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  1. Oh, that's true, it's been so long that I'd even forgotten about that character. So old nan just disappeared from the show haha That's bs
  2. Old Nan didn't simply vanish in the show. After cutting Ned's head off, Joff made Sansa look at it along with other northern people's head, Old nan being one of them. I do hope she will survive in the books though, it'd be nice to see some familiar faces in winterfell after the Starks took control again.
  3. Best episode of 4th season to me. Brienne and Pod seem to have a nice chemistry. Little finger being awesome telling Sansa about his plot to murder Joff using the Tyrell's motto Growing strong. They changed Bran's part and nothing to complain, that was pretty nice and I have the felling that they might still introduce coldhands. I didn't like Jon knowing about Bran's whereabouts tho, that was the only thing Sam didn't blurt out to everyone in the books. And now everybody knows what the WW do with Craster's baby, I never thought that they would have some kind of WW touch. Oo' People who haven't read the books are always complaining about spoilers and now book readers just got one.
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