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  1. Hard Hugh

    How would you rate episode 407?

    I gave it a 7. I thought the Tyrion/Oberon scene was incredible. Same for Tyrion Bronn. Gregor was decent definitely looked the part more than the previous season’s actor. I couldn’t help myself watching the return of Hotpie. Even if it was a tad convenient I thought it came off well and I loved the subtitle smile from Breinne at the end. More and more I am appreciating this change from the book that gave Brienne and Pod more opportunity to establish a working relationship. For the bad. I really felt like the Errie scenes were a bit ham fisted and rushed. I know it would be hard to portray but Sansa’s castle building with LF really was important to establishing her growth for me…a pinnacle moment when she wanted to believe she had someone she could trust and then it was ripped away. I feel like this made it seem like she was more open to the concept of Littlefinger romantically then I read it. It just seemed to happen so fast…maybe because they wanted the “cliffhanger” pun intended. I also wonder…..without a fall guy…how will LF talk his way out of this?
  2. I admit this wasn't perfect but I guess it didn't upset me nearly as much as some. I don't think the key was fleeing from the dogs...I think it was that they got Theon...and he refused to go. He wasn't her brother anymore. They didn't have many men. This was suppose to be a smash and grab as is the Iron Born way. Not an occupation. Once it was clear her brother was completely turned...it was time to GTFO. Overall i loved the episode. Great setup for Stannis. A little sad more of that speech didnt come from him then from Davos but Davos nailed it. The trial was incredible and Dinklige knocked it out of the park, as well as Varys. It does leave me scared for where i think they are going with Shea and Tyrion as it seems to be setting up to veer pretty far off the book in an attempt to whitewash their perfect love.
  3. Hard Hugh

    How would you rate episode 405?

    Overall i thought this was a great episode. I was fairly concerned how they were going to get the Bran and Jons plots back and I thought they did an exellent job tying it together. I really enjoyed the Sansa and Lysa interaction. Great performance for both actresses. I also really liked the Cersi/Margery interaction. I thought it matched the characters as parellels a bit more and set up the conflict.
  4. Hard Hugh

    How would you rate episode 405?

    I was shocked about Locke as well. Although the crackpot in me is not 100% convinced they are done with him. Sometimes the dead walk beyond the wall. I never saw his body burned.
  5. Hard Hugh

    How would you rate episode 404?

    The more I watched the episode the more I was fine with the changes. I kept remembering that the scenes with Bran trekking through the northlands were really boring. I can only imagine how much more so they would have been on TV. I think this adds some much needed flavor to keep that story going. At first I had no idea how they would get from here back to the books. It didn’t feel like a detour anymore but a new direction. Then I thought of a way and liked it more. I thought the Jamie/Brienne/Pod/Bron scene worked incredibly well. I think this will also really help build the chemistry of Pod/Brienne. Also the Jamie/Tyrion worked very well. I was kind of waiting for Jamies speech about with so many hats which duty should he honor speech. I also liked the further tug O War of Tommon between Margery, Tywin, Cersi. Loved Ser Pounce…missed Lady Whiskers L I thought the Dany stuff was very effective way to cut a bit of budget out of a big fight scene while shooting something that conveyed an effective message. Overall I gave it a 9. If you would have ask me after the first viewing I would have said 7