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  1. How would I rate this episode? A steaming pile of disappointment atop an entire season worth of disappointing episodes and writing. If this is what we can expect without GRRM guiding us, the last 13 episodes are going to be rushed, hackneyed interpretations of an unfinished story.
  2. I thought the skeletons (can we classify them as wights?) looked pretty amazing. However, whenever I watch this show, if there's a CGI heavy scene, I can't help but thinking about where else that CGI budget could have gone. As awesome as I found this scene, I must confess, that budget could have been better spent elsewhere. :dunno:
  3. You could just see her thinking to herself "Azhor Ahai"...
  4. Would have been a 10 for me except for two things. 1.) I was SO sure last week that they wouldn't have giants riding mammoths... Then BOOM! Giants! Riding mammoths!!! Likewise I was SO sure that they wouldn't have Coldhands... Then during the wight scene with Bran... I was literally holding my breath... I was literally on the edge of my seat... Then BOOM! ...No Coldhands. -1 for the false hope. 2.) I was SO sure they WOULD have Lady SH... Man, I just can't predict this show! -1 But on the plus side... 3.) Stannis' arrival was epic!!! +1 4.) Jon's farewell to Ygritte was so sad. +1 5.) Hound farewell was great. +1 :fencing: 6.) No Gilly +1 7.) Tyrion... +2 8.) One eyed Raven +2 Wow. What a way to end a season and leave you drooling for next year :drool:
  5. Besides the main thought I had during being, "Hahaha, they could only afford TWO giants and ONE mammoth!" As well as the slow start... still a solid 8.5 for me. I think I like this battle better than Blackwater. It just felt much grander and epic. I could also follow what was going on a lot easier. Oh, and the Jon/Ygritte scene was beautiful!
  6. First actual flaying. 10/10 Oh, Viper and Mountain was pretty good too, I guess =P
  7. God damn. That's some serious close observation there. Well done!
  8. In my opinion... The Others, like Coldhands, are able to suppress their cold in order to sustain a living being. That's why the baby was in a seeming trance... It was looking into the others eyes... Then when it was laid down... It started crying. It was vulnerable.
  9. He will next episode... Or the one after... Or maybe never. :eek: How he won't meet Bran/Summer/Ghost in the coming episodes eludes me. Just as Coldhands absence does :ack: joaozinm The way the show's going, I wouldn't be surprised.
  10. SerJeremiahLouistark Agreed. Cersei's follow up scene in this episode sold that for me. She was still b*tching Jaimie after it like nothing happened. Also GRRM's response helped solidify the adaption.
  11. I'm not sure if this has been discussed yet, I'm assuming so as it was so abhorrent... But I cant be bothered going through 36 threads to find out... But I (also) have to express how disgusted I was at the latter half of this episode. Of all the things that have occurred during this show's run, the scene at Craster's Keep has been THE most disturbing... The sounds of the poor girls that had already been raped (by their own father nonetheless) enduring such continued torture... Their poor bloody faces... The absolutely horrifying Karl, drinking from Lord Mormont's skull... Holy sh*t. All I can say is, I would rather the Bastard of Bolton finding those traitors and flaying them, than I would the Bastard of Winterfell finding them and offering them quick deaths. I fear for Meera... I'm surprised they didn't just take her then and there. I'm still reeling in fear. Every week I watch a new episode, I re-watch it maybe three or four times in close scrutiny. This week... I can't bring myself to re-watch the Craster's scene... It's too disturbing... Perhaps someone can remind me of a scene equally bad from previous seasons that I've forgotten in light of this one to help relieve the pain!
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