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    [No Spoilers] EP410 Discussion

    thought was a very good episode with many things i did not see coming, mostly tyrion's plot one kind of interesting thought i think, with tywin dead do all the rights, castlery rock, etc etc go to tyrion now technically? seeing how jaime is still a kingsguard, wouldn't everything go to the next living son, which would be tyrion? think we will see the tyrells try and make a push for taking over kings landing, especially once margery marries tommen cersei will prolly try to maintain control, but i think with tywin gone, much of the power the lannister name use to command will be gone wasn't too surprised to see stannis in the north, there was foreshadowing in previous episodes, however i wasn't very happy with how much detail they gave it they didn't fully explain his reasoning for going up there, besides his interaction with jon about mance he was hardly featured anymore the same with bran's storyline, he finally gets to the tree, we are given the children of the forest name which has been mentioned before, but we dont get any new information about what is going on didn't see any of sansa or littlefinger which was suprising, unsure of what their next steps are was surprised how cold arya was with the hound, they had been starting i thought to grow closer, and he stood up for her by fighting brienne, and the hound again becomes another character that we dont know the fate of glad to see arya going to bravos, and was cool to see how much the captains demeanor changed once arya showed him the coin, she is going to become a beast danys storyline still pretty weak
  2. i think littlefinger was pro lannister early on because he saw them as the greatest way for him to get more power. so he did whatever he could to "help" them, but mostly looking out for himself and what was in his best interests to get the most power. once he started realizing how much of a douche joffery was and how he was uncontrollable, he made new alliances with the tyrells. there is some point where he is talking on the ship to sansa about both alliances and how the one with the tyrells was the easier or safer option. with maybe vary's being the only one who is close to litlefinger, he is definetly heads above everyone else i think with long term planning and strategy just some things to think about moving into the final episode what do you think will happen to jorah now? if he actually does stay away from dany, what would his storyline be where else could he go? maybe to night's watch if he thinks his father is still alive? believe tyrion will definitely be sentenced to death, not quite sure whether it will happen or not, if anyone comes to his aid i believe it will be jaime what happens to arya and the hound do you think they still go inside the vale, will they finda sansa or will they stay out on their own
  3. So what is Jon's big plan going to be? Talk to mance somehow or try and kill him? He gave up his sword so unless he had a dagger or something he is useless there, and unless they just didn't show it, ghost wasn't going with him, so thought he could've done something better than that. As far as defending the wall with future attacks, why couldn't they just blow out the tunnel now? That way with no wildling force across the wall, they could defend it on top where they have a clear advantage, also could expect reinforcement s from someone now that mance is a legit threat. Do you think Thorne died? Last we saw he was getting dragged away after being cut by tormund. Jon was out dueled again by the thenn and was lucky to come away alive, needs to step up his fighting skills
  4. Thrones123

    [No Spoilers] EP407 Discussion

    thought jon might have had a little more support at the night's watch, the one guy at the top table seemed like he was about to agree with him but couldn't quite pull the trigger bronn scene was touching, him and tyrion have both done a lot for each other, but it is true that bronn has risked his life, tyrion seemed to understand though scene with oberyn was good too, his story about seeing tyrion for the first time was a bit drowned out, guess he was just trying to sympathize with him and that had he been born in dorne he would have been cared for better? still unsure what littlefinger's long term plan is, obviously it goes way way back if it involved him manipulating lysa that long and getting her to kill her husband, blame it on the lannisters, and then turn the starks against the lannisters, he'll no doubt have some plan to keep control over the eyrie, either through robin or himself, still think its a possibility that he has in his mind to marry sansa if i had to predict the outcome of the battle, i would think that oberyn would win, i think he is going to be a big character, from what i have gathered he seems to be a very strong fighter as well, especially if he wants to fight the mountain without any second thoughts arya and the hound scene was good, was surprised to see that much compassion from the hound with the dying man, think they will continue to grow closer, and that they will stay together awhile, not sure if arya makes/stays at the eyrie
  5. after everything that has happened to theon, can't blame him too much, but he is a little bitch now he's going to pretend to escape or whatever and go to that one castle ramsey is trying to take over and somehow let them in and yeah the ironborn were pretty weak, can imagine dogs being tough to fight, but you are just going to run away right when it happens? dany's storyline is still pretty weak, guess it's supposed to show how she is struggling with her newfound power, she is trying to rule in mereen but what about the other cities? expected to see something about the night's watch with john returning to the wall and gaining more power, maybe that will happen next episode oberyn vs the mountain is definitely going to be the two that fight, just a matter of how it ends up that way
  6. Thrones123

