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  1. It'sAlwaysWinterInScotland

    Coldhands is secretly...

    Coldhands is secretly Adam Cole (baybay).
  2. It'sAlwaysWinterInScotland

    Why was neither Viserys nor Daenerys trained in arms?

    He wasn't trained before the Rebellion in part due to his age - he was 6/7 at the time - and because Aerys was paranoid over threats to the boy's life. And that was before he named Viserys as his heir. Once they got to Essos I'd imagine Darry's immediate concern was ensuring their safety, and he then fell ill before he could train Viserys in arms.
  3. It'sAlwaysWinterInScotland

    Why was neither Viserys nor Daenerys trained in arms?

    It doesn't necessarily, no. Being a good warrior wouldn't have kept he or Daenerys safe from assassins; he could have joined up with a sellsword company to build up his own wealth, but even then he can't ensure his sister's safety. Being able to do that requires allies and alliances - and without resources he's essentially beholden to the charity of others. The lack of resources is a far bigger threat to his safety than not being a good swordsman. Though the post I was replying to stated that Viserys had no excuse and was just lazy - and that's not why he wasn't a warrior. Had Darry been able to take the Targaryen fortune when them to Essos, it would have been much easier for the Targaryens to ensure their safety, buy alliances, tutors etc.
  4. It'sAlwaysWinterInScotland

    Am I the only one who really enjoys ADWD?

    I like A Dance With Dragons and A Feast For Crows, though I'd still have preferred the two had been kept as one book - and I'd definitely buy such an edition if it's ever released. There's character development in those books, and the political intrigue is interesting. My main criticism is that Doran's revelation of the marriage pact just comes across as a retcon, but that could be addressed in Winds Of Winter.
  5. It'sAlwaysWinterInScotland

    Why was neither Viserys nor Daenerys trained in arms?

    How about a lack of resources, people he could trust and the more pressing concern of keeping himself, and his sister, alive?
  6. It'sAlwaysWinterInScotland

    If you were king/queen,who would be your dream small council?

    I've been reading AWOIAF again and was beginning to type up why Viserys would have been my hand, then noticed that your small council is exactly what mine would have been. The only thing I might change would be Alyn Velaryon as Master of Ships, though his 'grandfather' would still be my first choice. I think a combination of Viserys II and Aegon V would be interesting, as both seemed to want to bring about reforms. And with 'one thousand eyes & one' as the Master of Whisperers, any dissenting lords would think twice about attempting to defy or sabotage them.
  7. It'sAlwaysWinterInScotland

    Noble House Scenario - Iron Islands

    An eye for an eye, a son for a son. (Well, uncle and cousin.) I'm going to the Riverlands to Fairmarket to exact vengeance. Lord Blacktyde may be displeased, but the manner in which my kinsmen were murdered cannot go unanswered; to do nothing not only causes problems at home with my aunt, it makes me look weak. It's possible that my liege lord may seek to exact some petty revenge on me for aiding Halleck, but whilst we are in the Riverlands I will permit my men to raid and plunder. I'm betting on Halleck turning a blind eye due to my coming to his aid, and will pass on some of my loot to Lord Blacktyde as a token of my friendship. Just in case that isn't enough to spare me my lord's wrath, I'll betroth my heir to the Hoare cousin's heir. I'll also suggest that Sigvard lives as a guest of Harald in the meantime, allowing him and his betrothed to get to know each other. I don't have any concerns about his Andal faith, as the Hoares presumably already know about this. Torvi will be betrothed to the Gardane heir. I'm aware this will look like I'm intentionally manoeuvring my family closer to the Hoares politically - closer than I am to my own liege lord, at least - but my daughter shan't be promised to a young captain who already has the reputation of a drunkard. Sod only knows how bad he'll be when she comes of age. Wedding Celsa to Lord Thorhall would possibly go some way to repairing any damage or perceived slight to House Blacktyde. I'll instead offer her to Lord Blacktyde, and promise Torstein a captaincy on one of my ships if the proposal is accepted. Depending on how things go with Sigvard, the progeny of this marriage may end up inheriting my lands, so there would need to be an agreement that, should Sigvard die before producing an heir, Celsa's children will take my name. (A 'Harry The Heir' situation.) Edit: I'm on mobile view and thought this was in the Games section like another of the OP's similar threads I'd looked at earlier. Apologies for bumping this.
  8. It'sAlwaysWinterInScotland

    Noble House Scenario - Crownlands

    Although the Stokeworth offer is tempting, I'll have to decline - because of Brynden Rivers. This is a man who was willing to use his nephews to essentially trap his brother on the battlefield, killing all three in the name of his brother King Daeron II. With a man like that in Daeron's council, I'd be wary of possibly being seen as embittered by the loss of my hand and family fortunes, which would be an understandable interpretation should I marry into Blackfyre supporters, especially considering my uncles supported them. And, as I'm aware that Brynden Rivers was willing to take on the stain of being a kinslayer in service to his king, I cannot possibly assist my uncle. Although it would pain me to hand him over to the Crown, I know it's no less than what my king and his council would do themselves, and thus it is only right it is expected of me. Ser Boris Hardy is known to be as a noble knight, so I'll accept the offer to align our two houses. Given our family losses - emotionally and financially - I'll at least know my sister will be wed to a good and just man. Although I have declined Lord Darklyn's betrothal offer, I would do so politely and offer to squire his younger grandson. (Should he accept this it could lead to good relations between the two families. If he declines this offer, there's no harm done.)
  9. It'sAlwaysWinterInScotland

    Details on Prequel Pilot Revealed

    Jane Goldman really isn't much of an improvement, in my opinion. I wasn't a fan of her take on the X-Men, thought Stardust sounded interesting but was ultimately pretty boring and hate the Kingsmen. I'm glad it's not a show based on The Conquest, The Dance of The Dragons or The First Blackfyre Rebellion though, as I don't have any faith in her being able to tackle the complexity and depth of some of those characters, or the intricate subplots.
  10. It'sAlwaysWinterInScotland

    Football: Jules Rimet Still Gleaming

    Yeah, it was more Bale that I thought would end up at Bayern - though I also thought he was the less likely to be willing to go, as his young family are settled in Madrid now - but that was also before Ribery signed an extension (albeit on reduced wages, I think).
  11. It'sAlwaysWinterInScotland

    Football: Jules Rimet Still Gleaming

    I've not seen that, but I'm not surprised he's going. I figured either he or Bale would end up at Juventus or Bayern this summer. With the wages Man I are paying Sanchez, I didn't think it was likely they'd be going in for either.
  12. It'sAlwaysWinterInScotland

    Details on Prequel Pilot Revealed

    And based on other screenplays and scripts she's been involved in, I shan't be getting my hopes up.
  13. It'sAlwaysWinterInScotland

    Hello from Benioff and Weiss

    I don't get quite that part. He sees through Pycelle's act as he's known him for decades and Pycelle is his puppet - it's not a case of him seeing through it so much as the act he puts on is to help him serve House Lannister.
  14. It'sAlwaysWinterInScotland

    Hello from Benioff and Weiss