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  1. I thought it was a pretty great episode. I wasn't too bothered by Catelyn releasing Jaime now, because she fears that her daughters will die if Jaime does (a reasonable assumption considering Joffrey and Cersei), and that with Robb away Karstark is going to succeed in killing Jaime before the night is over.
  2. I think they're combining the foreign religions for simplicity. There's already the Northern and Southern religions and the foreign Red God. Bit annoying, but having four religions, including one that's fairly minor until much later on, might have been a bit too confusing for some people. They can just make the faceless men a different sect or division of the R'hllor worship and make things work out reasonably. Edit: Saw Ran posted and that referencing the Red God actually makes sense in this instance. I'd forgotten that aspect of things.
  3. Atreides

    [Book Spoilers] EP 204 Discussion

    Yeah, they got his casual demeanor down perfectly. Did Arya add him to her prayers yet, or just Gregor and Polliver?
  4. About Asha/Yara, I thought she was mediocre. Not great, but not terrible. I'm hoping she gets better at the role as the show progresses and begins to really show her charisma and fighting attitude that make her so popular among the Ironborn (and readers/viewers). She smirks and jokes in the show, but it's just way too subtle.
  5. Roose might not as outwardly deranged and sadistic as Ramsay and the Boltons of the past, but that's probably because he's calculating and knows it won't go over well. I wonder what he would do at the Dreadfort if he cements his power in the North and gets to toss reputation out the window.
  6. With all these theories, I'm starting to wonder if Ramsay just Theon along for some or all of these reasons-simply put, he'd have more use for Theon and his potential knowledge and connections with him, as opposed to if he was sitting in a cell in the Dreadfort eating rats.
  7. Well, Roose was making an alliance with Jaime's father, and torturing the son of Tywin Lannister is probably not a good way to curry favor. Roose, being intelligent, knows this. Ramsay probably has no intention of currying favor with the Ironborn. But yeah, Jaime got lucky that Roose was planning betrayal.
  8. About the Ironborn accepting Theon in his current state: it's not likely, unless he goes full circle and actually fulfills the Ironborn saying "What is dead can never die, but rises again, harder and stronger." If he recovers his health and does something major/is involved in winning some battles he might gain some respect, even if he looks like he's older than his uncles.
  9. Maybe both then? Because with Asha at Deepwood Motte I don't see how Theon would get to her. Where would he go is he escapes the Boltons except to the wall? Also, since according to the other spoilers Stannis finds Asha, they might both end up at the Wall for a time.
  10. I think Theon will make his way to the wall. Theon's purpose is probably more than a little more work for the Boltons. Also, if he shows up at the Wall it will be interesting to see what Jon does with him. Would his hatred be tempered a little after seeing Theon's current state? Also, what would Jon do when he learns that Bran and Rickon live? (I think if Theon told him that they weren't killed, he would probably believe him-it would explain Summer saving him from the wildings).
  11. I think the main reasons that Ramsay might be planning to usurp his father is that he seems to be getting very comfortable with being Lord of the Dreadfort, and he is clearly ruthless with quite a bit of ambition. Sure he's en route to get Winterfell, but it's a burned castle with it's power shattered. He saw to that himself. If he feels he's gotten the garrison loyal enough to him, he might try something to ensure he gets the intact castle as well.
  12. About King's Landing having military superiority-at the moment, they really don't. Sure they have the Redwyne Fleet, but it's sailing to meet the Ironborn on the other side of the continent. And Aurane Waters has the rest. And now that the Boltons have Moat Cailin, even the massive Tyrell army would be hard pressed to invade the North. If (once?) the Boltons know that King's Landing no longer has a fleet, they don't have to worry about immediate repercussions.
  13. Not to mention that Theon has a good deal of knowledge about the North, and proved to have some cleverness with his Winterfell plan. Has Ramsay been all across the North, does he know it as well as Theon?
  14. Yeah, so that they could kill him.
  15. With all the moving forces in the North, we can probably assume that Theon won't remain with Ramsay till his death. So where will he end up finally? Stannis? The Wall? According to the other spoilers Stannis finds Asha, so maybe Theon will escape and flee to the wall. That might be interesting, with each of the major Wall players having a Greyjoy...