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  1. Theon was pretty great in the episode. I liked how they started playing the Greyjoy music for a moment there.
  2. LoL...maybe Brienne spared Stannis, and by next season's finale, Brienne confesses her love for Stannis...right before LSH hangs them both.
  3. Not really sure...a five? Woo Sam headed to Oldstown. Dorne was ok, although I wished we'd get a Doran Fire and Blood speech. Ended up being right about Myrcella, but it should've been Tyene killing her. Stannis went out like a bitch. Mel running back to regroup at Castle Black was hilarious. Arya's scene was quite brutal, and yet, well acted. The walk of shame was good, but it might've been a little too long. Varys popping up with Tyrion was strange. I was half expecting him to introduce Faegon. The Mountain's eyes and head looked really strange, thought they could've done a better job with that. Dany/Jon scenes were meh.
  4. 8. It could be lower but whatever. Drogon was a boss. Not sure what the hell they're doing in Dorne. He sent his son to be on the council? If an ambush occurs it must be Doran's doing, because he wouldn't send his heir to KL. Still confused. I'm really digging Mace, he's hilarious. And there's Stannis, well, that happened.
  5. Davos will probably run into Rickon and Shaggydoy. After all this shit, I'm rooting for Rickon for King and Davos for his hand. And Shaggy for royal executioner. Maybe Davos will be the one that kills Stannis in the end...especially after this shit.
  6. Loved Drogon....but with that promo with Sansa...they really are making her LS...not just incorporating a storyline, they're going to cut her throat and everyone here will forget what Stannis did this weekend.
  7. For the next episode, the Night's King should hold his own small council meeting in the ruins of Hardhome. Among his Lieutenants, Varys should also be seated and nodding in approval.
  8. @Kimim Yeah, if the after credits convo, Benioff confirms it was the Night's King. He actually says it kind of casually too, which made me laugh.
  9. Ha, Benioff just mentioned that the Night's King is watching in the after credits stuff.
  10. 10. That was a Stark looking at you Jon Snow. The Night's King is coming for you. The last scene was probably the best thing I've seen on TV in a long time.
  11. That last scene with the Night's King was absolutely awesome...no words...no words... It was the icy middle-finger to all the people who don't believe/like magic or fantasy in both the show or books. After this episode, I'm rooting for the Night's King.
  12. LF's brothel scene was extremely sad. I mean, after he was done using his favorite peephole one last time, he looked so sad...
  13. LoL at Jon always ditching Ghost, although it was nice to see a Direwolf this season.
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