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  1. It's pretty ludicrous that we're to expect everyone is fine with a Stark becoming king despite the Starks themselves seceding from the Seven Kingdoms. It'd be like electing Jefferson Davis president of the United States even after he openly supported secession. Also, why was everyone else fine with the Starks themselves getting three votes, plus essentially three more thanks to the presence of Stark lackeys Sam, Brienne, and Davos?
  2. TheTuninator

    Jon killing Dany doesn’t work for me

    I think this twist will work very well in the books, but it was utterly and completely unearned on the show, which really leaves a sour taste in my mouth.
  3. TheTuninator

    Dany CAN (And Shall???) Rise Again!!!

    I'm quite sure that as far as D&D are concerned right now, Dany is dead, end of story, but they absolutely have left the door at least slightly ajar to bringing her back in a possible future sequel movie/miniseries/what have you. I wouldn't be at all surprised if this was specifically done at HBO's request, either.
  4. TheTuninator

    Daenerys should have supported Jon’s claim

    I have no problem believing that Dany as depicted on the show would not want to share power with a man who had a better claim to the throne than her, but it's undeniably very problematic that we never get to hear her articulate why for herself. Especially so given that her eventual marriage is an inevitability, not a possibility, given her need to secure and stabilize her conquests.
  5. It's fundamentally a mistake to portray Dany's invasion of Westeros as making her different from really any of the combatants in the War of the Five Kings. Dany invades with the support of the Unsullied and the Dothraki, yes, but she also has the support of Dorne, a good chunk of the Iron Islands, and the Tyrells (who should've been one of the strongest houses). Until the show pressed the "delete" key on 75% of Dany's Westerosi supporters thanks to the unbelievable plot armor of Cersei and Euron, she would've had more Westerosi in her army than Unsullied or Dothraki. It seems improbable that this would make her any worse than Renly, who grabbed for the throne despite not having a claim rather than focusing on eliminating Cersei and Joffrey. Or, for that matter, for Robb, who marched south out of grievance over what had been done to his family, which is fundamentally the same motivation driving Dany. Furthermore, to the point of the "foreign invaders" argument, the Unsullied are so unbelievably disciplined that they're the best possible army you could hope to lose a battle against, as Dany exercises a level of control over them completely unheard-of among real medieval armies, and we never see the Dothraki raping or pillaging indiscriminately on the show. There's nothing to suggest that her troops behave any worse than anyone else's, and in fact the Unsullied would behave much, much better, so long as she wills it. Continuing the war doesn't make her a hero, of course, but it also doesn't make her a monster, and most especially not when Cersei is the one sitting on the throne.
  6. TheTuninator

    Dany does not have to go to Westeros

    Dany doesn't have to go to Westeros, but if she doesn't, all her plotline really accomplishes is delaying the series by however many years it takes to work out all the complications surrounding shuttling her to where she needs to be. It would be pointless to have her simply exist in a vacuum the entire series. GRRM might as well have simply written a companion trilogy about her once ASOIAF was completed. Personally, the sooner Dany gets to Westeros the happier I'll be, as the need to bounce her around Essos and ferry various characters to meet her must be creating ever-more-knotted plot complications for GRRM to unravel.
  7. TheTuninator

    Dany CAN (And Shall???) Rise Again!!!

    Yeah, that's another laugh. This show has no consistency anymore. I think I'm still in a state of near-permanent disbelief over Ramsay running around shirtless brandishing daggers one or two episodes after Sandor's great speech about how "Meryn Trant had armor, and a big ****ing sword".
  8. TheTuninator

    Who was Daenerys turned into?

    It's more than a bit depressing when you realize that Tyrion is directly responsible for every single one of Dany's problems on the show. He talks her out of flying right to King's Landing and incinerating Cersei before she had radar-tracking AA ballistas, which would have ended the entire war with far less bloodshed than we got in the end. He pushes the wight hunt to bring Cersei on board which is a complete failure and directly results in the death of Viserion and the WWs breaching the Wall. He lets Cersei outsmart him (which is a whole 'nother can of worms) in the Casterly Rock bit, which somehow leads to the entire Tyrell line being deleted from the face of Westeros without so much as a struggle. He spreads the information about Jon's true heritage. If Dany had simply flown to the Red Keep and burned Cersei alive as soon as she reached Dragonstone, none of this would ever have happened, and yet the show never lets her truly take Tyrion to task for what a monumental failure he was as Hand. I literally can't think of a single thing he did after their return to Westeros that actually helped her.
  9. TheTuninator

    [Spoilers] Episode 806 Discussion

    Well, we can hope that Jon might have something to say about that, at least.
  10. TheTuninator

    [Spoilers] Episode 806 Discussion

    Heck, Stannis and Melisandre nothing! This show treated Dany's fall with less empathy than it did Cersei last episode.
  11. TheTuninator

    Dany CAN (And Shall???) Rise Again!!!

    I hate cheap revivals and wouldn't want to see anything like this in the books, but with how they massacred her character on the show in these last two episodes, anything to give her a better sendoff would be incredibly welcome.
  12. TheTuninator

    Glad that’s over.

    I can't believe that Jon didn't lay into Sansa for breaking her word and precipitating this entire disaster. He should have been deeply hurt at best and furious at worst.
  13. TheTuninator

    Who was Daenerys turned into?

    This could have been at least moderately salvaged if they'd had her specifically only burn the Red Keep, which was full of civilians to serve as a human shield for Cersei, after the city surrendered. That would be enough of a push towards tyranny to justify Tyrion and Jon turning on her while actually leaving her actions understandable. Based on the character we've been presented with up till now on the show, there's simply no way to rationalize or understand her motivation for firebombing the fleeing civilians of King's Landing after they've surrendered whilst allowing Cersei plenty of time to escape the Red Keep. When even Emilia Clarke feels like this twist came out of "[expletive deleted] nowhere", you have a serious problem.
  14. TheTuninator

    [Spoilers] Episode 806 Discussion

    I quite liked how none of the other lords had a problem with the Starks and sworn Stark bannermen or allies having 6-7 of the ~12 votes on the lords' council. Politics hasn't mattered at all on this show ever since they overran the books, it seems. This council could (and would) have been an entire episode, if not a full season arc, in the early seasons.
  15. I'm sure the storyline will be excellent in the books, but I'm still in disbelief over how they fed Daenerys's character into the woodchipper with two episodes to go in the show. To make things worse, we find out in this episode that Yara apparently still supported her the whole time! So why was Dany supposed to have her meltdown about Jon's claim in the first place - because Sansa (his sister) and Tormund (his BFF) liked him more than her? I mean, come on. A properly-done arc of Dany as antagonist could have been fantastic even on the show, but this was an unmitigated disaster. I really feel for Emilia Clarke. This must have been a miserable way to end her run on the show.