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    [Spoilers] EP505 Discussion

    " all he is doing is inventing characters and backgrounds. That is not difficult to do, nor is it interesting to read. " :bang: :bang: :bang: :bang: :bang: No words.....
  2. Daenerys_Is_Coming

    [Spoilers] EP505 Discussion

    :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown: :agree:
  3. Daenerys_Is_Coming

    [Spoilers] EP505 Discussion

    I told my boyfriend the same thing! They looked dangerous!
  4. Daenerys_Is_Coming

    [Book Spoilers] EP504 Discussion

    Hmmmmm.... That's not how I read the TWOW chapter. It sounded like the Greyjoys were arriving to save Barristan's rag tag army. Yes, it is highly possible that he could die in that battle, but in the end of that chapter it sounded more like rescue was on the way, rather than demise. Just my opinion. (I could possibly be biased because I want so badly for Selmy to make it out alive)
  5. Daenerys_Is_Coming

    [Book Spoilers] EP504 Discussion

    My thoughts on this tragic episode.... Sparrows: D+D went way too fanatical with the Sparrows. Their actions were so over the top, cultish, and cartoonish that they have become laughable. There is no depth to the movement, just a bunch of crazy homophobic zealots. Tommen: Poor kid. But honestly ... would Cersei ever send her last born son out onto the streets of KL to treat with a pack known crown haters? It's just not in keeping with the show's portrayal of her as a fierce tiger mom protecting her children at all costs. She would never set up Tommen to look weak in front of the masses. The Jamie and Bronn Show: UGGH. While I am happy to see Bronn back, could it be any more campy? It's like watching an episode of Laverne and Shirley. Although I really enjoy when the show takes a stab at dark comedy (chicken anyone?) I'm afraid that next episode they'll get a job on the conveyor belt at a chocolate factory. Hilarity ensues! Stannis the Mannis: Whoa! Stannis has a heart! I actually liked the Stannis/Shereen scene, and I am assuming that Greyscale is going to take the place of the "plague" in Mereen? Otherwise I can't understand why the show would make such a point to address it both this week and last. Jon Snow Nothing: Watching Jon get hypnotized by a boob was hilarious. And not in a good way. Mel's departing words had my entire group laughing at the screen. Was it supposed to be comedy? Sansa/LittleFinger: Quite possibly the WORST character to be given the task of explaining the events leading up to Robert's Rebellion. This important back story should have been given to a character with dignity, trustworthiness, and a voice that doesn't sound like Christian Bale doing a Christian Bale impersonation. Did the non-book readers even grasp the importance of the tale he told? It felt way too off the cuff coming from LF. His smirk when Sansa mentioned "the kidnapping and rape" of Lyanna was totally lost on my non-book reading friends. The gravity was lost. The Sand Snakes: UUUGGGGGGHHH. When did Indira Varma forget how to act? I loved her in Rome. She was chewing through so much scenery, I thought it was an episode of House Of Cards. The accents are lost on me too. I was originally on board with the decision to have Ellaria replace Arienne, simply because I think Varma is a slid actress, but everything they have done to the Sand Snakes storyline has been cheap. The actors, the costumes, the set design ... maybe they blew their budget on CGI at the Wall last season? And while I appreciate that Obara's monologue came straight outta Martin's mouth, it was so poorly set-up that it didn't make any contextual sense. It was like D+D just randomly grabbed a paragraph from the book and said "insert this!" The acting from all three snakes was lackluster and I find myself (yet again) in the position of explaining to my freinds "They were really badass in the books!! I swear! And speaking of BADASS... In my opinion, D+D's most heinous crime against the books in the last 5 seasons has been the utter lack of development of Ser Barristan the Bold. This character has such a rich history and historical relevance to everything that the show is now starting to address, he should have been at the forefront this season and next. I've been patiently awaiting his aDwD story arc and assuring my friends that he truly is the baddest knight in the Kingdom. How does a character go from essentially taking out the entire Sons of Harpy while Dany is on sabbatical, to being casually killed by the Sons of Harpy in a back alley??? D+D's lack of attention to and development of Selmy doesn't even qualify this as a killing for "shock value." It was absolutely pointless. Non-book readers have never been truly attached to show Selmy, so I assume D+D are paving the way for fan favorite Jorah/Tyrion to replace him. My problem with his death is that it seems it was done just to meet some sort of arbitrary body count. As if D+D are under pressure to kill off characters to keep viewers watching. I think it is a "Red Wedding" effect. The amount of press and fanfare and outrage and shock that came after the Red Wedding were ratings gold. But to kill for no other reason than to rattle the viewers is stupid. Barristan deserved better than that and it makes me question D+D's understanding of the source material. I no longer trust their decision making and don't feel that they are authentically representing Martin's work. I understand that a TV show cannot possibly do justice to a deeply layered epic fantasy series, and I don;t expect them to follow the books exactly, but this nonchalant death shows me that they lost the lore and replaced it with ..... more boobs.
  6. Daenerys_Is_Coming

    [Book Spoilers] EP504 Discussion

    WHAT A WASTE. Last night's episode is still sticking to the back of my throat, like a rancid cask of Arbor Red. Ser Barristan was a wasted character on the show from day one. They never let him fully develop or be of any relevance like he is in the books. Here you have the baddest knight in the seven kingdoms basically playing a friendly grandpa to Dany. I'm surprised he didn't offer her a piece of hard candy and a crumpled up kleenex he dug out of the bottom of his purse. Book Barristan was by far my favorite character and I was so excited to see them bring his Mereen chapters (after Dany takes flight) to life. Now I fear they will give his story arc to the undeserving Daario, or even - shudder - Jorah. Ser Barristan deserved his moment in the sun, and D&D simply did him wrong. I'm not one to take my toys and leave the playground, but D&D's decision to send Barristan packing before his time has really soured my entire enjoyment of the series. I think I will skip the rest of the seasons so that they will not spoil WOW for me. I'd rather read GRRM's true vision first, and then catch up on this fan fic version once it is released on Blu-Ray. I honestly think this is it for me. Cute stuff with Shereen and Stannis. Jon getting hypnotized by a boob was pretty funny, but the Sand Snakes were just laughable... and not in a good way. They basically took all the cool stuff we liked about the Sand Snakes and threw it away in exchange for some angsty, vaguely ethnic, teens with nipple armor. Interesting stuff with LF and Sansa, clearly being set-up for the "controversial" scene next week when Ramsay shows his true colors. And although it was nice to get some Rhaegar lore in there, it seemed like it came out of nowhere. Like suddenly D&D needed to get the backstory out there and threw out some random Rhaegar tales, instead of using what could have been (Selmy) a nice long lead up through personal accounts of what happened during the Rebellion. Boo. Just boooooooooo on you D&D. #TeamBarristan4Life