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  1. I'd say the only POV that's lost any interest for me is probably Cersei's. There's just no angle, no degree left to her arc that could surprise me anymore. Her machinations hold no spark. I'm excited for the characters tangentially involved with her story/King's Landing at large, but not for anything she may or may not do. The only part of her journey I now hold in a vice-grip is her end, and how it'll feel for her when Jaime turns out to be the valonqar (give this to me, George, is2g. Give.this.to.me). As I personally don't see Cersei's end coming in WoW, most of it will probably be an exercise in my patience to get through. Also, not overly psyched for Arya. I'll only be excited when she finally ditches Braavos, even though I very much like the HoBaW. I just want to see a little movement out of her, and while the Mercy chapter was a step in the right direction for me, I crave a little more.
  2. This definitely speaks to me in a stronger way than the Littlefinger and/or Varys keeping him around as a potential CR heir/puppet. With Tyrek as witness, any lords or ladies who might protest the accusations of incest and king-slaying will still do so, but such protests will be weak and few in light of the Lannisters current standing as of Dance. Pride is a huge thing to the Lannisters, so if Tyrek did disappear during the riot by his own means (unlikely, but possible), I wouldn't be surprised if this was part of the reason. Tyrek was what, 12? 13? That's a very sensitive age to bullying and the cruel jests of your peers, especially to someone who'd probably known anything but previously. I've heard this theory as well, but another version I came across was not that Tyrek's body had been used as "payment", but that Tyrek himself had gone to the HoBaW himself in search of the gift of death, and that's what the gold dragons had paid for. The theory did not account for the how or the why he had gone from KL to Braavos, but guilt was thrown out as a reason. Guilt for his part in Roberts murder, and the ensuing war. Now me, I'm partial to this theory. Not because it makes the most sense, or because it will have any kind of importance (and the Seven know it has holes galore), but because I kind of like the idea of a character, especially a Lannister, just being Grade A DoneTM with all the conniving and plotting and murder and death. Just so over it all, especially at a young age where it might seem the sky is falling, that Tyrek says "nope" and just ends it all. Some parts guilt for his part in Roberts death, some parts nihilism, some parts a result of what he fears might way for him should he return to KL (his child bride, his unrelenting family, etc). Just one Lannister who says "no thank you" to becoming what the rest in his family seem to be is kind of neat-o in my book. It's an idea that's so full of holes it practically sinks all by itself, and it doesn't play into the whole "mystery" or the machinations of the other characters, but it's one I'm fond of regardless for it's thematic significance, and because it's the only avenue of Tyrek's fate that has him in charge of it
  3. Thanks! I love, love, love LS, but at this point it's mostly due to her storyline's thematic presence, how it's a compare and contrast to the journeys of both her daughters, and how her resurrection has affected her connection to her House words and the like. "Family, Duty, Honor". There are some who theorize she might go so far as to kill Edmure because of Roslin, and while I don't want Edmure to die, I really want to see how all this ties together. But yes I agree, her confrontation with Jaime is probably one of the Top 10 interactions I'm looking forward to the most--the convo between them in Clash where they have their little heart-to-heart is still one my favorites. Roses vs Kraken, bring it on! I really, really don't want to lose Garlan Tyrell, but I mean if he's heading off now to directly take on the Euron threat...yikes, buddy. And yeah, it was definitely wrapped up too neatly, but that's because D&D can only write for monetary reasons, offing off relevant characters to save them the $$. The Tyrells aren't going down in one fell swoop, and I personally like to think Willas has something up his sleeve. I actually hold a good amount of hope for Wyman's survival! He almost had his throat slit, and the Frey had managed to cut through "three of his four chins", but a maester was tending to him and that scene didn't hold an awful lot of urgency as to his potential demise. At least, not my reading of it. Roose was still making orders to Wyman, and the Manderly knights didn't seem to be as panicked as they should have been if he was going to actively die. Even so, if the Badass of Frey Pies doesn't make it, I'm still down for his son. I definitely think Theon survives: he still has too much left in regards to his Stark family ties to do, at least in culminating his character arc; George can always pull a fast one, but I don't see Theons death in the cards quite yet. Asha on the other hand, I'm not sure of. As you say the show kept her around, but the show also cut her other two uncles, and she was left as the Iron Islands rep, so to speak. I'm not sure what significance she has left, so I'm 50/50. I would gladly take more Mance without having to deal with more Ramsay, but what are you gonna do :/ Give him his fate by hounds, and I'm good. As far as Roose goes...not gonna lie, I'm a fan of the Bolt-on theory, no matter how wild. I'm excited for anything and everything Sand Snakes, always. Tyene and Sarella/The Sphinx are my favorites of the lot, but I think I'm mostly excited for Nym's interactions with everyone at Court. Does she go the way of her father and low-key antagonize evryone she meets, or does she play it straight while Tyene skulks around as a septa and poisons everyone? Possibilities galore, but Nym's perspective brings in the other KL players. Any man who upsets the status quo at the Citadel is aces in my book Agreed--I'm especially excited to see whether Dany will even be present for any of that yet, or if it's something the Meereen team will have to handle themselves.
