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  1. He won. His party lost.(Thinking as a whole nation, star local) Good for himself. Bad for his party. Therefore lousy party leader. Personally I would have traded Michigan state houses becoming Democratic in 2012 for Romney
  2. I like politicians that win. Not for just themselves but for their whole party and their constituents. He lost far then he won. In my book that is lousy. Love the guy. But he really sucked at some things.
  3. Don't disagree. I think some have latched on to my less than enthusiastic comment on the ACA. My main point was that Obama was a lousy political leader
  4. Agree with your first question and answer. Not convinced on the second.
  5. Do you think the ACA as it stands currently solves the health care crises, guarantees quality health care for all and serves as a model law that will be upheld for future generations of what is right and true? I don't.
  6. Well said. Obama lacked the instincts and temperament to be strong brass knuckles political leader that could lead his party to win elections and passing legislation that will stand the test of time. The jury is still out on the ultimate impact of the ACA. Maybe it won't be gutted. Maybe it lays the foundation for future reform. My hangup is that he couldn't win elections when it wasn't about him. Maybe Obama was effective but he was a poor party leader. I think you are fixated on 2009-2010. I often think about the other years.
  7. Wasn't China's swimming pool in the Beijing Olympics so deep that it minimized vibrations allowing a bunch of world records to be set?
  8. Fair points. It's true that the first term midterm often serves as a correction against the president. I can forgive 2010 but wow what a scale of a loss and it just never stopped. What happened in the early twenty teens goes well beyond correction. I think part of the problem was he never saw the opposition's true colors and was never willing to risk his legacy it it meant playing with brass knuckles. Your post reminded me of the night Obama won reelection and I can vividly remember Maddow's smug face as the returns came in. She was so chipper. Meanwhile all I wanted to know is how MI state returns went. Not good. Republicans still controlled the legislature. Right to work laws soon passed. Flint would soon be poisoned. But Obama won a second term so liberal world was supposed to be overjoyed. Never mind that Congress hadnt changed and nothing of consequence would pass for four years.
  9. Wasn't it something like a thousand state level seats over the course of two terms. Add to that both houses of Congress lost and he couldn't fill his last supreme court seat. Why? His party lost too much power and lacked effective leadership. I'll give you preexisting conditions but given how much the law has been gutted since it has passed how much longer is that going to last? For.that matter was that bill worth a decade political isolation? Hindsight is 20/20 but smarter move in 2009 might have been to push for DC and Puerto Rico statehood. He probably keeps the senate, gets his last court seat and someone bolder than Gorsich to boot. Don't think that's possible how about using your super majority to aggressively fight the recession, fight the big banks and run on that message. Also don't dismantle your online machine of voters, fundraising and volunteers in 2009. That might have helped stem the bloodbath in the years ahead. Instead he spends his capital on a bill that will be quickly starved of funding and undone by the next administration. By 2011 he has no Congress left, no idea how to rally support at the local level. All he can do is sign executive orders that will be quickly undone by the next administration. Loved the guy but acquiring and using power was not his thing.
  10. Similarly, this why I hope Biden doesn't pick Warren as much as I like her. She was young enough (barely) to be President but way too old to be VP. As for your other point, Obama will go down as one of the most intellectually gifted, morally upright and politically incompetent Presidents ever. Fewer Presidents have lead their party so poorly in the purpose of winning elections at all levels and passing legislation that would stand the test of time. Future historians will be comparing Carter with Obama on these points challenging each other on who was worse. I loved Obama but he absolutely gutted the Democratic party.
  11. At this point I wish he had finished at a Storm of Swords. Have a couple less cliffhangers and a little plot tweaks and you got yourself a fairly complete story arc. I would have loved to read a GRRM sci-fi trilogy.
  12. Not denying it was a stretch and no question she may have won the state without him but if you look at the polling before the announcement of Kaine you see numbers like tie, +3,+4. After the announcement you see numbers like +13, +15. The spread narrows a bit as you get to election day but most pre election was polls had Clinton up higher than +5. Given that most polling underestimated Trumps strength I don't think that it was impossible for Trump to get an upset there had Clinton chose someone else. He afterall won nearby NC, and Pennsylvania. It highlights the problems of social science. You would need an extra dimensional time machine to manipulate variables to know for sure. https://www.realclearpolitics.com/epolls/2016/president/va/virginia_trump_vs_clinton-5542.html
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