kingsdoms.
  17. Ralphis Baratheon

    Sam in basic training

    I think there was a plot by Olenna Tyrell to humble Randyll Tarly by having servants over feed his heir and do other things that made him a coward. All because he gained to much prestige as a Reach lord by being the only one to defeat Robert in the rebellion while Mace and the Redwyne's failed to take Storm's End. Also because Randyll wife and Sam mother is a Florent and the Tyrell's hate the Florents.
  18. Ralphis Baratheon

    Secret Targ - possibly crackpot

    But but her name is Daenerys and that sounds like Dayne-heir-ess if you try to make it sound like that. Ashara was one of Elia's Lady's in waiting so of course Rhaegar impregnated her. AND they both have purple eyes.
  19. Ralphis Baratheon

    Would it matter if Daenerys and Jon Snow were infertile?

    I said IF Jon ends up with someone and never said anything about marriage. I simply find it more likely he would be with Val rather than Arya or Sansa like others in this thread have suggested. Neither of the sisters Stark are in the North, let alone at the Wall, and they all presently believe they are siblings. Whether or not Jon will be come back as a typical wight, whatever Beric Dondarrion was, or something else entirely remains to be seen. If he does come back as the typical wight from beyond the Wall, a blue eyed mute who tries to kill people, I'd assume either the NW, Wildlings or Queen's men would most likely burn him. I don't see why Arya would be in the position to be sacrificed, she's not even in Westeros right now.
  20. Ralphis Baratheon

    Would it matter if Daenerys and Jon Snow were infertile?

    I suspect Daenerys might be the reason Willas Tyrell is still unmarried, despite being the heir, while all his younger siblings have married. Even with a bad leg he's still one of if not thee most eligible bachelor in Westeros and him not even being betrothed until Sansa was brought up is a bit suspect, in my opinion. Perhaps the Tyrells knew all along about the Viserys/Arianne betrothal or figured it out through Willas' friendship with Oberyn and the letters they have exchanged through the years were not just discussing horse flesh. Either way I hope we got to see Willas in the next book while the Iron Born attempt to invade. If Jon ends up with someone I believe it will be Val and not one of his sister-cousins.
  21. Ralphis Baratheon

    Would it matter if Daenerys and Jon Snow were infertile?

    Maybe, but I'm sure they would rather avoid it, having a king/queen that can control them would probably be a better option. Perhaps they could live in the wild with the intentions of never bothering anyone. However they have the potential to be used as weapons of mass destruction. People could come from all over the world to try and steal them so they can become conquers. Possibly someone evil with dark magic will be able to tame the dragons and use them for terrible things.
  22. Ralphis Baratheon

    So Stannis has literally no good reason for thinking himself king right?

    If only Stannis had been born a girl he would have been a Queen. Aerys would have most likely married Rhaegar to a female Stannis because his grandmother was a Targaryen.
  23. Ralphis Baratheon

    Does Alliser Thorne know about Jon's true parentage?

    Thorne, like everyone else, believes Jon to be the bastard of Ned Stark. Ned Stark who helped dethrone the Targaryens which led to Thorne having to join the Night's Watch. So yes, he doesn't like Ned or his bastard as he probably feels Ned'd role in the rebellion is one of the reasons he ended up on the Wall.
  24. Ralphis Baratheon

    Things you found oddly amusing

    He really did get the better of Robb there. Robb's pride was so hurt and Joff walked off and left him steaming. Definitely one of the few times Joffrey looked cool.
  25. Ralphis Baratheon

    Would it matter if Daenerys and Jon Snow were infertile?

    What does that have to do with anything in this discussion? They could go there or anywhere else, there is no way of knowing at this point. They are still very young and could end up living the majority of their lives in Westeros. The people of Westeros would grow very worried about the dragons if there comes a time when there is no one left to connect or bond with them, rightfully so in my opinion.