  4. I'd say the only thing that makes me doubt this is timing. If Joanna was coming to KL often enough to require a whole separate tunnel to be dug beneath the brothel (no easy task, as it would've been time consuming and rumors would have spread), then surely people would have made note of the Lady of CR being absent for long stretches of time, and often. Certainly either Jaime or Cersei would have mentioned their mother going "away" intermitently for no discernible reason. It's possible she could've just said "going to see your dad, don't tell anyone", and come up with an excuse to tell her vassals, but if her going was an endeavor to secrecy, certainly someone somewhere would have noticed that Joanna was not where she said she was going to be. It's not outside of the realm of possibility, but it's a lot more work and provides a lot more opportunity for discovery/curiosity in the hands of anyone being interested in Joanna's dealings. Her leaving for any sort of frequency would more likely have the rumor mill turning out that she was cheating on Tywin with all these "unverified" travels. Travel is neither easy nor quick in Westeros. That, and simply the way it's mentioned by Varys leads me to believe the tunnel has been around for a good long while.
  5. Yep. Even for the lords and houses who did receive and read the letters, how many were simply glanced at and discarded? Davos had the backing of a fire-vision and he still went "yeah, nope". Also hits the nail on the head! And besides, out of all the armies to hitch oneself to (if one was considering joining), why join one where you're going to be freezing 100% of the time? Any smallfolk who've had livelihoods ruined and need a way to support themselves/family have much better prospects in any of the other armies really: at least they'll be warm. Yeah, the NW isn't technically an army, but they also mostly rely on the generosity of the lords of the realm who send them part of the harvest, etc. Any who did so before will now be keeping their resources close, so why go somewhere that unreliable?
  6. Because unfortunately for the Night's Watch, they have almost no angle to this that works in their favor, regardless of how numerous the witnesses, how broad their outreach, or how loud their cries. First off, there’s sheer odds to consider in terms of how many Lords/Houses have received the NW’s pleas, and how many haven’t. Some of the ravens they sent were unlikely to ever reach their targets, especially in wartime. When Stannis is about to let his ravens fly in CoK, he mentions that some will undoubtedly fall to “storm and hawk and arrow”. When pretty much the entire continent is at each others throats, ravens are going to be taken down left and right by any army/outriders trying to get a leg up on their enemies. And once those birds are brought down, who knows what actually happens to the letter? I can’t remember if it was a Cat or Theon chapter, but one of them once made a mention that letters/ravens brought down in such a manner would be immediately discarded if not relevant to battle plans or the like; in the same chapter, it was similarly mentioned that desperate smallfolk might bring the birds down for meals, and just toss the letters because the vast majority can’t read and just plain don’t care. In short, not all of the letters are going to make it, so you’ve already greatly reduced the amount of Lords who actually get wind of the NW’s plea. For those who do receive the letters intact…there’s still minimal chance they will be believed/taken seriously. At all. The NW is not what it once was, and the High Lords of the realm know it. The NW is a glorified penal colony, and mostly a joke at this point. The knights and once-lords currently on the Wall are not many enough to to give them the clout for an upright, benefit-of-the-doubt reputation. And among those few, there are fewer still with the personal connections to Houses that might make a difference; to my mind, I can only think of Jon, Mormont, and maybe Denys Mallister (Sam’s Tarly connects would be laughable to even consider). Even if Jon or Mormont had sent off personal pleas to Robb or Maege pre-RW, it likely wouldn’t have made a difference. I think Robb would have believed him, and some of the Northern Lords might have been in a position to be convinced with the right evidence (especially some of the Houses who saw an increase in wildling movements near their lands), but it even if they did believe it would not have been enough. It would have been an as-yet-unverifiable enemy to the North, with unknown motives and still with the Wall between, vs a verifiable, true, known enemy to the South. They would never have risked splitting their forces in light of such uncertainty. It would have been seen as a major sign of weakness by the Lannisters, and put the Starks/North in even greater danger. After the RW…yeah, I don’t really see any of the remaining Northern lords sending what men they have left off again. In CoK, Hother Umber petitions Bran for more longships to fight off the increase in wildlings: “It’s longships we need, aye, and strong men to sail them. The Greatjon took too many. Half our harvest is gone to seed for want of arms to swing the scythes.” The war had barely even gotten started and they were already bled dry of men. After the RW, whether they chose to put stock in the NW cries or not, they’re not going to be sending any men to the Wall. They will be keeping them close for purposes of defense, harvest, and general stocking up for the winter. They don’t have a surplus of men even if they did believe. Throw the GNC on top it, and the Northern lords will be keeping their fighting men on standby; they’re not in a position to waste a single man. Stannis’s position is already weak. He himself is seen as a joke by the vast majority of Westeros, and he knows it; so after he sees the threat for himself, he still wasn’t