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  1. Feinstein should have resigned after her appalling behavior after the Amy Coney Barrett hearings. If you can't do the job it's time to hang it up. To me it's her obvious mental decline that's the bigger issue. It would be nice if she could see the political realities and timelines and resign early but I doubt it. With her decayed mind she probably will resign for the good of the country after a Republican is sworn in. In the end it doesn't matter. If you are worried about Roe v. Wade being impacted by Feinstein don't. That ruling is getting sliced and diced with or without Feinstein and Breyer.
  2. See sentence three. It would be preferable for legislators to do this work.
  3. That's great news. Over the last two decades I have changed my mind about ballot initiatives. Granted there has been some good ones that have passed from time to time but more and more it seems that private interest has hijacked initiatives to serve their own twisted agendas. Prop 22 was one of the worst examples of these in 2020. Ballot initiatives tend to bring out the worst outcomes of direct democracy. I would love to see them disappear altogether.
  4. For medieval Christians it was important to the the conception date to March 25th, which was the vernal equinox under the original Julian calendar (Though this date drifts quickly due to the inaccuracies or that calander). This date coincides with other events detailed in the Bible. Add 9 months you get Dec 25th As for the RCC it will endure as all orthodox Christian churches will. It will no longer have the Constantinian dominance that the Church enjoyed for many centuries. But that is ok. States and business do a nice job of corrupting the Church so a period of living in a non Christian nation and world won t be all negative.
  5. If it was just me I'd have stopped watching this one after season 3. Season 3 was fun but ridiculously over the top. However my kids love this one so we'll be renewing our Netflix subscription the second this one is available. Looking forward to the family viewing time. Somewhat unrelated it was nice to see Hopper in Black Widow. We felt we were watching the same character being imprisoned in Siberia.
  6. A.(first paragraph) I think we have a difference in understanding politicize and politically. B. (Second paragraph) Isn't it pretty to think so.
  7. It's not about both sides its about right or wrong. Life is about choices. One should try to make the right choices whenever possible. I think the Democrats were wrong in 2006. If it makes you feel better, I think the Republicans are more wrong. BTW I object to the insinuation that I am centrist. In my mind I am more Left than most this board. I just have a different filter and priorities.
  8. A. My only point that DMC said it was only Republicans who play games like this and that's not strictly true. Again the GOP is always more awful than Dems. B. I was referring to the congreu votes on certifying the election on Jan 6. Procedural differences aside many Republican apologists do think that many of the election fraud type votes are ok as long as they don't pass because they're just symbolic gestures. I think an irresponsible vote is wrong whether it's symbolic of not. Wrong of dems in 2006. Wrong for Repubs today
  9. A. The vote was 52-48 perhaps I should have said 4 or 5 more but your right it is kind of irrelevant like most hypotheticals. B. Of course the GOP says that they only politicize it now because the Dems politicized it first. Not sure any reasonable person is going to buy the argument that these kinds of symbolic irresponsible votes were magically ok 2006 but not in 2020. It's really not hard to say they both were wrong is it?
  10. I thought you might say something like this. It's still playing games. It's a good thing all the republicans voted in the responsible way that day. What if 5 abstained or got confused and voted with the Dems? Didn't happen that way thank God but it was still wrong of the Dems to vote that way even if the final vote tally was predetermined. Democrats can argue that it was just a symbolic vote but it was still irresponsible and had potential to inflict permanent damage to our country. BTW I could almost write the same thing word for word about how Republicans voted on Jan 6. Many republicans apologists also characterize the Jan 6 votes in the way you characterize the 2006 votes.
  11. The GOP is always more awful the Dems. But in 2006 the vast majority of Democratic Senators did vote against raising the debt limit showing they are not immune to playing games. Agree with others that the limit should be abolished before something stupid happens.
  12. Pretty good show. I got a kick out of it and am in for season 2. The Spartan family was not impressed though. They didn't like the time travel elements and thought the pace was too slow. It looks like I'll be watching season 2 solo. I didn't know who Kang was. I thought I read a lot of Marvel comics when I was a kid but the last year of watching all of MCU with the family exposes how little I know.
  13. This is the night where he truly became president. Next week is infrastructure week.
  14. Him (Grand Rapids) and Upton (St. Joseph/Kalamazoo) both support impeachment. Two Republicans representing changing districts. It was not long ago that West Michigan was considered the extreme right wing of Micnigan. Meijer himself had a tough race. He probably won in large part due to his name.
  15. Polish said as much upthread. I get your meaning but I don't think you have to worry. We went through this during the Michigan State riots in 1999. The local PD tracked down identified arrested and convicted all those invlolved. It took a few weeks and even months but it happened. Those were the days before YouTube social media and smartphones. Much easier task today.
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