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  1. Cersei hates him cause he "killed" their mother, same goes for Tywin.
  2. Well I got as much from it as anybody...The cousin squashing the beetles is a parallel to God's destroying human beings for no apparent reason and Tyrion's dismay for this fact. "There must be some reason"- he looks and looks, reads books, asks Maesters but finds no answer cause there is none to be found. Clever writing but a scene somehow misplaced...I was already looking so much forward to the fight scene I didn't pay much attention.
  3. Nah, I don't think so for one (or two reasons) : Rhaegal and Viserion...She won't leave them behind.
  4. And that dress in the end made her look a bit like a black bird but not a "little bird" an eagle maybe. Instant transformation from a pawn to a player. Very cool
  5. Idk...Dany in the books seems like somebody extremely bright and magnetic...None if this I see in Emilia...On a positive note Sophie Turner is getting better and better. This episode made Sansa/Littlefinger feel so creepy dark and intense...Thumbs up.
  6. Well looking at the reviews she got as Holly Golightly, she better get some interest back into the series...
  7. Did anyone notice how bad Emilia Clarke was in that "f*** off Jorah" scene? Cringe worthy...Dead eyes...Overacting with the voice but nothing was going on in her face...Im starting to think casting her was a huge mistake. They might have done it cause she looks so young while being already somewhat experienced as an actress...but look at Maisie...I mean....
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