sending out letters that said “the dead have risen, the dead have risen”, no. He was echoing his already known cry for more men and more support and more fealty because he was the rightful king. Same thing he’d already been doing, but if he had said the truth, he would have become more than a joke. He was on thin ice before the Wall; the ice would have broken altogether if his reputation now included “half-mad who believes in grumpkins and snarks”; it would have been another reason for the Lannisters and Co. to mock him, irregardless of his ‘humorless’ nature. And where the wildlings are concerned, I really don't see them spreading tales of wights or WW's around them when they go south--they're not that stupid. Wildlings who were lucky enough to make it south in one piece, having dodged the NW and Northern Houses aren't going to risk their lives or their families lives by announcing to those they meet that they come from Beyond the Wall and that there is an imminent ThreatTM that needs to HandledTM. If they were to run their mouths, they compromise their positions and risk arrest/execution. Even when Osha and Co. came across Starks (huge army, First Men blood, member of their House as First Ranger of the NW), they didn’t start raving about what they were fleeing or begging for help, even with their lives on the line. Wildlings are hated by pretty much everyone south of the Wall—even if they were, so to speak, flooding the market with their tales, they’d have been written as superstitious oafs. Southerners already poke fun at the Northerners for their old gods and superstitious ways, etc, so asking them to reframe their worldviews to believe wildlings? Pretty much out of the question. In peacetime, things probably would have been very different for the NW if they had reached out. Ned could have gone to the Wall himself at a summons from Benjen/Jeor and seen the threat for himself, and come back with the News. Other lords or lords-to-be might have gone to the Wall themselves to sate their curiosity, and also come back with the News. But during wartime? When every man is needed? When the NW are already considered small potatoes who have been pleading for more men for decades already? When there are more immediate concerns of harvest, preparing for winter, fighting enemies on their front doorstep? Nah.
  7. I'm not sure I buy into this one, if only because it has been strongly established that Tywin's feelings for Joanna seemed genuine (as far as a warm feeling can be genuine for Tywin) and deep. He was never the "same" after her death, never smiled after it, Tywin was "ruled" by Lady Joanna, etc. Also, the fact that he never took a second wife to create more heirs, especially after Jaime joined the KG and his well-known disgust with the idea of having Tyrion inherit CR, speaks to his depth of affection for her. Regardless of him fulfilling his "needs" with Shae or any other whore a good while after her death, I don't see him being the Hand to create the tunnel to spare his "honor" (pride), as I genuinely don't believe he would have been with whores during his tenure under Aerys--even with Joanna being away at CR most of the time to be kept away from the King. Might it possibly have been one of the Targ Hand's? We know for a fact there were a number of Targ Kings who were never shy about their frequents to brothels, or even having their "dalliances" just brought straight to the castle, but some of the Targaryen Hand's might have operated differently under the rule of their brothers/nephews/uncles/etc. I can't seem to recall who was Hand under Baelor, but that would certainly have been a Hand who wouldn't want something like that to get out
  8. Pretty much an endless list! As someone else mentioned, there probably isn't a single thing I'm not dying to see. To reiterate some other folks: -Anything Davos, Rickon, and Osha; having Skagos fleshed out to any degree. (Hopefully a scene of Rickon going ham and kicking Davos in the shin) -Everything Stoneheart and the Riverlands, including "Cat's" reactions towards Edmure and Blackfish, how the Riverlords might react to a freed (or dead) Edmure. The Lannisters have their hostages, but I'd love to have some scheming w/Tytos Blackwood, Jason Mallister, etc. Anything to give me more Tytos sass. -Introduction of Willas Tyrell! A Willas POV might even put me in a coma, I feel like he's so slept on. And if his intro comes after some deaths in the family, I'll be intrigued how he takes it/where Tyrell allegiances shift. -Grand Northern Conspiracy. Need me some more Wyman. -Theon interacting with literally any of the Starks (preferably NOT Bran or Rickon, as I've wanted to see how it plays out with the sibs who still think he was responsible for their deaths) -Mance's storyline. Does he die off-page and without glory, is Melisandre's and his ruse ever discovered by the wildings at large, etc? -Legitimate repercussions to Jon's resurrection. Someone once threw out the idea of not getting any Jon POV's in Winds (or at least not till the end of Winds), so that any internal changes are kept mysterious till later on. I'd love to see something along that line, whether or not he comes back any more malicious or not. -LADY NYM IN KING'S LANDING. GIVE IT TO ME. -Marwyn: anything Marwyn. A POV would be out of this world from him, any possible connections to Quaithe and/or other "mystically associated" persons, maybe further mention of his time in Asshai being relevant to Dany's journey "to go west you must go east...must pass beneath the Shadow" etc. -The High Septon = Howland Reed -NEED.MORE.OTHER.SIGHTINGS. I want more WW culture, more fleshing out of their goal, their history with the Starks, etc. I'll take it all, including 200 pages of feasts that make me jealous and fashion that makes me want to abandon the city and go trudging through the snow in thick winter furs
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