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  1. devilish

    Would you prefer if Rhaegar won?

    Don't you find it strange, that the mad king had never threatened Tywin in the same way he did with the Martells (ie Elia)? This guy, suffered from severe paranioa and yet, he kept Tywin's only son at a sword's arm away and when Tywin came to KL he opened the gate. Why would he do that? I think that Tywin and Aerys had a good deal cooked which meant that neither Rhaegar nor Robert were meant to rule. Tywin would have crushed Rhaegar's depleted forces at the Trident and then return to KL as victor/hand of the king with Cersei marrying the new crown prince Viserys Targeryan. Its such a shame that the winner happened to be such a charismatic guy who was able to turn enemies into friends after a drink at the pub. Rhaegar's and Robert's joint depleted armies were enough to force Tywin to change plans. But lets assume that Rhaegar won and that Tywin didn't betrayed him. What type of king would he be? The guy was remembered fondly by many people including Selmy. There again, Aerys madness kickstarted at a latter stage of his life when he became king. So what can we say about Rhaegar? -He humiliates his wife at the tourney of Harrenhal, by crowning Lyanna as queen of beauty. Elia nearly died while giving birth to Rhaegar's children. She deserves better treatment than that. - He flees with Lyanna (or kidnaps her) despite being promised to his own cousin + is Rickard Stark's daughter. These two people can easily raise an army to be feared - Instead of giving explanation of his actions to Lyanna's father and protector he hides at the tower of joy. - He strips his family from KG protection, leaving them easy prey to people like Gregor Clegane. His wife is used as a pawn by Aerys in his plan to force Dorne into war. FFS even Aerys treated his dragon whelps better by allowing them to stay on dragonstone with easy access to Essos if needed. - While Westeros is in flames for a war he caused, Rhaegar is busy pollinating Lyanna at the tower of joy. Meanwhile His best mate, Connington is stripped from the HOTK title for not being an arse. Rhaegar does nothing about it. - At the battle of the trident he confronted a more battle hardened and angry Robert into a duel which of course he lost. The former was busy doing ‘trivial things’ like leading his men into battle so the result came with no surpise. So no, there’s nothing to suggest that Rhaegar was going to be a better king.
  2. devilish

    Would you prefer if Rhaegar won?

    My point is that it was probably not rape but the consensual escape of two lovers tied to an arranged marriage they didn't wanted in the first place
  3. devilish

    Would you prefer if Rhaegar won?

    1. Well according to what he said he did. 2. No one knows whether it was rape or if it was consensual. The way Ned speaks about Rhaegar, he seem to believe that it was the latter. Thing about it, if you're a woman and has a choice whom would you choose, the elegant and romantic crown prince who can make people cry with his harp or the idiotic oaf who soiled his brother's wedding bed?
  4. devilish

    Would you prefer if Rhaegar won?

    Seriously? Aerys, Robert B even Ned cheated their wife
  5. devilish

    Would you prefer if Rhaegar won?

    1. I think that was the plan. He would beat the rebellion, which means Robert the stuckup would die in battle, the rest would bend the knee and Rhaegar would offer them pardons and retribution if they join him in battle against his father. The Lannisters would join him at that point and KL would be invaded 2-3 If Ned died than Benjen would have taken over. However if Rhaegar hoped to bring the North back to the fold than he needed Ned to bend the knee. The last thing Rhaegar needed is a pissed off Stark holed in Winterfell, planning for revenge. 4- Robert vs Rhaegar was inevitable as the oaf wouldn't surrender his prized asset so easily. I believe once he died the rebellion will simply fizzle out. Robert B was the driving force behind such rebellion and none of the main players would want to take the iron seat.
  6. devilish

    Would you prefer if Rhaegar won?

    Well Rhaegar was idolised by many people from all walks of life including noblemen (Cersei),the smallfolk and the honourable people (Selmy). He was cultured, good in fighting and of a good heart. Even Ned rated him. What he did with Lyanna was wrong however everyone is entitled to one mistake (everyone made them including Tywin, Ned, Robert B etc) and to be fair if it wasn't for Aerys things wouldnt have degenerated in that way. Dont forget that Rhaegar was the crown prince of a family which had a strong grip over the iron throne. At that time it was unthinkable for anyone to believe a world without the Targs. Throughout his life Aerys was able to a- repeatedly insulting Tywin Lannister, which including passing comments on his wife, humiliating his daughter and stealing his heir b- insulting the Martells (ie refusing to hug Rhaenys because she looked to Dornish) and then threatening them c-arresting Brandan Stark and demand his father to come to KL to answer for his sons crimes. That was after Rhaegar humiliated Lyanna Stark. Any of those three instances would have surely caused a rebellion or at least some sort of retribution in normal circumstances. However Aerys was able to get away with it because he was royalty. So yeah there was a big gap between the royal family and the Lord Paramount. Im sure things wouldnt degenerate the way they did if it wasnt for Aerys
  7. devilish

    Would you prefer if Rhaegar won?

    Rhaegar would have been a better King than Bob and he wasn't the one who started the rebellion (Aerys did). If only he made contact with the rebellion to try and patch things up.