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  1. I guess it depends on how technical you want to be. Are there 26 states that will ban abortion 100% of the time? I don't know. If a state only bans 99% is it that meaningfully better (or worse) I don't think many would notice the difference. I bet you win the literal argument under your terms but I don't think it matters. It's besides the point. For what it's worth Daily mail describes it as 26. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10777013/26-states-abortion-likely-illegal-SCOTUS-overturns-Roe-vs-Wade.html I tend to agree with you on late term abortions. Just make an exception for saving the life of the Mother.
  2. Damn. Mat was the best character. We'll have to see how the new actor does.
  3. They should do a sixteen team playoff where the higher seed gets home field advantage. Force these ultra finesse high speed southern offenses to travel hundreds a miles to play road games in December in the rust belt. Big ten would fare better.
  4. I just knew Perrin(?) was a werewolf or something similar. I wonder how/if that plays into the prophesy stuff at all. Good episode. They are fleshing out the world little by little.
  5. Of course Bo was willing to send players who didn't work hard enough to be molested by the team doctor. I would hold off on praising him too much. https://www.cnn.com/2021/06/10/us/bo-schembechler-son-robert-anderson-abuse/index.html
  6. Michigan State set the tone with the Mel Tucker extension. For a few days he was the second highest paid coach. By next season at 10 million a year he won't be in the top 10.
  7. Unfortunately if they beat Iowa they are in. Hopefully it won't work out that way but it's the most probable outcome.
  8. I think it was smart to release only a few episodes and then go weekly. It will help build word of mouth.
  9. I'm coming into this show almost completely blind. Back in 97 I started reading the 1st book and only got 50 or 100 pages or so before getting bored and quitting it. That said the show so far has been great. I've really enjoyed the first three episodes. Some random thoughts and observations. Acting is fine and the dialogue is pretty good. Costumes are decent. They look a little too clean perhaps but I guess that fits a more high fantasy/ D&D sort of world. I wonder if they will look dirtier to ape GoT in future seasons. Trollocks look like warhammer beastmen. I always assumed they would be like orcs. CGI is not perfect but I am ok with that. Seeing all the nonwhite actors in a European fantasy world works really well. Mat seems the coolest. Rand needs a new woman. I'm already sick of his pining over (Egren?) Dump her dude. I wonder if blacksmith guy (Perrin?) is becoming a wolfman kind of thing or is he being poisoned by his wound? Will it kill him? (Don t actually tell me) I see no way this lasts 12 seasons. No show like this does. I wonder how the writers will shorten the story arc and will that satisfy fans? Overall I am so glad I gave this show a chance. It will be fun to watch one of these shows as a nonreader.
  10. Feinstein should have resigned after her appalling behavior after the Amy Coney Barrett hearings. If you can't do the job it's time to hang it up. To me it's her obvious mental decline that's the bigger issue. It would be nice if she could see the political realities and timelines and resign early but I doubt it. With her decayed mind she probably will resign for the good of the country after a Republican is sworn in. In the end it doesn't matter. If you are worried about Roe v. Wade being impacted by Feinstein don't. That ruling is getting sliced and diced with or without Feinstein and Breyer.
  11. See sentence three. It would be preferable for legislators to do this work.
  12. That's great news. Over the last two decades I have changed my mind about ballot initiatives. Granted there has been some good ones that have passed from time to time but more and more it seems that private interest has hijacked initiatives to serve their own twisted agendas. Prop 22 was one of the worst examples of these in 2020. Ballot initiatives tend to bring out the worst outcomes of direct democracy. I would love to see them disappear altogether.
  13. For medieval Christians it was important to the the conception date to March 25th, which was the vernal equinox under the original Julian calendar (Though this date drifts quickly due to the inaccuracies or that calander). This date coincides with other events detailed in the Bible. Add 9 months you get Dec 25th As for the RCC it will endure as all orthodox Christian churches will. It will no longer have the Constantinian dominance that the Church enjoyed for many centuries. But that is ok. States and business do a nice job of corrupting the Church so a period of living in a non Christian nation and world won t be all negative.
  14. If it was just me I'd have stopped watching this one after season 3. Season 3 was fun but ridiculously over the top. However my kids love this one so we'll be renewing our Netflix subscription the second this one is available. Looking forward to the family viewing time. Somewhat unrelated it was nice to see Hopper in Black Widow. We felt we were watching the same character being imprisoned in Siberia.
  15. A.(first paragraph) I think we have a difference in understanding politicize and politically. B. (Second paragraph) Isn't it pretty to think so.
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