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    Favorite POV Character

    Jeez it's been a long time since I read the first story lol but my favourite characters in the first book are still my favourite characters today. I remember getting hooked on brans first couple of chapters and I loved how it was through his eyes in the prologue. Just to go in more detail I remember loving the expeditionist in brans character and just how youthful and naive he was. I still love bran today. I loved Arya because she reminded me of myself as a young child. She was extremely tomboyish and didn't want to conform to what was expected of her as a daughter of a lord. I also loved how she was always fighting with something or someone and she was just so quirky. I don't really like the way her personality is changing at the moment but I still pretty much love Arya. Jon Snow was also one of my favourites in the first book and I loved how he was a bit of a outcast at times and he was a very angsty teen but I loved watching him grow as a character when he went to the wall and took the black. Infact one of my favourite Jon snow chapters (it's a miracle I can still remember some of it lol) was when he stood up to some of the young brothers and there was a massive fight/ambush scene in the armoury and it showed just how determined and strong he was. I loved how after that they became his firm friends on the wall it was nice to see. I found tyrions chapters really awesome to read but at that point I didn't like him as much as I do now. Infact he has been one of my favourite characters for a long time. But not in the first book I remember thinking he was funny and witty but at that point I wasn't bothered about him much.