    [No Spoilers] EP405 Discussion

    yeah we haven't seen them in a while, i think dany is starting to have less control over them as shown in the early episode where they snapped back at her, so they are maybe just out on their own? i wonder if they are considered "old enough" to start fighting in wars, you would think the longer you wait the stronger they become and less chance of being killed
  7. Thrones123

    [No Spoilers] EP405 Discussion

    think its possible that a hound vs brienne fight happens, would be awesome to see, although that means pod vs arya may happen oberyn vs mountain is going to happen at some point, after all the talk of oberyns skill want to see him in action agree that arya to bravos is the direction of her storyline, she goes there becomes an assassin with teaching from the one guy at harrenhal, jager or something? then starts taking names off her list, that could be seasons away though
  8. Thrones123

    [No Spoilers] EP405 Discussion

    I don't think so, I think at one point it just shows his horse coming back to the wall without him on it, I dont think they ever mentioned it unless I missed it, but yeah seems rather unlikely that he is still alive, but maybe some room for hope
  9. Thrones123

    [No Spoilers] EP405 Discussion

    I don't think we've been shown Baelish's true motives yet, other than he wants everything and to rise in power, so I will wait and see as that becomes more clear. in the next episode or so I expect Jon to gain much more power in the night's watch. thorne and slynt expected jon to die trying to kill the traitors, now he is coming back having defeated them and gaining momentum. it will be hard for the rest of the nigh'ts watch to ignore his accomplishments. we haven't seen the wildlings south of the wall in a couple of episodes, seeing how quickly the boy got to castle black, you would have to assume they are very close. I guess still waiting for mance's troops to get in place north of the wall? didn't see stannis for a couple episodes either, last time we saw davos he looked like a had an idea he was acting on. my guess is that it was to write to the iron bank asking for troops to go against the lannisters since they haven't paid back their debt, also tywin foreshadows this to cersei, making it seem like a real possibility. dany's storyline is eh at best(haven't seen dragons in a long time), especially if all they show is how she is about to take over a city, the battle happens off screen, then it's just a bunch of slaves clapping for her. what does anyone think of benjen stark, neds brother? we haven't seen him since season 1 when he disappeared north of the wall. if being a warg runs in the stark bloodline, bran, its possible he also has the capability, maybe he is somehow tied to the three eyed raven.
  10. Thrones123

    [No Spoilers] EP404 Discussion

    i think dany will start seeing some opposition over the next couple of episodes, think she is starting to outkick her coverage, she will/should have trouble controlling however many slaves it is, 2 cities worth 200,000?ish think she has too much power comparative to what she actually does, her armies and generals for lack of a better term do all the work
  11. Thrones123

    [No Spoilers] EP404 Discussion

    yeah i think he at least showed up in the room when they were talking/ at the end of when they were talking so he might of overheard something, any chance you think locke turns good? maybe if he's north of the wall and they run into a white walker and realizes the potential danger the whole realm is in he sides with jon
  12. Thrones123

    [No Spoilers] EP404 Discussion

    In King's Landing: You can tell that Jaime and Cersei are not as close as they used to be, even more so after the rape. Weird to see Jaime do many things the opposite of what she wanted him to do: she wanted him to kill tyrion : he goes and talks to him, believes he didn't kill joffery, seems like he wants to help him somehow and tells him he wont kill him she wants Sansa to be killed: he sends of brienne(with his sword) and pod to go and protect sansa seems like there is now way tyrion survives the whole ordeal but just got a feeling he prolly will, at the wall jon seems to be getting respect from the fellow nights watch, except for the higher ups who still dont seem to like them, they think they are sending him to his death but sure jon will be able to pull it out, i guess locke isn't a highborn/noble if no one is able to recognize him? pretty fancy coincidence that he was set by bolton to kill bran and rickon and bran just happens to be going the place where him and jon are heading? why would he volunteer for the mission north of the wall if he was sent to kill bran? he has no clue they are north of the wall, is he just going to try and kill jon? no news from the wildlings they have to be getting closer Mereen no big surprise dany is able to take over the city, feel like she is starting to bite off more than she can chew, only a matter of time before the slaves start acting up, is this the last city she takes over before she heads west? no sign of theon or ramsey, guess they are still on mission to take over whatever castle it was that bolton said, also no sign of theon's sister this season, as she is still supposed to be on the way to save theon, little finger still has something up his sleeve for sansa, no way he is doing it just to do it, unless the martells told him they wanted her safe which is possible