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    I stretched, yawned, as the campfire died down,
    hands reaching up to the darkness,
    a star fell into my open palm.

    Living, is magic.

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    Plucky court beauty
  1. Adhara

    How would you rate episode 410?

    I'm wondering what type of filler they used.
  2. Adhara

    How would you rate episode 410?

    I may be a stupid NoOb in post count, but I just thought I'd say.. Great thread. I've been watching, and the last 20 pages have been an entertaining, interesting match of ideas, Wit, sparring and verbal water-dancing. Keep it up, and..thanks.
  3. Adhara

    How would you rate episode 410?

    Ahh, didn't recognize the big ol' twist of gold. Still, I enjoyed the out-come of the proceedings.
  4. Adhara

    How would you rate episode 410?

    Time is needed to tell an intricate story. HBO, 2 hour episodes from here on out, M'Kay?. There is no way to squish the rest of this story, in a 30 hour nut-shell. It's too girthy! I loved the primal scream of a Berserker, as Brienne brought forth every ounce of strength, bashing The Hounds face with a handy rock. Life, or Death. Tyrion, choking out Shae with a rope of gold. A gift from Tywin for her role in the trial? Justice. Loved the Poker-faced fatalism of body language by Varys, as Castle Bells rang their fury. He may be the one to tell Tyrion a few more family secrets featuring Jamie.. Nothing better to do on a long voyage, but polish skeletons. Have fun with it. It may be ugly and full of warts. but it's the only adaptation we'll ever get.
  5. I can't complain about a thing. Seeing a Giant run after his Mammoth, chain dragging behind, no matter how fast he runs, the chain is out of reach. Priceless. How many of us have been THERE!..
  6. Always keep them guessing, should be her first move, then, always leave them wanting more. Baelish is about to have Ye Olde Blue Balls, of the most painful sort.
  7. Adhara

    How would you rate episode 407?

    7 I guess I want it all, every episode. I've been spoiled, in countless ways. Strong bridge holding up the various story-lines. The Oberyn/ Tyrion chat, made me want to grab Cersie by the back of the head and introduce her teeth to the edge of a door-jamb. The Mountain, just seems like a Technicolor cartoon. A throw-back to the 1950's B Grade Gladiator flicks. Do you refuse a Khaleesie when she demands a boning? You do not. It is known. Jon Snow. ~ He puzzled, till his puzzler was sore. Sansa, should seriously think about slapping on an ACME chastity belt. E-bay has a slightly used Valerian steel model. Toss the key out the Moon-Door and run like hell. Was really hoping for more of a hellish freak-out from Lyssa, and a some-what more primal scream of, AIYeeeee!!, as flapped her sleeves. But, hey, I go to sleep, feeling bad for a fictional baby whose little wink almost got pinched off. The writers of this epic, GRMM, Show Guys, they're all sick little puppies. Respect.
  8. Adhara


    Ha! Thanks for the chuckle! Hello, just wandering the vast corridors... Bored. If you see me again, I'll not be a fount. of Wisdom nor can I quote from the books backwards. I just mosey around, giving an irreverent spin to everything I touch. Just roll your eyes as I scroll past. Still bored. Time to go give the Web a Purple Nurple.
  9. 9 Peter Dinklage: Blew me away. He seemed to transform. His facial structure morphing as his hatred spewed. Excellent. Asha: Really? The most sadistic sac of balls on television let a Greyjoy go? And a female, at that. One of his favorite things to torture and kill. End of that scene really took me out of the moment.? Shae: A woman scorned, or scratching to save her own skin. Which-ever it was, she's toast.. Tywin: tyloser, very soon. Looking forward to watching him get turned into a Ka-bob. Dany: Come early, stay late. Just another day at the office. Fun episode!
  10. I'll give it a nice fat 7. Loved Sophie, as her panic rose to a hysterical pitch of fright. Great acting.. I shared the tension. Would have loved to hear the crunching of skull, as Ghost chomped down. I hope to see a band of Craster girls, nymphs of the forest, de-testicalin' the unwary traveler. I'm a dreamer..
  11. Bring out your dead!